Fingerling Fish Knife—The Perfect Gift

August 14, 2021

For fans of survival shows where people venture into the wilderness, a Fingerling fish knife is a novelty item. If you want to go into survival mode and recreate your favorite shows outdoors, having this blade in your backpack increases your chances of having a good (and safe) time.

History of the Fingerling Fish Knife

The fish knife pocket knife design made and manufactured by the company Mollyjogger is inspired by real outdoorsmen. The founders of the company explored the Ozark mountains in the late 1800s. They were fascinated by the natural landscapes of the mountains and the beliefs of the native Americans residing there.

Inspired by the environment, the founders of Mollyjogger created outdoor tools with designs hinting at native beliefs or fauna of the Ozarks. One such creation is this fish pocket knife which was based on the juvenile fish found in the locale—also called fingerlings because of their relative size to human fingers.

Get It To Give

Even though it is pretty to look at and a great collector’s item, the fishing pocket knife also serves its function well. Fishing enthusiasts can add this small blade to their fishing toolbox. It comes in handy when cutting lines, opening cans, or cutting any other small objects. When you’re on the go, you can simply slip it in your pocket or keep it on the cord tied on the fish end to quickly grasp it. You can make it a keychain and have it with you everywhere you go, ready to pull it out when you need it. Very convenient!

The blade of the fingerling fish knife is made of stainless steel. This guarantees a long usage for the blade since it is not prone to rusting. That doesn’t mean you can use it anywhere and not wash it after, however. Keep in mind that salt water corrodes most metals so to be safe, rinse your fingerling fish knife after being exposed to salt and dry it to keep it functional longer.

It is a beautiful gift to give your loved ones, whether they like the outdoors or not. It appeals to people from different backgrounds and interests with its unique design. Because it is made of metal, you can guarantee its durability. Functional and durable? Check those things off your list.

You’ll save a lot of time thinking of the best birthday or Christmas gift when you buy this one-of-a-kind blade. This fish knife pocket knife even has meaningful origins if you’re giving it to someone who values that in a gift. The makers have been around for more than a century—you can expect that they have mastered their craft. It also comes from a company that produces aesthetic outdoor items, and this design is a masterful play on the fingerling fish and fishing as a hobby. Whether as a souvenir or as a compact pocket knife, everyone will love receiving one of these fish knives.

It even comes in excellent packaging! The blue wooden box Mollyjogger made to contain it has a juvenile fish logo that looks extremely elegant, so no need to buy a box for this gift. You only need some wrapping paper, ribbons, and you’re good to go. That will be one less thing to worry about on special occasions.

If you’re curious about where you can get yourself one of these fingerling knives, you can check out the manufacturer’s website. They have all the information you need when it comes to purchasing. From the concept to the execution, this pocket knife and Mollyjogger delivers! It is a breeze to buy one of these unique knives. In a click of a button and a few days, it’ll be on your doorstep. You won’t even have to hike to the Ozark mountains to get your fingerling knife. Take advantage of that!

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