Trust an Average Knife for Hunting—Only if You Have These Tools in Your Hunting Knife Set!

March 22, 2022

You can't wait to get into your first hunting game. As much as possible, you want the best tools for the job, so you inspect the equipment you have at the moment. There's a fillet knife, honing steel, and a bone saw. While they're all useful for hunting, you realize they are not enough to get all the work done.

We agree with you on that. If you look into the best knife sets for hunting from the most prominent brands, you'll see just how much you're still missing out on. Meanwhile, some brands also manufacture all-in-one hunting knives. You can always choose the general purpose knife, but what if you want to use what you already have?

This post will look at what makes a good hunting knife set based on expert standards and common tools found in the best hunting knife brands. This will be helpful for your first or next hunt or when choosing a gift set for a hunting enthusiast. Let's get started with tool hunting!

6 Must-Have Tools in Your Knife Set for Hunting, All the Way From Boning to Dressing

You might feel inferior using an average hunting knife instead of an all-in-one knife, but it doesn't have to be that way. When hunting, having the right tools is the most important. Additional hunting tools can fill the gaps if you can't afford a superb hunting knife. That being said, you shouldn't bring a poor-quality knife, either.

Check out our list of the six must-have tools to build the best hunting knife set for you. With these items, you can go all the way with your hunting tasks, whether boning, dressing, or skinning your catch!

Different Kinds of Knife

Just like in the kitchen, there are different knives for different purposes. The same goes with a butcher knife set for hunting—each step of processing your game meat requires a certain knife to get the job done. Here are basic types of knives you should have in your set:

  • Fillet Knife - a thin, flexible blade with an upward curve and a sharp, curved tip used to skin and debone the meat, particularly fish meat
  • Boning Knife - a long, thin, and non-serrated blade with a flat edge and slight curve used to remove meat bones
  • Skinning Knife - a short, lightweight blade with a slightly large belly used for skinning animal meat (often big game animals) and other hunting chores
  • Caping Knife - a slim and small blade with a very sharp edge used to cut down and clean an animal's head and neck

Bone Saw

A large and heavy saw with a toothed blade is useful for cutting frozen meat. Unlike other types of saws, a bone saw has the right size, sharpness, and corrosion resistance that you need for hunting. Plus, it would make dressing smoother: get precise, clean cuts and prevent taints on your meat.

best hunting knife set - bone saw

Stainless Steel Blades

One of the most common problems with hunting knives is that they tend to rust over time. With regular use and storage, your knife's blade can become pitted and discolored, affecting the overall function. For this reason, we recommend choosing a set with multi-purpose stainless steel blades. They resist corrosion and are also low-maintenance.

Knife Sheath

A knife sheath is a protective cover and storage space for your blade when not in use. It protects you and your knife from potential damage and accidents. Most knife sets usually include a leather or nylon knife sheath because they're durable and safe. When inspecting the sheath, ensure that it fits snugly around the handle and blade of the knife. 

Game Shears

These are heavy-duty scissors tailored specifically for cutting through meat and thick skin. They're also sharp, easy to clean, and often safer than hunting knives. Shears have a sharp, curved blade on one end and blunt scissor-like blades on the other. You might think they're not important, but they're very handy for dressing small game meat.

Alt tag: personalized hunting knife set - honing steel and a knife on top of a wooden cutting board

Honing Rod or Sharpening Steel

Dressing your catch can be tough on your hunting knife. As a result, the blade's edge can get misaligned or pile up microscopic debris. It would be great to get a knife set with a honing rod or sharpening steel to prevent this from happening to the knife blade. However, do not confuse it with a knife sharpener. Steel rods realign the edge, but they don't sharpen the blade.

Bonus: Personalized Hunting Knife Set

Now that you have completed your basic knife set for hunting, rest assured that you can make the most of your trip with minimal issues. However, consider a personalized knife set if you feel like spending more on the set design.

An engraved hunting knife set has your name, favorite word, or symbol carved on one or more hunting tools. That forms a personal connection between you and your tools, making your hunting trips more special. It also adds an extra layer of protection against theft and shows how serious you are about your hobby.

Moreover, they make incredible hunting knife gift sets for a hunting enthusiast! If you have the budget, consider getting one with the recipient's full name or initials engraved on it. Who wouldn't love a customized gift like that?

With the Right Tools, You Can Spend a Productive and Enjoyable Hunt in the Woods

Like most hunters, you only want the best possible tools for a successful and enjoyable hunt, especially processing your catch afterward. This is why it's always necessary to choose a good knife set.

But with all of the available products on the market, how can you be sure you're getting the right set? We looked at the best hunting knife sets on the market and listed the most commonly included tools in this post. 

First, you should have at least four different knives if you don't have a multi-purpose hunting knife. Then, consider including a bone saw, a knife sheath, game shears, stainless steel blades, and a honing rod. These tools will help make your job smoother, easier, and safer. Plus, they will extend the quality of your knife.

We hope this list helps you complete your knife set so you can gear up and hit the great outdoors soon. Want to know more about hunting knives or other tools? Feel free to explore our product reviews, buying guides, and informational blogs for more. Happy hunting!

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