The Finest for the American Kitchen: The Five Best American-Made Kitchen Knives

March 7, 2022

The mark of a fine American kitchen lies not only in the style of cooking or the spirit and passion of the cook. To make a fine American kitchen, you have to have the finest American-made cutting tools. But how can you tell if you're getting the best on your plate?

Don't worry! We reviewed some of the best knives for you to add to your collection. So, without any delay, here are some of the best kitchen knives that should have a space in your kitchen today.

Top Contenders for Best American-made Kitchen Knives

Rada is a one of the manufacturers of the best american made kitchen knives that offers the right price and quality.

Rada Cook's Utility Knife

Price: $12.00 - 15.00

It is always a treat to encounter good knives that fit the budget, and that's the case for Rada's utility knife. Now, it's unbelievable to claim true quality for a $12.00 knife. You may even view it as just a knife with run-off-the-mill materials. But its T420 stainless steel material provides good cutting ability that can last for long periods. 

That's not bad at all for a $12.00 knife that can withstand frequent uses. You'll get your money's worth before this knife retires. But Rada isn't only producing low-cost, American-made cooking knives. They also have knife catalogs that are high-end and can compete with popular kitchen knife brands. 

This is something you can expect from a cutlery manufacturer that has been around since 1984. So whether you're gunning for low-cost, high value, or high-priced premiums, Rada will give you high-quality, reliable knives that are 100% American-made.

Quick Specs:

Overall Length: 4 ¾ inches
Material: T420 stainless steel
Blade Type: Fixed
Edge Profile: Hollow
Point Profile: Sheepsfoot


  • Surgical blade quality
  • A scaled-down chef knife profile and can be used as a substitute
  • The price for the knife is affordable with good value
  • Lightweight and very sharp


  • The blade is thin and prone to bend out of shape, so it's not ideal for thick food items.
Lamson adds a touch of vintage elegance on the best american made kitchen knives they manufacture

Lamson Vintage Chef Knife

Price: $80.00 - 100.00

This chef knife looks and feels like a true vintage chef knife, yet its quality is in tune with contemporary standards. Lamson crafted this chef knife with proprietary, USA-made stainless steel with a 420 HC grade of metal toughness. The crafting process has a touch of artisan craftsmanship aided by advanced knife-making technology to ensure there's balance between beauty and practicality.

Speaking of beauty, what stands out from this knife is the way the handle is designed. The color and polished finish of the walnut handle with its dark, wooden lines is a pleasurable sight that reminds you of old times. 

Yet, the careful selection of the walnut is not purely aesthetic. The walnut is one of the toughest wooden handle materials for a knife handle. Throw in the walnut scale and the brass rivets on a sculpted full tang handle, and you get an elegant, vintage knife.

Quick Specs:

Blade Length: 8 inches
Material: High-carbon stainless steel
Blade Type: Fixed
Edge Profile: Flat
Point Profile: Drop


  • Strong because of the full tang
  • Walnut handle makes a strong and aesthetically pleasing handle
  • Drop point blade makes for easy slicing of food ingredients
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The brass rivets are prone to having blackish spots over time.
Cutco crafts the best american made kitchen knives that give a unique look and superb function

Cutco Petite Chef Knife

Price: $228.00 - $300.00

Cutco is one of the best American-made kitchen knife brands that has been crafting blades in the United States since 1949. They've crafted eye-catching chef knives with a function to match, and they're even doing something for the community by helping college kids learn a thing or two about business.

The Cutco Petite Chef Knife magnetism is on the uncommon blade and handles design. A typical chef knife would adhere to the common flat grind profile, but Cutco made it a point to grind this chef knife with a hollow profile that deviates from the usual. The idea behind this is to create a hard knife by giving more substance to the blade, while the hollow portion is meant to cut sharp and deep. Cutco combines toughness and sharpness without compromise. 

The peculiar charm of this knife is on its handle. The hard plastic scale is designed to have a diamond-like shape, and the rivets are pinned wide in between, maximizing the space and effectively giving full coverage on the scales. The handle design is interesting, and the function makes sense— it makes sure the scales are pinned tight on the tang and that it can be used by left and right-handed cooks with efficiency and comfort.

Quick Specs:

Blade Length: 7 - 5/8 inches
Material: 440A stainless steel
Blade Type: Fixed
Edge Profile: Hollow
Point Profile: Drop


  • Fatigue-resistant handle design for comfort and ergonomics
  • Durable knife because of the full tang and with three rivets
  • Lightweight and very sharp


  • The blade is not as sharp as other similar knives.
Zwilling Henckels with the collaboration of Bob Kramer has produced the best american made kitchen knives that's an envy of any cooks.

Kramer by Zwilling Euroline Carbon Santoku Knife

Price: $400.00 - 450.00

The design of this Zwilling Santoku knife is licensed by Bob Kramer to be manufactured by the reputable Zwilling Henckels brand. And we just can't help but admire this spectacular collaboration of two greats.

Bob Kramer is a legendary American bladesmith and a tremendous knife artisan. He is certified as 1 of 122 master bladesmiths by the American bladesmith society. However, what made Bob Kramer even famous was when Anthony Bourdain sought him out for a bespoke knife personally crafted by Bob. Bourdain's kitchen knife of choice has since been sold at an auction for a stunning $231,250.00.

The value of Bob Kramer's knives has an air of exclusivity with memberships and waits for auctions to match. Bid increments of Kramer's knives start at $250. If this is something you're willing to get into, it's going to be worth it. But if you want a knife blessed with the knowledge and craftsmanship of Bob Kramer and want it now, you can never go wrong with Kramer by Zwilling Santoku Knife.

Quick Specs:

Blade Length: 7 inches
Material: 52100 straight-carbon stainless steel
Blade Type: Fixed
Edge Profile: Flat
Point Profile: Sheepsfoot


  • The manufacturer has a reputation for quality knives
  • Full tang with a tapered blade for calculated and fine cuts
  • Tough blade with a 61 HRC Rockwell hardness grade


  • Design is from Bob Kramer, but the manufacturing is outsourced outside the USA.
The New West KnifeWorks crafts the best american made kitchen knives that's considered to be fine art and award worthy

New West KnifeWorks Chef Knife

Price: $390.00 - 400.00

When it comes to creating knives with fine quality and design, Corey Milligan and the New West KnifeWorks are your blade of choice. Corey is a dedicated artist not just in the art of crafting knives but also in making knives worthy of awards in craft shows.

Corey's knife design will inspire both the average and the professional cook. The Ironwood Chef Knife from New West KnifeWorks brings goosebumps at a glance. The soft curvatures of the handles, the polished wooden scales, and the simplistic blade are simple yet substantial in both form and function. Truly a design of a true American blade craftsman that puts in the work and the time for mastery.

Quick Specs:

Blade Length: 7.75 inches
Material: S35VN steel
Blade Type: Fixed
Edge Profile: Flat
Point Profile: Sheepsfoot


  • The full tang is tapered on the handle to reduce weight but keeps the knife durable. 
  • The blade material is made of strong steel that doesn't easily chip or deform.
  • The blade can hold an edge for a long period of time.


  • High-carbon steel may be prone to rusting.

Our Top Pick: Lamson Vintage Chef Knife

The knives all have astounding features and characteristics, but we chose the Lamson Vintage Chef Knife as our top pick. This knife ticked off a lot of criteria we're looking for in the best American-made kitchen knives. 

First, the Lamson brand is one of the pioneers that started American-made knives. Second, the price range makes it a practical choice for any average American cook who delights in the all-American style and spirit of preparing meals. Finally, it is a beautiful American knife that permits the versatility needed by any cook. You can never go wrong when you choose the Lamson Vintage Chef Knife.

Looking for other options? Try going through our blogs and see if there's any particular knife brand that catches your attention. Slice safely!

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