Make Your Fish Preparation Blissful with a Fillet Knife Fishing Kit

July 27, 2021

Catching fish may seem like a peaceful activity. Anglers and hobbyists sit by a lake, cast their fishing lines, and wait for fish to catch. However, this is only the waiting time.

The adrenaline rush begins when the line finally jerks, a sign of a catch. You are about to get your muscles working to reel in the fish; this is no easy task if you catch a blue marlin!

You will use a lot of your energy catching fish, so at least make the preparation easy by having a kit with a reliable filleting knife and other catch preparation must-haves. What are these? Read on to learn more.

What to Look for in a Fishing Knife

Always pack a reliable fishing knife or leave one inside your boat or cabin. This way, you have a trusted knife to assist you every time you get a catch.

If you are looking for a new fishing or filleting knife or it's your first time buying one, these are the following characteristics you should look for.

Blade length and width

Do you always go fishing on lakes where the average-sized trout is about 19 to 20 inches long? You might also catch something as big as salmon and sea bass, which are at least 50 inches in length.

Find fillet knives that can handle the size of your catch. You can check different brands like Cutco for fillet knife fishing needs. Better yet, pick knives with replaceable blades to accommodate different fishes, big or small.

Blade type

Fillet knife blade types include fixed blades, folding blades, and pocket knives. Fixed blades are reliable for control, while folding blades and pocket knives are portable and handy. The good thing is that you can get all types and pick the best pocket, folding, and fixed blade knives.

Blade material

The material of the blade will determine if your knife can remain rust-free despite the wet environment it is always in and handle filleting even the toughest and biggest fish.

Check for knives made of stainless steel or high-carbon stainless steel, with an additional titanium coating for strength and durability. Aside from the strength, picking a flexible blade to cut through fish curves is also best.

Handle design and material

After the blade, you should check the handle design and material. Pick a fish fillet knife with finger guards to protect your fingers from cuts even if your hands slip. Rubber also makes a handle nonslip, so it is another characteristic to check.

Manual or electric fillet knife

Deciding between a manual and an electric knife will determine whether you end up with sore arms or not. The main advantage of using an electric knife is that it eliminates the need for you to move the blade back and forth; the electric knife will do this for you. Otherwise, if you’re preparing only a few large or medium-size fish, manual knives will do. 

With cord or cordless

If you pick electric fish fillet knives, you have to choose between cordless or corded designs. If you are a lover of the outdoors and prepare your catch in your boat most times, using a cordless knife with recharged batteries is the best. If you have access to electric outlets or your car is nearby, a knife with a cord is good.

fillet knife fishing kit

Tools to Include in a Fillet Knife Fishing Kit

You may buy a fillet knife separately or in a kit. If you are purchasing a kit, the razor-sharp fillet knife will complement the kit inclusions.

Fillet knife

Of course, the kit should include a fillet knife. You can check out a Rapala or Bubba fillet knife; fishing is better with these high-quality knives.

The fillet knife needs to have a plastic or leather sheath to ensure the knife is safe and does not cause any accidents when not in use. Some kits include a fillet knife with replaceable blades and blades of different lengths, while some have fixed-blade knives.

Sharpening tool

When your knife gets dull or you want to give it a quick sharpening before slicing through the thick meat of sea bass, a knife sharpener will come in handy. Many kits include knife sharpeners with different grinds, manual knife sharpeners, or sharpening/honing rods.


A sharp pair of shears can assist you in cutting tough fish fins and herbs best used with fish like sage, chives, dill, parsley, or bay leaves. You can also use the shears in preparing any fishing needs like a net, line, or bait.


Check the gloves included in the fishing tool kit, and make sure they are cut-proof. An ideal fillet knife has finger guards to keep you from accidentally cutting your fingers because of your wet and slimy hands. Nonetheless, it doesn't hurt to have another layer of protection through cut-proof gloves.

Fish scaler

Skip the hassle of buying a separate fish scaler and find a kit that has it included. The scaler may come separately, while pocket fillet knives have an additional blade specifically designed as a scaler. Either way, step-by-step fish cleaning begins with scaling, so this tool is a must-have.

Fish bone tweezers

Nothing beats biting through a well-cooked fish fillet because you do not have to pick out fish bones one by one. If you are assigned to cook the fish you caught, use the fishbone tweezers and a boning knife. Also, be patient as fish deboning is not easy.

Mesh bag

A mesh bag makes all the kit inclusions easy to find before use, easy to bring to all adventures, and easy to keep after use. Since you’ll be working with fish in a wet environment, check if the bag is waterproof or dries easily for cleanliness and easy packing.

cutco fillet knife fishing

Benefits of Having the Right Fillet Knife Fishing Tools

You should keep an eye on details when picking a fishing fillet knife and kit. After all, you should only have the best and complete tools, especially if you are in the middle of the lake or the sea.

To encourage you to be meticulous in picking, here are the advantages of having the right fillet knife fishing tools.

To prepare a catch excellently

Creamy dill sauce, salmon chowder, fried pomfret, fried bass, catfish with mango avocado salsa, and pan-seared halibut on lemony zucchini noodles—do these dishes all sound mouthwatering to you? Prepare the centerpiece fish using a sharp fillet knife so that you and your adventure buddies will know in one glance that you are about to have a perfect meal.

To keep away from accidents

Some people do not feel the need to pick essential and quality tools until they meet workplace accidents. For fish preparation, do not wait until you cut your fingers or hurt others before choosing a sheathed knife or ensuring your knives are not dull. Make your safety a priority.

To have tools wherever you go

As an adventurous angler always in different bodies of water, you should always have fishing and catch preparation tools within reach. You’ll surely want to prepare your fish right after catching them and make dinner out of them, so keep a portable tool bag always ready.

Final Thoughts

You deserve a well-prepared fish dish after long hours of waiting for a catch and giving all your energy to bring home some tuna, blue marlin, trout, salmon, or halibut.

Prepare whatever fish dish you have in mind using all the tools in your fishing kit. More importantly, pick the right kind of fillet knife to get the job done. Use all the details we shared as your guide for more enjoyable fishing and dining experience!

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