A Fish Scaling Knife Is Good, But a Scaler Is Way Better. Here Are Our Recommendations

May 10, 2021

A chef’s knife is said to be more than just a knife; it is an extension of a cook’s hand. This fact is the reason why it is used in most tasks in the kitchen. However, scaling a fish is a task better done with a scaler than a knife. Using a scaler ensures that you scale correctly and, at the same time, you protect yourself from kitchen accidents. 

This article will discuss the best fish scaler and the best way to scale fish so that you can use another tool aside from knives. 

How to Descale and Clean a Fish Like a Pro

Before you even get the finest scalers, ensure that you are cleaning and scaling the fish right by following these steps:

  1. Wash the fish.
  2. Begin cleaning by cutting the fins.
  3. Descale the fish. 

How to remove fish scales? Use a scaler designed explicitly for the task. 

How to scale a fish without a scaler? It is okay to use knives to scale a fish, but the scales will indeed fly off to your clothes or to the preparation area, which will be messy. 

  1. After scaling, rewash the fish to remove the remaining scales.
  2. Remove the fish's gut by creating an opening on the fish’s stomach up to the area under the mouth.
  3. Rinse the fish again. 

Now, here are the proper tools to use for fish scaling. They are convenient on a good day’s catch or if you are in the fish preparation business. 

Manual Scalers: Best Alternatives to Fish Scaling Knife

COPORA Fish Scaler

COPORA fish scaling knife

COPORA is the answer to your question on how to scale a fish properly or even how to descale a fish fillet. This scaler looks like a spoon with serrated edges that effectively remove the scales and catch them as well. The scaler is made of 304 stainless steel, so you’ll have a scaler that can stand thin or thick fish scales and wet and slimy preparation without rusting. 

The handle is easy to hold and has a simple yet ergonomic design. The whole tool has a straightforward look, and it is also easy to clean. 

Kwizing Scaler Brush

Kwizing fish scaling knife

The Kwizing scaler brush is Japanese-made, but you do not need to be preparing a Japanese fish dish to use it. Cod and chorizo stew, salmon burger, coconut fish curry, roast sea bass, and more mouthwatering fish dishes are all better and more quickly prepared with the right tool. 

Unlike classic scaler designs, which look like a spoon, this fish scaler looks more like a brush with four columns of serrated tips. This design ensures that not two but four serrated edges work together to scale a fish. With this design, bigger fish are indeed scaled faster and more cleanly. 

The brush is made of brass for durability and corrosion resistance, and the golden head is matched with a classy wooden handle. The wood material makes the handle pleasing to the eye and is highly durable at the same time. The tool is only 8 ½ inches long, so it is portable. You can use it in the kitchen or take it outdoors. 

GiniHomer Brush Scraper

Ginihomer fish scaling knife

Another fish scraper you can rely on to help you prepare fish dishes is the GiniHome brush scraper. You are assured that the knife is clean every use because it is made with 304 stainless steel. With that, your fish preparation will always be hygienic. 

The stainless steel tool won’t bend or break even when preparing big fish. Aside from the equipment strength, the ergonomically designed handle will ensure perfect scaling by giving you a solid grip. Any fish you prepare will come out smooth and free from scales. 

The scraper is made of stainless steel from the head to the handle, so it is easy to clean. The 7.28-inch scraper can be conveniently hung on your kitchen tool rack for drying and subsequent use. 

Electric Scalers

Fashionyourlife Automatic Fishing Scale

Fashionyourlife fish scaling knife

If you are serious about your fish scaling task, get a tool that can assist you in scaling more than a hundred fish. You can use the Fashioninyourlife fishing scale without worrying about having painful hands and arms because the tool is battery-powered and automatic. You just need to press the button, and the rolling scaler blades will remove fish scales in a matter of minutes.

Durability and hygiene are some of the characteristics you usually check when it comes to kitchen tools. Made of 304 stainless steel, this scaler will pass your scrutiny. The whole tool is waterproof, so you do not have to worry about it getting wet while preparing the fish. 

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers the tool. 

Speder Electric Fish Scaler

Speder fish scaling knife

Even in fish scaling and preparation, technology is on your side with the Speder electric fish scaler. Whether you are a fan of the outdoors or in the fish preparation business, this automatic, battery-powered, and highly portable tool can assist you. 

A lithium-ion battery powers the motor to ensure the 304 stainless steel scaler will rotate to remove fish scales. After use, the tool is easy to clean. The motor and switch are 100% waterproof. Still, to be sure, when cleaning it, hold the handle above water. Then, you can submerge the scaler in water and soap and use it after drying.

CAIDU Battery-Ran Descaler

CAIDU fish scaling knife

Last but not least among the scaling tools to assist you in the kitchen is the CAIDU descaler. This product boasts a blade rotation of 6500 rounds per minute, so taken together with the stainless steel blades, you can descale even a massive fish in no time. When fully charged, the portable descaler can work up to four hours. The tool is waterproof so that you can clean it with ease. 

Final Thoughts

Say goodbye to the habit of using knives in scaling and pick a handy tool that can do the task better. With tools as excellent as these products, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to form a new norm. Pick the product that fits you best and start letting go of the knife. Use a fish descaler for a more flawless fish scaling.

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