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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Are there survival combat knives for close quarter fighting?

Yes! There are many military survival knives to choose from, most of them pretty good.

When in need of a knife for survival AND combat there is simply no better knife than the KA-BAR US Marine Corps Fighting Knife. If you’re not interested in combat there are better choices though.

If you serve in the USAF (United States Air Force) or are a private pilot check out the Ontario 499 Air Force Survival Knife.

It’s essentially the same as the KA-BAR except that it has a fully serrated top which is very useful to cut through thin metal sheets and airplane equipment (like seat belts) after a crash.

I like the Rambo movies, would you recommend Rambo’s survival knife?

Rambo: The original motherfucker.

No, his knife is actually utter garbage.

But then it probably doesn’t matter if you’re fighting with a gun, a knife or a toothpick when you’re Rambo.

You can buy a functional replica of the Rambo survival knife from the movies here.

Comes with a compass, a hollow handle filled with matches and Sylvester Stallone’s signature.

Great for boasting in front of your friends but do yourself a favor and never try to actually use it in the woods.

Is the Gerber’s Bear Grylls knife a good survival knife?

It depends: There are about half a dozen different Bear Grylls knives.

The Gerber 31 Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife is cheap, functional and comes with a free fire starter and knife sharpener.

While certainly not the best survival knife you could do worse, especially on a tight budget. You can read more about the Bear Grylls Ultimate in my review above.

My wife once asked “How many knives do you need?” I answered “I don’t understand the question.”