Fish Fillet Knife for Saltwater Fishing: The Bubba Blade 7” Tapered Flex Review

May 23, 2022

Any seasoned angler knows that a good catch is only half of the battle. If you can't properly prepare your catch for consumption, you will surely waste precious meat from your hard-earned catch. Aside from nailing down the proper filleting technique, you should have an equally capable and the best fish fillet knife.

Out of the thousands of fish fillet knives sold on the market, only a few of them will satisfy your unique needs. So we did the tedious job of researching and testing different fillet knives for you. Are you eager to know which fish boning knife passed our rigorous standards?

Keep reading to discover what the Bubba Blade 7” Tapered Flex fish fillet knife can offer you!

What Should You Check When Buying a Fish Fillet Knife?

fish fillet knife - Closeup of chef filleting a fish

You can buy a fish fillet knife for as low as $10, but are they any good? What makes a fish fillet knife suitable for your saltwater fishing trips anyway? 

Consider the following when you shop for your next fishing knife.


Saltwater can be harsh on some steel and metal materials, so you have to consider the material of the blade. Preferably, the blade has to be coated with anti-corrosion materials or made of stainless steel. You wouldn't want rust to get in your delicate fish, would you?


Have you nailed down your filleting technique? Filleting requires pliable blades so you can easily and cleanly separate fish meat from the bones. However, the flexibility depends on your preferences and filleting technique. That's why manufacturers offer fish boning knives of the same length in different levels of flexibility.

Blade Length

Imagine filleting a big game with a 2.5-inch bait knife. It would be near-impossible to do a proper job with such small fishing knives. So consider the sizes of fish you will be working on when deciding on which fish boning knives you will buy. Some brands offer a complete set comprised of knives of varying blade lengths.


Remember, filleting fish while aboard a fishing ship is different from doing it in the kitchen. While out in the sea, the conditions present hazards and risks, especially when using a sharp blade. Therefore, check the safety features of the fish boning knife before buying it.

What Is the Best Fillet Knife for Saltwater Fish You Can Buy?

The industry-leading Bubba Blade company presents new and seasoned anglers with the Bubba Blade 7" Tapered Flex fish fillet knife. Unlike its cheaper counterparts, this value-packed flexible fillet knife offers you a sharp and corrosive-resistant blade and a build quality that keeps up with the demands of saltwater fishing.

fish fillet knife - Bubba Blade 7" Tapered Flex fish fillet knife


  • Available on Amazon for $53.27
  • Features a 7-inch long stainless steel (8Cr13MoV) blade
  • Weighs around 0.7 pounds or 0.32 kilograms
  • Has a total length of 13 inches
  • Suitable for saltwater conditions
  • Comes with a sheath for proper storage
  • It comes in a bright orange color
  • Comes with safety features for user protection
  • Cuts through delicate fish meat and scales like a hot knife on butter
  • Designed and manufactured by a well-known and credible brand in the industry


  • Specially designed to be used while out in the water
  • Built with a blade flexible enough for filleting smaller fish
  • Made from stainless steel with reliable anti-corrosion properties
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized fish
  • The handle feels sturdy and firm in the hand


  • The handle turns black after a long time
  • Some may find the handle too large and difficult to wield for their hands

Pro: Handle Small and Big Fish With Precision

Fillet knives differ in size and purpose. As you can imagine, you can't use a 4-inch fillet knife to work on a big fish like a longfin tuna. Having an appropriately sized tool for the job will save you time and spare you from frustration.

The Bubba Blade 7" Tapered Flex fish fillet knife has a long enough blade to handle small and big fish. Think of the 7 inches mark as the middle ground between knives for small fish and those for big fish. So when you're out in the open sea, you will do just fine with only this fish fillet knife in your fishing kit.

Pro: Solid and Firm Grip in Any Condition

Water becomes an ever-present environmental hazard while out in the sea, and you will find it difficult to use a filleting knife precisely and safely. As such, your filleting knife must be able to withstand these demanding conditions.

To ensure your safety while making precise cuts, the Bubba Blade 7" Tapered Flex fish fillet knife comes with a whole range of safety features. 

For instance, the knife's grip is made of a non-slip material that lets you grip the knife firmly, even with a wet hand. In addition, the safety guards and the trigger grip work in tandem to secure your fingers and protect them from accidents and injuries.

Pro: Top-Notch Anti-Corrosion Materials

You can't just use any knife as a saltwater fish fillet knife. The best fillet knife for saltwater fish needs to have rust resistance or anti-corrosion properties. This is non-negotiable as saltwater can severely damage your ordinary kitchen knives. 

Bubba Blade equipped the 7" Tapered Flex fish fillet knife with an 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade with reliable anti-corrosion properties. 

Known as an affordable and basic stainless steel material, the 8Cr13MoV has high chromium content. This essential component makes the blade retain its sharp edge for longer and improves its tensile strength. This is important for flexible saltwater fish fillet knives.

Con: Too Bulky

Anglers often with their hands and wrists during the sea. That's why they prefer knives with an ergonomic and lightweight form factor. Unfortunately, the Bubba Blade 7" Tapered Flex fish fillet knife is quite the opposite. You might find the handle too big and bulky for their hands like some anglers did. As such, it can be a worrying issue while you fillet your freshly caught fish.

Con: Not Sharp Enough

Another problem that you might face is the sharpness of the blade. Filleting is a sensitive process that requires the sharpest blade you can get your hands on. With a flick of your wrist, you should be able to get the job done. 

Seasoned anglers found this knife's blade sharpness less than ideal, with some commenting that they had to "saw" through fish meat to get it separated from the bones.

Con: Rare Issue of Blade Snapping

Like the rough seas, some of your fresh catches can give you a rough time as you try to work your way through them. When the meat is too firm or the fish's bones get in the way, your blade might snap and cause some serious injuries. At least one customer reported such blade failure. While this is extremely uncommon, this is still something you should consider when buying this knife.


Bubba Blade provides accessible and responsive customer service. If you need to contact Bubba Blade for help or inquiries, you can do so from Monday to Friday through their customer hotline and email address listed on their official website. 


fish fillet knife - Closeup of fillet knife and fish

If the Bubba Blade fish fillet knife fell short of your expectations, some alternatives offer specs and features that might suit your style. We listed some of them below to help you look for the perfect fillet knife for your filleting needs.

KastKing Knife

Is the Bubba Blade fish fillet knife too expensive for you? If so, the $29.99 KastKing Knife might be a better fit for your needs. KastKing offers different sizes for their fish fillet knives: 6", 7", and 9". Like the Bubba Blade, it has a non-slip handle for extra safety. It is also shipped out with a sheath for safe storage.

Cuda 6-Piece Fish Fillet Knife Set

If you work with a wide range of fish, one 7-inch fish fillet knife may not be enough for fish at the smaller and biggest end of the scale. Although a bit more expensive than the Bubba Blade, the Cuda 6-Piece Fish Fillet Knife Set offers you a complete set of knives for every size of fish. 

The Cuda set comes with a 2.5-inch bait knife, a 6-inch flex filleting knife, a 7-inch semi-flex wide blade filleting knife, and a 9-inch flex fillet knife. These knives come with an easy-to-carry case.

Dalstrong Fish Fillet Knife

If you are willing to invest more money, you can spend a bit more for a Dalstrong Fish Fillet Knife, which costs $79.99. The Dalstrong knife comes in 3.75", 5.5", 6", 7", and 8" sizes. This fishing fillet knife has outstanding build quality from grip to tip. 

The flexible blade is made from German steel with hand-polished 16 to 18-degree edges. If you want the top-of-the-shelf option, you should go with the Dalstrong knife.

Final Thoughts

We know how challenging it is for new and seasoned anglers to go home with a big catch. Sometimes, you may want to enjoy a freshly caught game while still out in the sea. To do this, you need a manual or electric fish fillet knife by your side for quick and easy filleting.

The Bubba Blade 7" Tapered Flex fish fillet knife offers a well-rounded set of specs for your filleting needs. You can depend on the Bubba Blade knife to withstand the challenging conditions of saltwater fishing. In addition, its safety features protect you, especially your fingers, as you make a quick work of your fresh catch. Explore our website to keep yourself updated with the latest knife and related product (e.g., fishing accessories, hunting knives) reviews.

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