Nature Meets German Kitchen Knives: Wusthof’s Urban Farmer Knife Set in Review

September 14, 2021

To many of us, home is the most comfortable place to be. It is a haven we go to after a long day’s work; the excitement of going home builds up even more when we have hobbies to look forward to. For many, it’s maintaining a garden.

Are you one of those who have said yes to the home gardening or urban farming trend? Is your house now filled with plants and crops where you get your essential kitchen ingredients? If yes, then this review is destined for you!

We will talk about the Wusthof Urban Farmer Knife Set and all the reasons why you should have it. Let’s start.

Wusthof: A Brief Fascinating History

Knife-making is a prominent venture in Germany, especially in Solingen. More than 200 years ago, a scissors maker in Germany named Johann Abraham Wüsthof had a simple cellar where he did his workshops. His sons. Eduard and Robert Wüsthof had bigger dreams of growing their father’s business into a knife-making company—and so they did.

Johann’s descendants still run the company he and his sons built from 1814 until today. From a scissors manufacturer, the brand is now one of the leading suppliers of cutlery all over the world.

The types of kitchen knives the brand offers range from classic ones to unique knives they developed independently. And part of that fantastic set is what we will talk about today.

Our Recommendation: Urban Farmer Knife Set

You’ll see many glorious knife sets on Wusthof, but what makes the Urban Knife Set stand out is the particularity of its use and how it aims to help urban farmers and hobbyists in their daily tasks. Let’s check the good kitchen knives in the set and the set inclusion one by one!

Urban Farmer German kitchen knives


The high-carbon stainless steel blades included in the Urban Farmer Set are robust and corrosion-resistant. All the knives in the set are full-tang, giving you more control when in use. On top of that, a semi-bolster design is added to the knife for safety and better grip.


The handle holds the full-tang blade steadily through its two rivets. With these knives, you’ll get the natural yet modern feel because of the silver high carbon stainless steel blades matched with brown beechwood handles. Because of the wooden handle, the Urban Farmer knives are not suitable for dishwashers. Clean them by hand and apply mineral oil for the handle to maintain its excellent state.

Set Inclusion

Pruning knife: Plants and small crops maintenance at home include pruning to allow new branches, leaves, flowers, or fruits to grow and remove the parts that have withered. The pruning knife is specially designed for this task. Skip the part when you’d force the branches to go off because of dull knives. With the Urban Farmer’s sharp blades, you’ll have perfectly pruned plants.

Paring knife: Paring knives are perfect for small fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and bell peppers. Peel, slice, and decorate—you can do these all with these small but powerful knives. After you’ve had a successful harvest, you can serve up a ranch-to-table lunch with your fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. You can immediately prepare them using the paring knives.

Sausage knife: Wusthof is a brand that has developed knives specifically for brunch use, and one of these is the sausage knife. Although it is called such, you can use the knife more than just for slicing sausage but also for bread, pizza, and of course, your vegetable and herb harvests.

Santoku: The Asian counterpart of the chef’s knife will never be absent in any knife set as it is an all-around knife you can use for slicing, mincing, and dicing. All your fresh ingredients from your home garden, along with ingredients like meat and fish, can all be prepared easily through the Santoku, which has blade indentions to ensure your ingredients won’t stick.

Tool basket: Finally, all these valuable knives can be safely and neatly kept in a uniquely designed tool basket. It is not your ordinary knife block as it has a basket design. As you go around your garden, you can carry it comfortably and pick the knife that suits your needs. The basket has an open-top that will air the blades and ensure they remain dry.

You will surely enjoy using these, and we can agree that these are the best kitchen knives for anyone with a green thumb.


  • It is highly usable. There are no knives in this set you won’t use in maintaining your home/urban garden.
  • It is handy, as you can see the tool basket design.
  • The knives are made of durable materials—and they look good!


  • The beechwood handle and wooden toolbox need maintenance to maintain their perfect state.

Final Thoughts

Did this information and facts about the Urban Farmer get you all giddy? Have you imagined how your home gardening tasks are made better by having the set? Whether you have your home garden set already or looking into cultivating a new hobby, this set is a beautiful addition to your garden and kitchen arsenal. The knife is calling you and your inner nature lover; there’s no point resisting. Heed to the call.

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