Hunting Knife with Sheath: 8 Sophisticated and Safe Knives to Use Outdoors

November 2, 2021

You are out in the woods enjoying hunting and camping. However, you can’t conveniently perform tasks involving knives because every time you need a blade, you still need to open a chest to get one.

Skip the hassle of bringing bulky knife storage; instead, get yourself a hunting knife with a leather sheath for safety and convenience. Not to mention, many of the sheaths are made of sturdy, high-quality leather that is elegant to carry.

To help you with the search, we list down eight hunting knives with sheaths, considering the portability, style, and materials used for the sheath. We also talk about the hunting knife itself, of course.

Let’s begin!

Linder Solingen Hunting Knife with Leather Sheath

Blade and Handle

The Linder Solingen ATS 34 Hunter is meant for more than just skinning and gutting. It can also perform different camp tasks. The 3 ½-inch, drop-point, stainless steel blade has a serrated spine you can use for ropes and wood. Meanwhile, the 4.45-inch beechwood handle gives a natural look to the modern steel knife.

Sheath Material, Design, and Portability

The simple brown color of the leather sheath and its straightforward design provide a balance to the wood grain marks on the handle. We recommend you still take caution, especially if you hang it on your belt, as the pouch-style design has no safety straps to keep the blade in place.

Pros and Cons

You’ll get both style and safety from the leather knife sheath provided with the ATS 34 Hunter knife. If you are looking for a natural-looking knife, this knife is the best choice. The sheath is undeniably sturdy and has a deep pouch. Despite that, the lack of a strap to keep the fixed blade in place makes this sheathed knife a little unsafe.

Case Skinner Hunter Leather Handle

Blade and Handle

You can’t say no to the beauty the Case Skinner Hunter offers. The 5-inch, clip-point, concave-ground blade made of stainless high-carbon steel specially innovated by the brand provides a skinning and all-around camping knife.

The stacked leather handle is equally eye-catching and practical to use. The handle bolster and end cap provide safety and additional charm to the hunting knife.

Sheath Material, Design, and Portability

Say goodbye to disorderly knife storage, and say hello to a genuine brown leather sheath hanging on your belt or your hunting backpack as the Case Skinner Hunter comes with a highly portable sheath. It locks in the knife’s bolster to keep the blade inside the sheath.

Pros and Cons

The Skinner Hunter handle has three variations: synthetic, buffalo horn, and leather. Each design has unique sheaths matching the handles. Despite the elegance and practicality the knife offers, you may find the 5-inch blade too long, especially if you use 3-inch-long hunting knives.

Boker Pine Creek Stag Handle Hunting Knife with Sheath

Boker Pine creek hunting knife with sheath

Blade and Handle

Are you used to hunting knives with shorter blades because of the control they provide? Then, consider adding the Boker Pine Creek knife to your collection. This 3 ⅝-inch, drop-point, full-tang knife is made of T6MoV steel, making it robust. The stag handle adds artistry in looks, and its ergonomic design adds practicality.

Sheath Material, Design, and Portability

This beauty comes with an equally appealing leather sheath that looks like no other because of the embossed design. The sheath will remind you of an alligator’s skin, but the Boker tree logo imprinted on the pin gives it a modern touch.

The sheath does not have a hole for a lanyard. However, the stag handle does have a built-in hole so that you can carry it anywhere.

Pros and Cons

The blade design is what many hunters like you are looking for—short, robust, and full-tang. It will give you solid control when gutting and skinning your game. Moreover, the sheath and stag handle give you a distinctive-looking knife.

The only area for improvement is that left-handed hunters may find it awkward to hang their knives on the right side of their body.

Spyderco Moran FRN/Kraton Unswept

Blade and Handle

Spyderco partners with knife artisans worldwide, and one of their collaborators is American Bladesmith Society founder Bill Moran. The partnership gave birth to the drop-point VG-10 Moran FRN/Kraton Unswept blade with a 3.9-inch blade length designed for hunting and outdoor use.

The handle of this knife is made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon (FRN), making it as strong as the blade.

Sheath Material, Design, and Portability

The silver fixed blade and black handle give the Moran FRN/Kraton Unswept hunting knife a modern look. Reinforcing this theme is the Kydex sheath made of black thermoplastic.

Attach the G-clip to your belt or your hunting bag, or use the holes built into the blade and sheath to keep it within reach for any slicing or game preparation needs in camp.

Pros and Cons

The black and silver hues of the Moran FRN/Kraton Unswept give off a modern and combat-ready vibe. Everything used to make this knife, from the blade and handle to the sheath, aims to create a robust knife to assist you with outdoor needs. However, this knife is not full-tang, making it lighter and more difficult to control than full-tang hunting knives.

Ontario Knife Company Hunt Plus Recurve

Blade and Handle

Another contemporary knife is the Ontario Knife Company Hunt Plus Recurve. This knife is one of the blades from the Hunt Plus collection. It features a 4.4-inch, clip-point, stainless steel blade for skinning, gutting, or splitting any deer, hog, rabbit, or fowl you catch. It also has a synthetic rubber handle for a comfortable grip.

Sheath Material, Design, and Portability

To store this sharp fixed blade, you can use the black nylon pouch-style sheath. Carry it on your belt, but make sure to keep it in a vertical position so that it won’t slide out. When your knife is inside it, the black handle and the black sheath are a perfect match.

Pros and Cons

The clip-point design of the blade allows you to use it not only for game preparation but also for other camp activities like slicing and preparing ingredients for a sumptuous outdoor dinner.

The knife has an overall length of 10 inches, which is not that handy compared to other counterparts. Still, you’ll find it useful in preparing bigger games like hogs and deers.

Puma Jubilee Knife

Blade and Handle

In celebration of Puma's 250th year, the brand manufactured 250 pieces of Jubilee knives. Each knife is made with Damascus steel, making them durable, sharp, and tough-looking.

The design is a modern twist of the “Jagdnicker,” a traditional German hunting knife. Matching the native look of the blade is the beautiful and hard-wearing staghorn handle.

Sheath Material, Design, and Portability

The dark brown leather sheath is at par with the elegance of the knife, which has a bolster and straps to keep the blade inside the sheath. You can carry it around your belt or hang it on your outdoor backpack and conveniently grab it when duty calls. Whether the knife is outside being deployed or inside the sheath, its beauty is indeed fit for Puma’s 250th-year celebration.

Pros and Cons

The staghorn handle can be slippery, especially when used in wet environments, but the knife has silver nickel bolsters to guard the hands against cuts and ensure safety. It also has a thumb recess in the handle for better grip.

The Puma Jubilee knife not only showcases beauty but is also useful and keeps you safe.

Kershaw LoneRock Gut Hook Hunting Knife

Kershaw hunting knife with sheath

Blade and Handle

Unique to the blade of this LoneRock knife is the gut hook design that seamlessly cuts through the innards of your game. The blade is made of 8Cr13MoV steel and coated with titanium nitride, giving it strength and gray color. The easy-to-grip handle made with glass-filled nylon and K-texture grip helps you control your gutting and slicing.

Sheath Material, Design, and Portability

The gut hook knife has a simple nylon sheath with a buttoned strap that keeps the blade in place. The black color makes the red Kershaw brand logo stand out, but the knife and sheath complement each other.

You can attach the loop on your belt or anywhere convenient and within your reach as you slice meat and ingredients and skin and gut game.

Pros and Cons

Hunting is not easy, so catching game is truly a trophy. With that, you deserve an excellently prepared game, which you’ll get with the specially designed Kershaw gut hook knife.

The materials used for the blade and the handle make a hard-wearing knife, but the sheath is too simple. The design could be better and more elegant to match the charm of the knife.

Knives of Alaska White Tail Trekker Series

Knives of alaska hunting knife with sheath

Blade and Handle

Knives of Alaska offers the Whitetail hunting knife from the Trekker Series. Made of 3.25-inch D2 tool steel, it has a full-tang blade with a gut hook and a serrated spine. These features allow you to slice and gut excellently and cut through small wood. You can do all these while you hold the knife comfortably and firmly because of the SureGrip rubber it is made of.

Sheath Material, Design, and Portability

The sheath that comes together with the blade gives off a classy vibe because of the beautiful and robust brown cowhide leather. The leather is oiled, tanned, and split-grained for toughness. The button strap securing the knife bolster also ensures your safety. The blade won’t slip even if you run and move as you hunt.

Pros and Cons

The Whitetail hunter has an overall length of 8.45 inches, allowing you to create fine cuts with total control. You can further execute an intricate cut with the finger grooves in the handle and the blade.

The sheath goes on your body's right side, which you need to get used to if you are left-handed.

Final Thoughts

These are the eight sophisticated hunting knives you can take anywhere in the wild. With sheaths provided for each of them, you don’t need to fuss to get your knife from cluttered storage. These sheaths ensure your safety too!

Are you having a hard time choosing? We know how you feel, so why not buy two or three of these best fixed-blade knives with sheath. The money you invest is surely worth it!

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