Global Kitchen Knives by John Lewis: Premium Quality Knives for Your Kitchen

April 19, 2022

Have you been planning on replacing your set of kitchen knives? Searching for the perfect kitchen knife may be a near-impossible task, especially because it depends on your personal preferences and workflow inside the kitchen. However, you can expect consistent performance and great quality from certain brands in the industry.

For example, Global Kitchen Knives (John Lewis) has become a favorite among cooking enthusiasts. John Lewis & Partners sells various products of utmost quality, including kitchenware like Global knives. Their offerings include the John Lewis knife block and John Lewis bread knife, among many other cherished Global kitchen knives.

Continue reading to discover what else John Lewis & Partners can offer you and your kitchen!

Global 3-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

global kitchen knives john lewis - Global 3-Piece Kitchen Knife Set


  • Can be bought online from Amazon for $179.95
  • Exhibits a well-balanced weight distribution
  • Features a stainless steel handle with a dimpled texture
  • Comes with blades made of CROMOVA stainless steel

Best Kitchen Knife Set For Starters

Can't seem to nail down the best starter knives for your kitchen? The Global 3-Piece Kitchen Knife Set includes the most commonly used kitchen knives. When you buy this knife set, you no longer need to look for anything else as it already has the essential kitchen knives you would ever need.

For instance, the 8-inch chef's knife can help you slice large cuts of meat such as beef. It also comes in a length commonly preferred by many cooks. The kitchen set also includes a 5.5-inch utility knife, an essential tool in food preparation. Lastly, the set comes with a 3.5-inch paring knife, suitable for chopping and slicing fruits and vegetables.


Some customers expressed disappointment about the performance of these kitchen knives. Noting how expensive they are, they reported dull blades after a few uses, and some knives even showed signs of corrosion despite being made from stainless steel.

Global 2-Stage Kitchen Knife Sharpener

global kitchen knives john lewis - Global 2-Stage Kitchen Knife Sharpener


  • Can be bought online from Amazon for $81.94
  • Exhibits a handheld design, making it easy-to-use
  • Features a two-stage sharpening process: sharpen and hone
  • Effectively sharpens dull knives back to brand new

Sharpens and Polishes Kitchen Knives

Have your kitchen knives gone dull? Over time, especially when you use them often, kitchen knives can lose their sharp edges. However, the good news is that you can resharpen these kitchen knives to restore their sharpness. While it depends on the blade material, among other factors, most knives can be resharpened, especially forged ones.

The Global 2-Stage Kitchen Knife Sharpener does what you expect a knife sharpener will do but also does it exceptionally well. It features a two-stage sharpening process that involves running the knife through two separate slots. The first slot sharpens your blunt knife, while the second polishes and hones the blade.


If you need to resharpen your knives frequently, you may need to replace the ceramic wheels sooner. Some customers noticed that the ceramic wheels, especially the coarse ones, significantly reduced their effectiveness after multiple uses.

Global Takashi 7-Piece Knife Set

global kitchen knives john lewis - Global Takashi 7-Piece Knife Set


  • Can be bought online from Amazon for $399.95
  • Has a knife block that you can use to stash your knives away when not in use
  • Each knife has sand-filled handles for better control and balance

Has Everything You Need

If you have 400 dollars lying around, you can put it to better use by investing in the Global Takashi 7-Piece Knife Set. This may be the best one for you as it includes a chef's knife, bread knife, ceramic sharpening rod, vegetable knife, peeler, and utility knife. You can store these kitchen knives safely in the aesthetically pleasing wooden knife block.

Aside from the frequently used types of kitchen knives, this set also has a ceramic sharpening rod. You can use the ceramic sharpening rod to hone the microscopic imperfections that your knives may have as you use it over time.


As with other products, some units slipped through quality control and arrived at the customer's doorsteps with poor quality. Some customers reported receiving kitchen knives with blades that had to be resharpened before using them for the first time.

Final Thoughts

The Global kitchen knives from John Lewis & Partners (Millys kitchen Global knives) have exceptional quality and performance and an expensive price tag. However, if you are a new cooking enthusiast, you may consider cheaper alternatives that can offer more value for your money. One thing is for sure, though: These kitchen knives won't disappoint. If you can afford them, that is.

Navigate to our kitchen knives section if you want to discover more value-laden essentials for your kitchen!

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