Giada de Laurentiis’ Kitchen Knives of Choice: The Coltellerie Berti 9″ Chef’s Knife

April 12, 2022

Have you ever wanted to go to Italy? Buying plane tickets to and from Italy may be too expensive right now, but a quick trip to an Italian cuisine restaurant might satisfy your wanderlust, at least for a while. Without even stepping a foot in Italy, you can explore its culture and history through your taste buds!

Through the popular Everyday Italian TV show, the Food Network star and chef Giada De Laurentiis takes you on a trip across Italy while sharing Italian cuisine family recipes. So not only will you get to enjoy the sights and sounds of the country, but you also get to make Italian food right at home. However, you might want to add more authenticity to your home-cooked Italian meals by using Italian cooking equipment.

So, which kitchen knife does Giada De Laurentiis prefer to use, and where to buy one? Read more and find out!

What Is a Kitchen Knife For?

Before you rush to buy Giada's kitchen knife of choice, you should first familiarize yourself with a kitchen knife. As the name suggests, a kitchen knife is used for various tasks (like slicing) inside the kitchen. Therefore, you should consider “kitchen knife” as a catch-all term for different and specific kinds of knives, such as the paring knife and bread knife. Moreover, food preparation requires various knives to do the job properly.

What Should I Look For in a Kitchen Knife?

If you search for a kitchen knife on online marketplaces like Amazon, you will have hundreds to thousands of results. The price range can vary widely from two-digit price tags to thousands of dollars. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. It is most certainly true when we’re talking about kitchen knives. Expect poorer quality and durability when buying cheaper knives.

So what exactly should you look for when shopping for a decent quality kitchen knife?

First, determine whether they are forged or stamped knives. Forged knives are more expensive but will last longer. Meanwhile, stamped knives are more affordable but cannot retain their sharp edge as long as forged knives. Next, you must consider the handle, length, material, and your needs. Finally, try gripping the knife and seeing how it feels in your hand.

Which Kitchen Knife Does Giada de Laurentiis Recommend?

Out of all kitchen knives, Giada De Laurentiis’ all-time favorite comes handmade from Italy. The 9-inch Chef's Knife from Coltellerie Berti feels great in hand and undeniably looks like a premium knife. Aside from its look and feel, the chef’s knife performs exceedingly well in the kitchen. In addition, they come from a long tradition of handmade forged knives.

This premium knife could be the best chef knife you will ever own.


  • Can be bought online from Amazon for $345.00
  • Has a total length of 14.2 inches
  • Features a sharp and frosted 8.7-inch blade
  • Made from forged steel
  • Handmade using time-tested techniques
  • Comes with a cream-colored Ivory Lucite handle
  • Exhibits a full-tang design
  • Made by a single artisan from start to finish
  • Perfect for meat, vegetables, and cheese
  • Belongs to the high-end craftsmanship collection
  • Weighs 227 grams or around eight ounces
  • Also known as the N. 902 chef’s knife

Comes From a Long Tradition

Most kitchen knives today are made from the same sheet of metal factories. They are produced quickly and cheaply. There isn't anything special about such kinds of knives. If you are a practical cook, any stamped knife would be enough. When they become blunt, you can easily buy another one to replace them.

However, the Coltellerie Berti 9" Chef's Knife comes from a long tradition of hand-crafted cutlery. Since its foundation in 1895, Coltellerie Berti has always made its knives in the same way. Generations of artisans passed down the company's trademark and long-cherished forging and manufacturing techniques to the next generation. 

As a result, you can always expect the same quality regardless of when you bought the knife.

Outstanding Performance and Longevity

The Berti knife lives up to its reputation with its impressive performance in the kitchen. It can cut, slice, and dice no matter what you throw at it (within reason, of course). Its outstanding sharpness serves as a testament to its craftsmanship. In addition, it feels balanced and hefty when you grip it in your hand, making you feel more confident as you use it.

Since it’s made of forged steel, you can resharpen it using the knife sharpener of your choice. You can squeeze more years out of the same blade by sharpening it when it becomes dull.

Beautiful and Comfortable

With a 300-dollar price tag, the Berti knife sets high expectations. Moreover, your eyes and hands will confirm that every cent you paid for it is worth it. From the most casual cook to the professional chef, any observer will notice the aesthetic quality that this chef's knife exhibits. One customer even remarked, "it's better than a diamond tiara." That's how premium-looking and feeling this knife is.


Admittedly, there is little to complain about this knife. It ticks all the boxes save for the price. Unfortunately, the Coltellerie Berti 9" Chef's Knife remains out of reach for practical-minded and casual cooks. Just imagine how much the best knife set from the company would cost. However, investing in this expensive knife will surely be worth it if you have the money to do so.

Final Thoughts

The kitchen knife Giada Laurentiis uses hails from Italy and is handmade by artisans with years of experience in the craft. Unfortunately, the price tag makes the Coltellerie Berti 9" Chef's Knife unaffordable for most cooks and enthusiasts. However, if you can afford such a premium blade, you will never regret this investment.

If you are looking for more affordable yet decent options, you may visit our kitchen knives section for more product reviews.

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