Artistic and Functional: Handmade Kitchen Knives To Have For Starters

August 2, 2021

There is something about vintage and antique-looking items that attract the eye and a person’s soul. Since the world is now filled with advanced technologies and synthetic materials, seeing classic objects is fascinating for many.

The same enchanting journey happens to knife enthusiasts when they see knives far from the usual silver blades and black handles. Modern knives are a pleasure to have in the kitchen, but owning old-fashioned knives is a whole different story.

This article will discuss handcrafted chef knives, a staple tool in the kitchen. Hang on because you’ll surely be thrilled!

Benefits of Using Handmade Kitchen Knives

Before anything else, let’s first find out why a handmade chef knife is a joy to have.

A chef’s knife is considered not only as a tool but as an extension of one’s hand. Because of its handiness and design, you can use it in almost every cutting job inside the kitchen. A cook can let go of other knife types but not the chef’s knife. A handmade chef’s knife might fulfill the same role, but there are more advantages to using one.

Durable and robust blade: Handmade and forged knives use steel material for the blades. These blades undergo a three-step process:

  1. Steel forging, and repetitive beating and heating
  2. Edge shaping and sharpening
  3. Blade treatment

The repetitive heating and forging make the blade stronger than the modern knives made in bulk today, these handmade knives are often stamped from a steel sheet and sharpened afterward.

Handle: Handle materials may differ from one bladesmith to another, but what makes all handcrafted knives unique is the full tang characteristic. Using a full tang knife type ensures the stability of drip and the precision of cuts.

Customizable: Unlike mass processed knives that look the same, you have the freedom to design your knife. Some bladesmiths do custom-made kitchen knives, so you can get a fully unique, personal knife for your kitchen.

Beauty: Who does not want to own a knife that looks like this? All its blades are smooth and spotless, but the rough look of a handcrafted chef’s knife makes it attractive and authentic.

Now, without any further ado, here are the three mighty and exquisite chef’s knives that you should consider purchasing.

Three Must-Own Knives for Your Cooking Needs

1.    Freelander Handmade Butcher Chef Knife


You’re assured of the durability of the Freelander Serbian chef knife as the blade is made of stainless steel. The making of the blade follows the process of heating, hammering, and quenching for countless cycles. The handle is made of pakkawood, which contributes to the strength of the full tang design of the knife.


You can use this chef knife for preparing all types of vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish (except bones). Whether you are cooking at home or outdoors, you can use this knife. It is portable and safe to carry because of the leather sheath that wraps around it. Slip it on a lanyard by the handle’s hole and hang it on your belt or to your bag for extra portability.


The Freelander Serbian chef knife is unquestionably beautiful. The signs of forging are seen in the wide blades. Matching this rugged look is the pakkawood handle and the silver V-shaped edge. The colors, the wide blade, and the ergonomic handle all work together to create a visually pleasing knife.

2.    Imarku Handmade Chef’s Knife


Handmade and custom kitchen knives have the same process of forging, hammering, and sharpening. The treatment process is what makes handcrafted knives different from one another.

A high-low temperature treatment is given to this knife after sharpening. Together with the high carbon stainless steel material used for the blades, the process ensures that each knife will last a lifetime. The blade extends through the handle—a full tang design that gives extra security and protection to the blade.


This knife is extra strong from the treatment process it undergoes You can use it for all of your cutting and slicing needs—including in the chopping of bones. Don’t worry about the blade bending or losing its shape as it is firmly attached to the full tang handle.


Imarku is all about black and silver. A pitch-black color covers the blade and the wood handle, while the edge and handle rivets are colored in silver. The colors mix to create an elegant-looking knife.

3.    Florentine Kitchen Knife Customizable Chef’s Knife


With Florentine Kitchen Knives, the choice of materials they’ll use for your blade lies in your hands. Choose from the following:

  • Stainless steel satin
  • Stainless steel hand sanded satin
  • Carbon hand sanded satin
  • Carbon hand sanded forced patina
  • Carbon hand sanded leopard patina

The micarta and wood discs are used to surround the blade tang to create the handle. These materials together make a sturdy knife.


If you are looking for an all-around kitchen knife, then you’ve found it in this one. It can assist you in slicing, cutting, discing, and other cooking and food preparation tasks that need a knife.


Florentine Kitchen Knives are the best custom kitchen knives around because you get to choose the blade’s material, the colors of the micarta and wood discs, the etching, and even the sheath. If you are looking for custom kitchen knives, you have an excellent brand right here.

Final Thoughts

These three handcrafted knives you see above are all enchanting in their own ways. We know that it is challenging to choose the best one to purchase after reading this article, so we suggest (and if your budget allows) to add them all to your kitchen counter.

You can start with the first two chef’s knives, but if you already have a design in mind for the perfect handcrafted knife, contact Florentine Kitchen Knives and get one made for you.

We’re excited to know which one you pick. Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments below!

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