Cut Thick and Tough with Gude Alpha German Knives: Chef Knife Edition

July 14, 2022

Have you ever found yourself having difficulty cutting tough meat or vegetables? That's a common scenario in the kitchen. They're a real pain, but there must be something else making your work more difficult than it should be: having the wrong knife.

Finding a chef's knife that handles tough cutting without chipping fast can be hard. So here's a quick solution for you: Güde Alpha German knives! Discover why we recommend this product.

Good Cuts with the Güde Alpha High-Quality Knife: A Review

Chances are, you probably don't give much thought to your knife when something goes wrong. You'd assume it's your lack of cutting skills or experience, but it's not always the case. When you're constantly having trouble with tough cuts, it could mean your knife isn't strong enough for the job.

If you need a strong blade to cut solid meat and thick veggies, German kitchen knives would be the best option. And if you're looking for the best German knives, go for Güde. It's one of the most reputable brands, and you'll find out why in this review. 

Ready to leave the difficult cutting days behind you with this German kitchen knife? Let's see what the Güde Alpha Chef Knife can offer!

best German Knives - gude alpha 21cm chef knife

Quick Specifications

First, here's a quick list of technical specifications you must know.

  • Blade: Chrome-molybdenum-vanadium stainless German steel
  • Blade Length: 21 cm
  • Type of Knife: Chef's knife
  • Blade Handle Material: Hostaform
  • Knife Series: Güde Alpha
  • Rockwell Hardness: 57-58 HRC
  • Tang Style: Full tang

Tough Knife Features

So what characteristics make the Güde Alpha Chef's Knife the ideal tool for cutting meat and other tough and thick foods? Let's learn about them one by one.

Powerful Steel Combination

The Alpha Chef Knife's blade material is more than just a techie show-off. Chrome-molybdenum-vanadium is a combination of two materials: chrome molybdenum and chrome vanadium. Here are their differences and benefits:

  • Chrome molybdenum (Cr-Mo) - It’s a combination of chromium, iron, molybdenum, and carbon alloy. It adds force resistance and toughness to tools.
  • Chrome Vanadium (Cr-V) - It’s a cold-drawn and heat-treated combination of vanadium alloy and chromium. It adds hardness, rigidity, and rust resistance to tools.

In other words, this Güde knife's blade is strong, sturdy, and resistant to chipping, rust, and corrosion. These features are perfect for cutting tough foods.

Efficient Knife Treatments

Not only that, but the Güde Alpha knives also went through several processes during production to become this tough and reliable! Güde describes their knife production steps in lengthy details, so here's a quick list for you to get the gist.

  • Drop-Forging: An entire forging stock undergoes a process of heating and deforming up to 55 steps to produce a well-made handmade knife.
  • Ice Hardening: The knife is cooled to -80 °C to enhance the steel's microstructure.
  • 2-Stage Tempering: The knife is heated to become more unbreakable.
  • Pre-Grounding, Pre-Grinding, and Fine Grinding: The knife and bolster are sharpened during this process.

Dual Bolster System

This steak knife features a double bolster, which acts as a strengthening element and spacer. The first bolster is between the blade and the handle (the spacer). Meanwhile, you can find the second bolster at the tip of the knife's handle.

These elements add strength, balance, and finger protection to ensure hassle-free and pleasant work. And what's better than not having difficulty in cutting tough kitchen materials?

A Kitchen Knife Set for Everyone

While this review focuses on the chef knife alone, we wanted to let you know that it also comes from a wide collection. The Güde Alpha is one of the brand's best-selling series for many reasons. First, it's widely accessible in stores like Amazon. 

Second, you get every kitchen knife you can think of—be it a fillet knife, utility knife, carving knife, paring knife, bread knife, boning knife, or santoku knife.

But that's not everything, by the way! Some knives have different blade lengths to fit your specific cutting needs. Finally, you can spot food-specific ones such as tomato, steak, cheese, and more. This Güde set can offer a blade for nearly every kitchen task!

Hostaform Handle

The knife's handle is made from durable Hostaform material. It's a semi-crystalline and thermoplastic polymer known for its tough, stable, and wear-resistant properties. Moreover, the handle has exposed rivets, promoting comfort, strength, and durability. 

As a result, you can expect that this Güde handle will be nice to hold, dishwasher-safe, and long-lasting.

Weak Knife Features

Meanwhile, here are some things about the knife that could use some improvements.

  • A German knife is thicker, bulkier, and heavier, so it can be difficult to work with depending on your demands.
  • It doesn't come with gorgeous packaging like a custom box.
  • As with most German-made knives, this isn't as razor-sharp as Japanese-style knives. You still have to use a sharpener or honing steel.
  • The Alpha series is well-liked, but many consumers feel that Güde specializes more in its bread knife line than any other knife.
high quality knife - knife sets on cutting boards in a store

Why Use German-Style Knives

We understand that not everyone will end up buying this product after reading this review. Some of you might hesitate after seeing the drawbacks or comparing it with other brands. Others might find that this isn't the kind of knife they need. 

Those are all understandable. So here's a short list of reasons to buy a German knife and ensure a correct purchase.

  1. If you need to cut thick and tough meat or vegetables, a stronger German knife will do better than a thin and lightweight Japanese knife.
  2. These knives are more durable and resistant to chipping and rusting.
  3. They have a wider knife blade profile that you can use to transport or scoop ingredients.
  4. They're the perfect knife for rock chopping motions.
  5. Their handles are designed for safety and comfort.

Of course, they're not as sharp and precise as Japanese kitchen knives. However, the German ones are more useful when it comes to slicing hard materials. They have a full-tang construction, a thicker and softer blade, and a bulkier and ergonomic handle that makes them reliable and durable.

Verdict: Is the Güde Alpha Chef Knife Any Good?

If you're looking for a great kitchen knife to take on tough cutting tasks, the Güde Alpha will make an excellent tool. This quality knife bears the power and protection of various knife treatments and features such as drop-forging, steel combinations, and a double bolster system.

Knifemakers also ensure the handle is ergonomic, so you can get a comfortable and safe grip when your hands are wet. Güde makes excellent vegetable and steak knives that are well worth your money. Beginners, professionals, and meat and veggie lovers will find a knife to aid their cooking goals!

Want to check out more home and professional chef knife reviews? Maybe you'd like to look at other German knife brands like JA Henckel, Mercer Culinary, Wüsthof, or Zwilling knives. Navigate our website categories and find the knife of your kitchen life!

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