A Look into Hand-Forged Hunting Knives: 5 Enchanting Tools to Use in the Wild

December 24, 2021

The wild is a place with lush trees and diverse animals. Even when you get familiar with its trails, you realize that, like magic, there are always plenty of new things to discover. 

It is best to match these hunting adventures with equally enchanting knives like custom hand-forged knives. To help you with the search, we list the five best hand-forged knives for hunting in this article. These brands sell ready-made knives, and they customize them too. 

Are you ready to be captivated? Let’s check the hunting knives out. 

1. Shokunin Damascus Bowie Knife

Blade and Handle

Some of the tasks you need to accomplish in camp are preparing meals and cutting ropes for game traps and small wood for a fire. 

The Shokunin Damascus bowie knife can handle all these with its 6-inch Damascus steel blade with a serrated spine. The signature full-bolster bowie and the rosewood handle with easy-to-grip finger grooves will keep your hand safe from sliding, causing injuries. 


  • It comes with a leather sheath.
  • Shokunin allows personalized engraving. 
  • The design is still customizable; just contact Shokunin.


  • The 11-inch overall knife length is too bulky to carry around.

2. Wolverine Edge Pink Hunting Knife

The color of the forest is not just green. It has touches of red, yellow, and pink from the wildflowers. 

The pink handle of the Wolverine Edge will remind you of these blooms. The 4.5-inch 1095 steel fixed blade will also remind you of how powerful hunting knives can be when used for slicing, skinning, or gutting your game. 


  • Part of the spine is serrated to cut wood for fire kindling.
  • It comes with a handcrafted leather sheath.
  • The 9.5-inch overall length makes it easy to carry.


  • The pink handle is not a traditional hunting knife color.

3. Fiddleback Forge J.B. Knifeworks Bullet

Hunters like you prefer short knives for portability and control. The J.B. Knifeworks Bullet from Fiddleback Forge has a 3.1-inch drop-point, tapered-tang, 8670 steel blade perfect for game skinning and gutting. Balancing the rather plain-looking blade is the handle with a camo canvas design.


  • The overall length (7.25 inches) and the built-in lanyard hole make it portable.
  • Unique handle design
  • The full tapered tang ensures control and knife durability.


  • It does not come with a sheath.

4. North Star Forge Hackberry Bird and Trout Knife

Does the game you catch include animals like trout, fowls, ducks, and other small fish and birds? North Star Forge creates hand-forged knives, including the Hackberry Bird and Trout knife, just for that. 

The 2.25-inch 80crv2 high-carbon steel blade with a full bolster is short enough for you to skin and gut with excellently. Just steadily move your knife as you hold the ergonomically designed hackberry wood handle. 


  • The short blade is perfect for preparing small game.
  • The 6-inch overall length makes it easy to carry.
  • It comes with a leather sheath.


  • You need to bring knives with longer blades to prepare bigger game instead of using just one knife.

5. AA Knives Bear 

Get excited to catch game because of AA Knives’ Bear, a razor-sharp, 5.66-inch stainless steel, hand-forged knife. The dark brown African wenge wood handle matches the copper-colored blade perfectly. The bolster also ensures your hands are safe from cuts. 


  • Elegant-looking hunting knife 
  • The end cap of the knife has a carving of a fierce bear.
  • It comes with a leather sheath.


  • The 11.1-inch overall length may be too bulky if you are used to carrying shorter hunting knives

Get Hand-Forged Hunting Knives

Each hand-forged knife has the unique charms of the artisan who made it. Because these knives are customizable, you can add a personal touch to the blade, such as engraving names or words that are close to your heart. 

We cannot make you choose only one from these five enchanting knives, so get as many as you can!

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