Hunt Like an Expert with TOPS Wild Pig Hunter Knife: Our Top Hunting Knife for 2022

March 28, 2022

Hunting is not for the weak-hearted and the slowpokes. If you want to be a huntsman, you should have the eye of the tiger, the patience of a saint, and you must move at the speed of light whenever you are out in the wilderness.

Some brave souls go through the forces of nature to hunt for that prized trophy to display on their walls, while others want a tasty supper on their tables. Whatever reasons you have for hunting, you should have a good hunting knife to accompany you on your journeys.

Continue reading this post to know more about the tools you will need if you want to live a hunter's exciting and adventurous life.

Why is Wild Boar Hunting Popular?

Hunting for wild boar has become a very popular activity. Why? Due to their growing population, the sport has truly become a necessity because, unfortunately, these boars cause enough damage that they need to be hunted and controlled. 

Feral pigs can be seen in various colors and coat patterns, similar to domestic hogs. An adult feral hog can weigh anywhere between 100 and 400 pounds. Hog hunting is a serious pastime that may be immensely rewarding if done correctly but can also be extremely hazardous if handled improperly. With this in mind, it's critical to have the right blade in hand.

TOPS Wild Pig Hunter Knife: A Tough-as-Nails Design in Every Inch!

We have saved you the time and effort to scour through hundreds of hunting knives, and we have found the best, specially designed boar hunting knife that ticks all the boxes.

TOPS Wild Pig Hunter Knife

A Quick Look 

BrandTOPS Knives
Material1095 High Carbon Steel
ColorBlack River Wash
Overall Length13 inches
Blade Length7 ½ inch blade length 
Item Weight1.15 pounds 
Thickness¼ inches
Blade ShapeStraight Back
HandleGreen Canvas Micarta 
Designed byLeo Espinoza


TOPS Knives has created an extraordinarily robust 0.250-inch thick full tang blade. 

Its hardcore design is made for piercing and stabbing, with a strong handguard to keep you from slipping. 

This quality hunting knife is handcrafted in the United States and comes with a lovely leather sheath (with a life-saving whistle) that is also made in the U.S.


TOPS has upgraded the 1095 carbon steel blade with a coating of ‘Black River Wash.’ You’ll notice the heat treat line that runs along the whole 7 1/2 inch blade length if you observe. This adds to a highly functional blade, and the final clear coat will provide you with several years of dependable use. 

Knife Blade

This hunting knife’s straight-back, insanely sharp blade is ideal for any kind of game—whether big or small. It is perfect for piercing and slicing. It is also heavy enough to cut through bones as well. The fixed blade knife has a robust puncture tip designed for deep positive piercing penetration.


The well-known ‘Rocky Mountain Tread’ handle design is made of green canvas Micarta. The material operates well with or without gloves, wet or dry. The handle design includes beautiful finger grooves for a secure grip, whether handled in muddy situations or when blood is coating the material. 

The sheath is constructed of vegetable-tanned, durable steer hide in the United States.


The knife is lightweight at only 14 ounces. It’s fantastic to use and not too heavy that it will strain your arms and wrists. Some hunting knives are difficult to use because their weights pose a great disadvantage. 

The lightweight feature of this TOPS knife is what you'll need to land a devastating hit. There is a superior balance between the weight and the design of this cold steel. Neither weight nor design was sacrificed because it’s tailored for optimal use. 


The price is the only real disadvantage to consider at around $200. However, when you think about it, you will realize that this is a wonderful investment for anyone interested in hunting wild boar. In addition, you are totally assured of this hunting dagger’s quality and durability. 

Collection-Worthy Hunter Knife

Just looking at the seriously hardcore design and the aesthetically pleasing style of the TOPS Wild Pig Hunting Knife, you won’t have second thoughts about adding this one to your collection. It reminds us of two tactical knives made into reality by manufacturers so fans can live out their dreams using real-life hunting knives from their favorite show or video game. 

The TOPS Wild Pig Hunter Knife looks like it was born out of a video game or a movie like the Destiny Hunter Knife, a collectible fixed blade hunting dagger fashioned from the video game "Destiny." Or the tactical Tom Brown Tracker knife or “The Hunted Knife,” from the movie, The Hunted (2003)

Our top pick for hunting knives is truly one for the books! The TOPS knife has the image and aura of a hunting knife in an action movie. Definitely a collectible, but extremely useful as well!

Keep Your Tools Sharp with a Hunting Knife Sharpener

Though you may purchase a quality knife, a dull blade will decrease its effectiveness. Always remember that a sharp knife is a safe knife! You can never let your blades go dull to help you cinch your prey and ensure your safety. The rule of thumb when hunting? Safety first! 

You can always choose the best hunting knife sharpener with the most effective blade honing framework to ensure that your survival knife is ultimately sharpened.

There are many sharpeners that are very easy to operate and not complex to set up. In addition, the structures of some of these sharpeners easily allow you to hone and sharpen hunting blades of almost any size or shape, and even serrated blade edges. 

Insider Tips

All hunters should always keep in mind that no matter how skilled you are, it might be dangerous to put yourself out there if you don't have the right tool for the job. If not knowledgeable enough about the needed weapons, the hunter might instead become the prey. 

With the TOPS Wild Pig Hunter Knife, we assure you that every kill feels like a movie. So be the best hunter and arm yourself with the best hunting knife for hog hunting. Just make sure that you sharpen your hunting tool every once in a while to ensure a safe and sure kill.

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