Knives of Alaska: Featherlight Hunter and 4 Other Knives Inspired by the Alaskan Wild

August 16, 2021

Many innovations come to life to address needs arising from our surroundings. For instance, tents allow people to stay in the wild without building a home. Trucks and vans can serve as mini homes with beds, kitchens, and bathrooms for travelers who are always on adventures.

Likewise, the manufacturing of the knives we’ll talk about today got their inspiration from their environment—the Alaskan wild. The brand that created them is the Knives of Alaska. We’ll feature five of their knives, and this Knives of Alaska review will help you pick the best among the best.

Before the review, let’s check out what makes their knives special.

About the Brand: Alaska Knife Company

The beauty and lushness of the Alaskan wilderness are divine. Every scene is breathtaking, with snowcapped mountains and trees peeking through the mist. As you begin your hike, Alaska will welcome you with the relaxing sounds of birds chirping and water crashing through waterfalls. You’ll find all sorts of animals, from whales splashing through the sea and bears enjoying their fresh catch of fish.

You can enjoy this serenity and be pumped up with adrenaline when you begin hunting. Ducks, rabbits, fowls, deers, or fish—the Alaskan wild does not fall short of any game to catch. These are the inspiration of the artisans of Alaska knives.

Knives of Alaska Featherlight Hunter and 4 Equally Glorious Knives

The brand that got its inspiration from the wild came up with practical knives because they had experienced firsthand the life in the camp. Let’s check out their five best knives!

Best Drop-Point Hunting Knife: Featherlight Hunter


The drop point is one of the ideal blade shapes in hunting as it can perform gutting and skinning very well. The Featherlight Hunter is the Alaskan skinning knife you can rely on for these tasks because of its blade hardness that can handle 100-pound force. The 3-inch blade is all about strength and durability. It will allow you to skin and gut effortlessly.


Matching the blade is an equally long-lasting G10 handle, which comes in black, orange, and green colors. The SureGrip technology of the brand allows you to hold it with a solid grip despite being wet with game preparation.

Pros and Cons

This folding knife will be safer with a sheath, but you need to buy it separately. Yet, as it is, the knife is a practical all-around knife for your hunting and camping needs.

Best Folding Knife: Sidewinder SureGrip


The Sidewinder is the best among all the pocket knives the brand has for three main reasons:

  1. The pocket knife is easy to open through its “flipper-style” design.
  2. The knife is easy to clean, from the S30V, 3 ½-inch blade to the open-framed handle.
  3. At a weight of 3.5 ounces and length of 5 ⅛ inches when closed, the knife is easy to carry. You can also tie a lanyard to the built-in hole to hang it on your backpack or belt.


The handle of the Sidewinder also has the SureGrip technology. It means you can comfortably hold it when skinning and gutting rabbits, fowls, or deers.

Pros and Cons

The blade is multifunctional with a smooth edge for slicing, while the serrated spine is for scaling a fish or cutting ropes and small branches. However, this knife does not come with a sheath.

Best Hunting Knife with Gut Hook: Whitetail Hunter


A hunting knife designed with a gut hook ensures that you have a tool to keep the intestines intact and your game free from gut bacteria. The 3.25-inch D2 tool steel blade also has a bolster that will keep your fingers from cuts and injuries.


The handle also contributes to safe slicing because of the SureGrip technology and the ergonomic curve designed for perfect handling. You can choose from a black or orange handle for aesthetics.

Pros and Cons

The knife comes with a tough sheath to ensure your safety when not in use. However, it is a fixed-blade knife, which is a bulkier carry.

Best Fixed-Blade Hunting Knife: Knives of Alaska Elk Hunter


If you want a knife that hunters worldwide rely on, check out the Elk Hunter, which has a 3.25-inch, full-tang fixed blade made of D2 tool steel. It has a classic drop-point design with a bolster to keep your fingers free from cuts.


You can choose from orange or black handles, which both have a SureGrip design that ensures your hands won’t slip despite having robust skin and meat to cut, slice, and gut.

Pros and Cons

A protective sheath comes with the knife upon purchase. Unfortunately, the Alaska Elk Hunter has the classic look of a silver blade with a single-colored handle, which may not be the best choice if you want a unique-looking knife.

Best Hunting Knife Set: Super Pro-Pack with Bone Saw


All the knives included in the set are made of D2 tool steel, ensuring durability and lasting sharpness. With all the tasks in the camp, from fire making to game skinning and gutting, slicing ingredients, and rope cutting, you can utilize the following knives included in the set:

  • Bushcamp
  • Muskrat
  • Cub bear
  • Hunter’s hatchet
  • Wood saw


Only the hatchet has a wood handle, while the other four inclusions have SureGrip handles for easy grip. The wood saw and the bush camp knife have handles with finger grooves, too, so that you can hold the tools tightly when you slice tough wood and materials.

Pros and Cons

The knives come with a specialized storage bag to keep them dry and clean and also keep you safe from cuts. You can expect this set to be a slightly heavier load to carry.

In Closing

Knives of Alaska’s aim to create knives hunters will use outdoors is truly a success. After seeing all these knives, we understand the urge to get them all. Why not? They have excellent characteristics and practical uses.

You may pick one for now and go back to the list once you’re ready to get more. After using these knives, don’t forget to enjoy the views surrounding you as a reward for your hard work in hunting.

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