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March 23, 2021

When you hear of German hunting knives, the place of Solingen, Germany will surely come into your mind. Often dubbed as the “City of Blades,” Solingen remains to be the world’s top producer of swords, razors, knives, scissors, and other bladed tools. 

The history of blade-making in Solingen began 2000 years ago and has continued to flourish up to the present time. There are plenty of knife manufacturers and artisans in the region. All of them use the trademark “Solingen” not only to show pride in their roots but also because of an enacted law—All blades produced from Solingen shall bear the same trademark to protect their products' history and reputation.  

When you look for German steel hunting knives, all brands bear the same Solingen trademark despite having different manufacturers. 

Below are some manufacturers where you can buy authentic German steel hunting knives and more precise tools made from Solingen steel. 

Hunting Knife Characteristics

Before we get started, let’s first understand what makes a knife perfect for hunting. This information will help you choose the right hunting knife

Primarily, as the name suggests, a hunting knife is mainly used for preparing and cutting your newly caught game. Other knives are better used in stabbing and various camping and outdoor uses, but you can use a hunting knife for these functions as well.

Hunting knives can either have a fixed or folding blade. A folding blade is convenient for those who want to put their hunting knives in their pockets, so they can use it wherever they go. The covering ensures safety to the knife owner. Fixed blades also offer the same efficiency. They are covered by a sheath instead of metal. The edges of hunting knives are specially designed for skinning and cutting meat. 

German Hunting Knives Manufacturers

Böker Solingen

Böker Solingen is known for its tree brand. This company's history dates back to 1829, when Hermann and Robert Boker produced swords. Today, Böker Solingen has different branches in different parts of the world, including the USA. 

The store sells a variety of bladed tools, such as knives with fixed blades, kitchen knives, cutlery, and straight razors. In terms of German steel hunting knives, you can purchase the following:

  • Folding Hunter Buckskin Bone
  • Hunter’s Knife Duo
  • Folding Hunter Red Bone
  • Hunters Knife Mono CPM
  • Davis Classic Hunter Micarta
  • Hunters Knife Trio
  • Hunters Knife Quadro
  • Optima Night Hunter

Linder Solingen 

The story of Linder Solingen is no stranger to the accounts of all Solingen knife makers who maximized the availability of metal in the region. Carl Wilhelm Linder founded the company in 1870, their excellent products being pocket knives and hunting knives. Linder Solingen has since become one of the most famous German hunting knife manufacturers of today.

Here are some of the German steel hunting knives the brand offers:

  • Classic hunting knives
  • Linder 440 Drop Point Hunter
  • Linder ATS34 Karelia Hunter
  • Linder 440 Micarta Green Hunter
  • Linder Hunter’s Pal 440C
  • Linder 440A Karelia Hunter
  • Hunting Knife ATS 34
  • Linder Micarta Hunter


Eickhorn has 150 years of knife production history, and today they are renowned manufacturers of military weapons and rescue tools. Nonetheless, they are still among the most trusted German hunting knives brands that supply the following outdoor and hunting knives:

  • Forester I, II, IV, and V
  • Boar Hunter - Hunter’s Knife Set


Pocket knives, gardener’s knives, kitchen knives, and industrial knives are among the products Otter offers. It also bears the Solingen trademark, so it is among the trusted German hunting knives brands. A unique offer Otter gives to knife enthusiasts is the experience of seeing knife production firsthand. You can also create your own pocket knife engraved with your name through the Otter Workshop. 

If German steel hunting knives are what you are looking for, here are some of the famous products you’ll get from Otter:

  • Hunting Knife Milan Micarta Black
  • Hunting Knife Sperber Micarta Orange
  • Hunting Knife Micarta Black

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Solingen

Today, Zwilling J.A. Henckels Solingen is famous for supplying cutlery, cookware, flatware, glassware, and many other tools to be utilized at home. With a rich history that dates back to 1731, the company was established by Peter Henckels, who had a deep love for producing German steel hunting knives. The Zwilling J.A. Henckels Solingen hunting knives are now considered vintage, and many knife enthusiasts would procure them for their collection. 


Puma is among the companies dedicated to producing German steel hunting knives and outdoor knives. Their 250 years of production ensures that the hunting knives you will get from them are of quality. 

Among the hunting knife types Puma creates are fixed-blade knives, hunting pocket knives, scalping knives, and even hog spears. They also offer new types of hunting knives, such as the following:

  • Puma SGB Hunters Friend, G10 black
  • Puma SGB Hunters Friend, brown jigged bone
  • Puma SGB Hunters Friend, stag
  • Puma SGB Buffalo hunter
  • Puma Hunter Oryx
  • Puma White Hunter Oryx Edition

There are many knife manufacturers in the world, Solingen especially. Puma is among the German hunting knife manufacturers who dedicate their efforts to preserving tradition and improving their craft—they do this by getting real-time insight from hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.


Behind the current success of Wüsthof is its 200 years of history in the field of knife-making. The company was established by Johann Abraham Wüsthof’s, and to this day, is still owned and managed by Wüsthof’s descendants.

Today, Wüsthof is famous for all sorts of kitchen knives. They also produce German steel hunting knives like the Wüsthof 4.5" Fixed Blade Hunting Knife and the Wüsthof 4” folding knife. 

Hubertus Solingen

Kuno Ritter founded Hubertus Solingen and is registered as a Solingen knife producer since 1899. Today, the company produces different types of knives that can be used at home and outdoors. Hubertus Solingen is one of the German hunting knives manufacturers who produce fixed and folding hunting knives. 

The fixed hunting blades of Hubertus Solingen:

  • Different classic-style German hunting knives
  • Forest men’s knives
  • Fish-Type
  • Jagdnicker, 10” and 11”
  • Waidmann’s Helfer
  • Hubertus Companion
  • Hunting knife country line

Hubertus Solingen also offers folding hunting knives, like the Hubertus Backlock series, which range from 10”-14”.

Germany Solingen

Germany Solingen supplies fixed-blade hunting knives, along with a wide range of knives for kitchen, military, and outdoor uses. All the utensils, scissors, razors, and cutlery produced by Germany Solingen bear the quality of all other German hunting knives manufacturers in the City of Blades. 

Richartz Solingen

Another long-standing company that bears the Solingen trademark of excellent knives is Richartz Solingen. This company is well-known for its pocket knives that serve different purposes, ideal for individuals who love to travel outdoors. You can also use these multi-purpose knives for hunting

Richartz Solingen’s German steel hunting knives include the following:

  • Vector 200
  • PURA professional
  • PURA Rescue black
  • LEO 200 olive
  • Ranger 200
  • Handwerk

Final Thoughts 

You can reply to German hunting knives manufacturers and German hunting knives brands if you are looking for hunting knives made from first-class materials and made by experienced craftsmen. 

Many German hunting knives manufacturers have been established since the beginning of the knife-making industry in Solingen. Their traditional hunting knives are all produced by experienced craftsmen out of the finest materials. Times have changed, but these companies have learned to adapt to advanced technologies while maintaining the traditional way of forging knives and other bladed tools. Together, these German hunting knife manufacturers protect the reputation of Solingen, Germany—it’s called the “City of Blades” for a reason.

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