Beyond ESEE Kitchen Knives: Xancudo Fixed Blade Review

September 2, 2021

Our hunting adventures will not be complete without knives. Hunting knives are a great help for survival tasks, such as cutting wood, hunting for food, and other activities in the wilderness.

ESEE is known for its high-quality knives. But if you’re looking for an excellent hunting knife, you have far better options than ESEE kitchen knives. Lucky for you, the company also provides other safety gears—and proper training, too—for hunting.

The Story of ESEE Knives

The story behind the success of ESEE knives started in 1997 when Jeff Randal and Mike Perrin were inspired to introduce modern, realistic gears and techniques to the survival industry.

With all the trends in the survival gear industry, they launched Randall’s Adventure and Training under the Peruvian Air Force’s Escuela De Supervivencia En La Selva, also known as School of Jungle Survival. Their aim is to educate people about the tools and knowledge they need in the survival industry. Thanks to them, many clients learned the art of survival in the jungle.

Years after working in South America, they launched ESEE Knives, a company producing high-quality jungle knives and survival gear. Arkansas-based Wicked Knife Company and, later, Ontario Knife Company picked up their first-ever design, the RTAK. ESEE also designed the Laser Strike, produced by TOPS Knives.

Now, ESEE is a global brand. They distribute various knife models in the survival market, which include special operations personnel, law enforcement, and professional adventurers, among others. Their gears and training are also all over the media, with features on Travel Channel and Discovery Channel.

The People Behind ESEE

Behind the success of ESEE is a group of people who work hard to serve the market with high-quality knives. Most of them are knife users with experience in hiking, backpacking, shooting, and search and rescue. Their combined skills, knowledge, and experience help them in manufacturing the best knives.

The people of note in ESEE are Jeff and Wendy Randall, Mike Perrin, Shane Adams, Bruce Bramlett, and Patrick Rollins. These people do not box themselves in the four corners of the office. Instead, they do most of their work outdoors to produce the best knives for hunting and survival in the wilderness.

Supporting them are the team members and crew, who are the lifeblood of ESEE. The company’s progress is also a fruit of their hard work and skills. Everyone who works in ESEE is not treated as an employee. Instead, they are a family working together for a single purpose, which is to produce high-quality knives.

Xancudo Knife Review

If you’re looking for the best ESEE knife for hunting, the Xancudo is the perfect hunting knife for you! Read on to check out all of its best features and design.

The ESEE Xancudo knife has a 7.12″ overall length, 3.0″ cutting edge length, and a 0.125″ maximum thickness. Its steel is S35VN with a Rockwell hardness of 59–60. The knife alone weighs 3.8 ounces, but with the sheath, it weighs 6 ounces.

Speaking of the sheath, it is molded. The knife’s finish, meanwhile, is stone-washed, and its handle is 3D G10. Xancundo is manufactured in the United States.

Looking at its design, you’ll see that the ESEE Xancudo knife is based on the Zancudo folder. Expect it to be a durable and efficient knife you can use for precise cutting. Moreover, every detail of this knife is made of the best and highest-quality raw materials and has undergone the finest manufacturing process. It has a 100% lifetime guarantee.

Also, it’s an ideal outdoor hunting knife due to its size. As small and lightweight as it is, you can definitely bring this to your hiking and climbing adventures without any hassle. Also, this is the perfect knife for your wilderness journey with its cutting efficiency and resistance to corrosion. That’s why rescue teams prefer this knife: they can effectively use it in slicing ropes and lighting fire.

The Xancudo knife has a pointed and sharp blade made of durable stainless steel material. With that, it is a versatile knife for all your hunting needs.

Wrapping It Up

If you are considering ESEE hunting knives, you can be sure their products are simple yet really efficient and reliable. To live out its vision, ESEE keeps its prices at the right amount, treats customers with respect, and remains a source of high-quality knives in the market.

Check out the features of ESEE knives for sale on their website. Definitely, you will find affordable deals, great perks, and high-quality products from ESEE, your source of durable, solid, and sharp knives in the market.

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