Quick and Easy Fish Prep With the High-Rated Magreel Fish Gutting Knife

April 21, 2022

Gutting knives are an essential part of any cook’s arsenal. But, if you've already gutted and dressed on your camping adventures, you're probably already aware of how delicate the procedure can be. A blunder would result in the meat or hide being ruined, squandering your tracking and hunting efforts. A single mistake can even turn into a physical injury.

Gutting is an essential part of the cleaning process. Having a good gutting knife on hand will make the process faster and more efficient. The worst-case scenario in this process is needing to hone your blade constantly. It extends and complicates the entire process beyond what is necessary. Another issue is if your knife's grip slips all the time.

If you haven't heard about Magreel, this article will expand your kitchen tool horizon. Dive into this article to find out more about a gutting knife and a thorough review of Magreel's featured knife. 

Choosing a Gutting Knife for Fish

Before you can start getting into your kill's meat, you must first accomplish the significant tasks of gutting. Gutting or field-dressing is the process of removing all inner organs.

Gutting knives are essential during hunting in the wild. A hunter must perform the gutting as quickly as possible after the animal has been killed. Microbes have a high possibility of replicating inside the meat if this is not done correctly and at the right time. The quick and effective gutting ensures the meat stays in excellent condition.

When picking the appropriate gutting knife for every aspect of hunting, keep the following five factors in mind:

The Gutting Knife’s Shape

When your job is to separate the internal organs from the meat, the shape of the blade is critical. Many beginners believe that a knife with a pointed end is the right choice, but this is not true.

A sharp-edged blade may pierce the exteriors, causing damage. It's best to use a blunt-ended knife or a rounded tip to gut the animal without damaging the meat.

The Blade’s Total Length

All gutting knives are relatively short, as longer knives are difficult to maneuver and may sabotage the job. A shorter blade allows for more control and reduces its chances of gliding down. A short knife is also less capable of damaging the organs when trying to cut the lower extremity section.

The Material From Which the Knife Is Made

The quality of the blade content determines how long it can retain a sharp edge and how frequently it needs to be sharpened. A low-priced blade that becomes blunt easily will cost you in the long run as it will ruin your gutting technique. It can also harm the meat.

The Handle's Material

If you're unfamiliar with gutting, the task will most likely take you a little longer. It necessitates using a knife with a satisfying handle and an excellent grip. It should be the appropriate fit for your hands and should never glide, even when wet. Choosing a handle that provides you with complete control is very important when it comes to safety and reliability.

The Knife's Price

A professional hunter will always purchase the best equipment he or she can avail of, and a gutting knife is not exempt from this. Regardless, the model you select must be within your budget. Spending a lot of money on a knife sometimes doesn't ensure you will get the best performance.

The 7-Inch Fish Filleting Knife From Magreel

The versatility of filleting knives delivers the kind of cut needed for some more delicate meats, particularly fish. A large fish fillet knife's slimness and shape are perfect for dressing a fish because it's easy to control when separating the meat from the skin.

Fish filleting knives are the perfect substitute for gut knives because they are designed to cut clean and are highly recommended for non-hunters.

A fish filleting knife has many benefits, including:

  • It is slender enough to find its way between bones and meat without damaging almost all fish meat.
  • Since you have complete control over this knife, you can be confident that you will only lose a small amount of meat while deboning the fish.
  • You can clean a freshly captured fish while filleting it with ease because of the fillet knife's design.
Magreel fish filleting knife

It's even more useful for larger fish, particularly meatier varieties that don't fall apart quickly. Filleting also enables you to eat the fish in smaller portions. Small flatfishes are difficult to fillet, so it may be easier to cook them with bone and remove the flesh later.

Magreel is a strong seller on Amazon, and it specializes in fishing tools and accessories like rods, tackle bags, lures and baits, reels, and knives. Magreel's 7-inch fish fillet knife is one of the best fish fillet knife offers on Amazon because it's durable and versatile. If you are an adventurer or a person who just loves to cook and prepare dishes, this fillet knife deserves a spot in your kitchen.

Here are the other things you should know about this 7-inch fish filleting knife.


  • It boasts a sharp stainless-steel blade made of German stainless steel G4116 with a Teflon finish and an amazingly sharp edge for effortlessly peeling, filleting, and chopping fish, chicken, and other meats.
  • The non-slip polymer handle is ergonomically constructed to grip comfortably, relieve wrist fatigue, and prevent slipping for optimal control.
  • Crossed carbide blades for quick edge rejuvenation and ceramic rods for perfect honing, preserving the knife's sharpness for long-term usage.
  • The blade has a sleek appearance and a total length of 7-inch/9-inch.
  • The zebra-striped black and white handle and white sheath radiate an awesome and energetic vibe.


  • It can keep its edge for a longer period and is suitable for freshwater and saltwater fishing.
  • It allows for a simple cleaning or sanitizing and prevents rust and debris development, which you may not be aware of.
  • The knife's thickness is perfect for filleting.


  • The lock on the cover does not appear to be safe and stable enough.
  • Be careful when cleaning a fish because the grip tape on the handle can get slippery.
  • Some customers needed to sharpen this fillet knife first before they experienced its full potential.

Maintaining Your Magreel Fish Cleaning Knife

The 7-inch fillet knife from Magreel can last longer as long as you know how to maintain it correctly. Here are a few tips that will help you clean and extend the lifespan of your 7-inch fillet knife.

  1. Wash your knife with mild detergent and dry it immediately to prevent rusting.
  2. Use a soft towel to dry your fillet knife and place it in the knife holder or cabinet.
  3. Coat your fillet knife with vegetable oil to protect it even more.
  4. Apply very light pressure when sharpening and honing your knife. Too much pressure or force can damage your fillet knife, which is thinner compared to other kitchen knives.

NOTE: Strong detergents and dishwashing liquid might harm the fillet knife, making it dull and brittle. High heat can also damage the handle so store your fillet knife in a cool spot.

Final Thoughts

Every seafood lover and chef deserves the best tools for preparing their favorite fish, including a top-notch knife for fish filleting. Even if you have the ideal set of professional chef knives and boning knives, a fillet and fish gutting knife are well worth the investment.

Other considerations, including such blade designs or whether to choose an electric or manual fish fillet knife, will vary according to the type of fish you normally operate with, how frequently you'll use the knife, and how much money you are willing to invest. Each type of fish fillet knife has unique features that make it ideal for particular tasks.

Magreel's 7-inch fillet knife is an efficient tool to help you clean and cut your fish perfectly! For more kitchen knife reviews and information, explore Knifescout, and we will satisfy your kitchen queries.

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