German Kitchen Knives: Henckels Forged Premio Is The Brand’s Proof Of Excellence

September 16, 2021

In the world of cutlery, some brands exist because of their quality, makers, persistence, and ability to adjust to the changing times. There are many brands like this worldwide, but only a few have been manufacturing for almost 300 years.

One of that amazing few is Henckels, a knife manufacturing brand founded in Germany and has expanded into branches worldwide today. We are sure you’ve seen the brand a couple of times if you search for the best kitchen knives. Let’s take a closer look.

In this article, you’ll get to know Henckels and our recommended knife set for all your cooking essentials. 

German Kitchen Knives, Henckels: A Brief Walkthrough

The brand Henckels almost always goes hand-in-hand with Zwilling—Henckels J.A. Zwilling. Peter Henckels is the surname of the Zwilling company who took the heart to register Zwilling to Solingen, Germany’s Cutler’s Guild, in 1917. Just so you know, in Germany, Solingen is the region dedicated to knife manufacturing—even ratified by law. All the knives manufactured there are Solingen-branded.

Aside from Zwilling, another fact that will go together with Henckels is that the company forged swords before it developed into a knife-making factory. This timeline is almost the same for all German brands.

Germany’s focus was sword making in the middle ages, where swordsmiths forged weapons that can cut through a knight’s body armor. When wars ceased, the swordsmiths began creating knives. The swords have gone, but the thicker, heavier, and big-bolstered blades reliable for heavy-duty kitchen tasks are still a trademark of German kitchen knives and Henckels until today.

Our Recommendation: Henckels Forged Premio

The German knife characteristic of toughness and durability can be seen in this kitchen knife set we recommend—the Henckels Forged Premio. Let’s get into details about how the German knife-making tradition is still alive in these blades.


The blades bearing the Halbedier logo of Henckels are made of German stainless steel, making them robust and ready to chop thick meat or small bones without breaking. Stainless steel and the satin-finish also make the blades corrosion-resistant, so you can use the dishwasher for cleaning without the worry of damaging the blades.

The blades have forged full bolsters, ensuring that despite chopping harsh ingredients or preparing wet and slimy ones like fish, your hands are guarded against the edges.

Stainless steel dulls faster than high carbon steel, so to make sure that edges sharpness lasts longer, the blades are honed.

Overall, the blades look beautiful on the outside and highly durable on the inside.


The blades included in the Henckels Forged Premio are full-tang, so the stainless steel material runs from the knife's edge to the end of the handle. Triple rivets sturdily hold the handle and the full tang blade together. In terms of comfort, the handles are ergonomically curved according to the hand's natural curvature so that you can grab them comfortably.

The handles have a black color, which creates a classic-looking kitchen knife set together with the blades. Yet, what makes this set stand out from the rest is the endcap at the end of the handle featuring another Halbedier logo of Henckels. They look neat, especially when they sit on a knife block.

Set Inclusion

Now, let’s check Forged Premio’s blades and set inclusion one by one!

Paring knife: There are three paring knives included in the set, and just like all the blades, they also have forged bolsters which will ensure your safety from getting cut when peeling fruits like apples and pear or creating tiny slices for your meal’s garnishes. The blade is 3-inch long, making a 7-inch long paring knife together with the handle.

Serrated utility knife: Utility knives are a favorite in the kitchen, and you’ll use them even more often with the design of the Forge Premio. The utility knife included in the set has serrated edges, allowing you to cut through thick fruit skins of oranges or mangosteen. Still, it has immense sharpness that you can also cut seamlessly through soft tomatoes. Even on bread slicing, this 5-inch utility knife got you covered.

Boning knife: Boning knives usually have full bolsters, ensuring that your hands are safe from dangerous slips that can get you injured. The boning knife included in the Forged Premio kit will not fail you as it also has a bolster, which is even forged for durability. Its toughness hides behind the 5-inch lightweight knife you can easily debone chicken or carve cooked meat.

Hollow edge santoku: You do not need to worry about ingredients like cheese or butter sticking to your knife because the santoku included in the Forged Premio set has hollow edges. Santoku is another all-around knife that can substitute a chef knife, and with its design that allows easy food preparation, you might use this more often than other knives.

Chef’s knife: The chef’s knife is considered more than just a knife but a part of the cook’s hand. It is the primary tool used by professionals in the kitchen. Still, despite using it more frequently, you can rely on its durability and resistance from rust because of the German Stainless steel material used on the blade.

Bread knife: You may use the serrated utility knife as you please in slicing bread, but still included in the kit is an 8-inch bread knife. Its sharpness ensures quick and beautiful slices to your bread. In a few slicing motions, your bread is all set for some spread.

Steak knives: There are eight steak knives included in the set, so once you hold your steak dinner and get together with your family, you can all enjoy a matching knife that can cut through meat seamlessly. If the steak didn’t cook as tender as planned, the bolsters would keep your fingers protected from the slight force you need to apply in slicing.

Sharpening steel: The best way to sharpen stainless steel is through sharpening steel and not using a whetstone. The Forged Premio set got the tool handy. Although stainless steel knives rarely wear out quickly, in case you’ll need them to resharpen your frequently used blades, you have it conveniently included in the kit.

Kitchen shears: Conveniently cut herbs and leafy ingredients like mint, cilantro, or parsley, or cut tougher sumptuous meals like crab shells, pizza, or bacon using the kitchen shears, which are also made of stainless steel. Despite the variety of ingredients you use, from soft to tough ones, these shears will remain sharp and rust-free.

Knife block: Finally, you have the knife block that does not fall short of the characteristics of durability the knives it holds have. The knife block is made of hardwood, the same material used for long-lasting furniture and wood constructions. You are sure that you have a knife block that lasts as long as your knives.

You can get all these valuable knives in one set. There are knife sets you get where some knives are rarely used, but all the knives included in the Forged Premio are the tools you’ll need in preparing essential ingredients in the kitchen.

The 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Henckels Forged Premio

Aside from usability, there are many other reasons why you should choose the Henckels Forged Premio among different knife sets. Here are five:

History storytellers

Henckels is a brand that has been operating for the past 290 years. It is a brand manufactured in the era when swords are the primary weapon used for war, and it has evolved to the world’s most trusted cutlery sources today.

If you would have a deep dive into the history of knife making, you will indeed find Henckels or Zwilling among the first knife manufacturers. The knives are more than just tools but also storytellers and conversation starters. 

A reliable brand worldwide

Visit a hundred different countries, and Henckels promise you their knives will be there as they distribute their knives internationally. Henckels has a distributing center in 21 other countries, including the USA, Canada, and China. Nonetheless, in the light of today’s technology, ordering the Forged Premio or any Henckel product is right at the end of your fingertips.

The Forged Premio is sold online on Henckel’s website and accredited resellers. Google Forged Premio, and you’ll see reliable positive reviews about it and Henckels too. All over the world, this brand is trustworthy.

Beauty and stand-out design

On top of the uses mentioned above, the Forged Premio is a must-have because of its beauty. This set is a classic-looking set with a unique touch because of the handles’ logo stamping. The tang of the knife is connected to this square handle end, so you can see the artistry in the process of making it. The knives do not have a shiny glare, and the blades are matt because of the satin finish. If you are looking for classic-looking knives that still stand out because of their design, this is the set for you.

Your money’s worth

There are tons of knife sets out there. Henckels alone offers 56 knife sets with different designs, but if you are looking for a set on the average price but will give you the quality and uses you need in the kitchen, Forged Premio is the perfect fit.

It only costs $219.99 while other sets cost as expensive as $399.99. There are also cheaper sets than $12.99, but they are not as complete as the Forged Premio. If you want to get a set with sturdy, good-looking, and affordable knives, this is a perfect pick.

A house constant you can pass onto the next generation

Finally, because of the durability of this set, you can add a sentimental touch to it by passing it on to the next generation of cooks in your family. These knives are sure to last long so that you can pass them on to the successor of the kitchen in your family, and the cycle goes on.

Ready to buy the best kitchen knife set?

Just because of a single knife set, your food preparation and cooking are made better. On top of that, you do your kitchen tasks excitedly because you have beautiful knives with interesting stories to use. The Forged Premio is a good buy, a set that is worth your money as you can use all the knives included in the set. What else can you ask for?

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