Looking for a Fish-Style Safety Knife? Here are the Finest Products You Should Have

August 3, 2021

Safety should be on top of the priority in any activity that we do, especially when the task involves handling sharp edges like knives.

Knife manufacturers know this need. That is why different knives have sheaths that are durable and unbreakable so that the edges will be kept safely inside. Knife handle materials are also formulated to be non-slip. Some even have handguards to ensure the user’s safety.

If the kitchen is not your haven, and instead you work in a warehouse, a creative corner, or a shipping center, you surely do not need a kitchen knife. However, you’ll still need a handy cutter or a utility knife.

Here are the recommended products you should use if you are working in the aforementioned line of business.

Fish 200 Fish-Style Safety Knife

Can you guess why this product is called fish? Unlike what the name implies, the Fish Series 200 safety knife is not for fish, but for cutting cables, straps, tapes, bubble wrap, and even ropes. The Safety Knife Company Fish 200 knife series has craftsmen, office workers, and even shipping industry workers’ safety in its mind when it designed this knife.

You won’t see any sharp blade sticking out of the plastic blade and hook covers. To use it, you’ll need to insert the material you will cut into the small gap where the blade is located (in the area that looks like a fish mouth). Slide the Fish Safety Knife, and it will cut the material.

For multiple people, for example, in a workplace, there is a Fish knife set available with different colors.

Pacific Handy Cutter

While the Fish Knife is shaped like a fish, the safety knife offered by Pacific Handy Cutter is shaped like a smaller version of an ice axe for mountain climbing. The stainless steel blade is safely hidden inside the hook head of the cutter. Your fingers will be in no danger of the blade.

A tape splitter protrudes on the head of the cutter, specifically aimed for tape cutting on sealed boxes.

To use it, slide the material you will cut (e.g., bubble wrap, tape, or cardboard) inside the gap leading to the blade. Slide the cutter to cut the material. For sealed boxes, use the blade-less end to cut through tape.

Nova Squeeze Trigger Knife

The Nova Utility Knife is super safe to use as its blades will not come out unless you unlock and squeeze the trigger.

The plastic blade is razor-sharp; it can cut plastic tapes, paper, cardboard, and boxes. Because of its handy size, it can be used as your pocket utility knife. You can also insert a lanyard into the built-in hole and tie it around your belt.

To use it, unlock the blade and adjust it according to the length of the blade you want to expose. Do not forget to squeeze the trigger before you start cutting. Home Planet Gear Box Cutter

Are you into recycling? Do you reuse boxes and turn them into castles and costumes? If you do this for a hobby or even as a living, you’ll need a cutter you can comfortably use.

The Home Planet Gear Box Cutter has an ergonomic design. You’ll love the non-slip and easy-to-grip handle, and you indeed won’t have aching hands by the end of your project with a knife like this.

To use it, adjust the four different high carbon SK5 blade depths: 1, ¾, ½, and ⅛ inches. You can cut through tape, plastic, cardboard, and boxes by changing the blade depth.

Slice Ceramic Cutter

This is the smallest safety knife you’ll see. The Slice Ceramic Cutter is smaller than your palm. Despite its small size, the cutter has durable and sharp blades made of ceramic that can cut through boxes, papers, and plastic.

To use it, adjust the slider depending on the blade length you want to use. Slide it inside your pocket for easy access.

Another highlight of this product is that the ceramic blade does not cut the skin. This is especially useful for the fingers, which are accident-prone areas. Enjoy cutting without the worry of injuries.

RJWKAZ Mini Box Cutter

Using the word “cute” to describe the RJWKAZ Utility Knife is an understatement. Looking at the cutter, it is something you’ll want to use as a keychain. You can also insert it in your drawer or pencil case, and it will not take much space as it is only 1.5x2.7 in. in measurement.

To use it, adjust the plastic blade using the slider on the side of the cutter. Slide back the blade after use and tie the chain to your belt or tool bag.

Final Thoughts

Safety sometimes comes in small packages. Achieve protection from injury, and keep kitchen knives for kitchen tasks only. Switch to safety knives explicitly intended for cutting paper, plastic, cardboard, and boxes. Choose from our recommendations above and get your safety knife now!

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