Equipping a Tactical Hunting Knife into Your Arsenal

July 23, 2021

Going outdoors for a hunt or discovering trails keeps your heart racing. But before you delve into your adventurous quests, you must have the right gears in your survival kit. In addition, carrying around a folding knife or a pocket knife can save you in many more situations than one. Thus, adding tactical folding knives into your arsenal is a must for hunts and trail trips.

A tactical hunting knife is one of the most useful tools in an outdoorsman's arsenal. Here is a comprehensive article to help you have a deeper background with this knife and answer all queries you may have.

Tactical Hunting Knife: What You Should Know About This Type of Knife

A tactical hunting knife is a tool that can provide you with many benefits. The blade allows you to safely cut through your hunt while also providing a strong weapon in self-defense. There are many features to consider when shopping for one of these knives. These features include the type of blade, the quality of steel, and the weight of the blade.

A tactical pocket knife is useful when hunting, fishing, or camping. It's also perfect for self-defense when you are spending more time outdoors alone. Unfortunately, there are many different styles today, making it hard to find the right one. Furthermore, the price of these knives can cost up to $500 or more, while others retail for less than $200.

Now let’s move to the features you should look for in finding the best tactical knife that fits your budget and needs.

The Features of a Tactical Hunting Knife You Should Look For

One of the most important features to look for in a tactical hunting knife is the material used. There are plenty of blades on the market that use stainless steel, but these types often lose their edge quickly and are more difficult to sharpen than carbon steel.

The best knives for hunting use carbon steel because it holds an edge better and is easier to sharpen when it does become dull. Not only should you choose a blade made from this material but also take into consideration whether or not the blade is full tang—extending through the handle to its end.

Full-tang blades are notoriously stronger than regular ones and will stay intact longer when used for heavy-duty tasks such as chopping wood or prying things open. Another popular addition to tactical knives is a serrated blade, which some hunters prefer because of its ability to cut through foliage, rope, and other tough objects as they hunt and blaze trails.

Tanto blades are another popular type of tactical hunting knives that have increased as more people choose these tools for their everyday carry options. These blades feature a pointed tip and are great for tactical uses, but the added features do not necessarily make them more functional as a hunting knife. Some of these blades are so sharp that they can easily cut through skin or clothing if shoved into the user during an altercation. Finally, because of its shape and width, a tanto blade works best when puncturing through hard surfaces rather than simply cutting through objects.

Types of Knife Handle Materials

Now, we are moving on to another feature. Again, there are many different handles to choose from, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Rubberized Grip

One handle style that has been growing in popularity is the rubberized grip. Furthermore, the handles of fixed blade knives offer a strong grip when in use no matter what weather comes into play or how much liquid remains on the surface of the knife. However, the downside to these handles is that they are not easy to hold when wet or in extremely cold climates.

Micarta Scales

Another handle option is made with micarta scales, which are generally molded over the blade's metal and come in various colors. These knives feel more like an extension of your hand than others. This is because of how well they fit inside your grip. Micarta scales are also dishwasher-safe so that you can easily clean them after heavy use with minimal hassle.


G10 is an extremely hard and durable material that is practically impervious to the elements. Additionally, G10 is a material made of amorphous rather than crystalline alloys used to fabricate knife handles. G10 also provides high strength and stiffness to weight ratio, resulting in a more durable handle. As a result, knife handles constructed from this material are often found on heavy-duty knives with larger blades.

When it comes to a tactical hunting knife, there is no "one-size-fits-all" option that will meet the needs of every outdoorsman. Instead, you must consider your individual preferences before purchasing because getting the kind of blade best suits your needs!

Why Nylon Sheath Is Preferred for a Tactical Hunting Knife

Nylon sheaths are made in many shapes and sizes. Some of the most popular are oblong, square, or round. These sheaths are used to house blades, rods, fishing poles, and other similar items. 

Nylon is an excellent material for a tactical knife sheath because it is strong and durable. It can also be easily cleaned with a damp cloth if it gets dirty. In addition, nylon sheaths come in various colors that can match your style or outfit.

A nylon sheath is a good choice for a tactical hunting knife because it can be adapted to fit the owner's needs. In addition, the sheath seems to be elastic enough to fit almost any size blade without being stretched out. This means that you can put larger blades in the nylon sheath, and it will still be tight enough to keep them protected. Because of the extra space you have, this sheath is also a great choice if you want to carry other items with your tactical hunting knives, such as an emergency whistle or flashlight.

A nylon sheath can also be attached to other gears. For example, you can easily attach one to the side of a backpack, to the waistband of your pants, or your belt. Some clips allow for an even more secure hold on items like tree branches, tree trunks, and poles. This type of sheath is ideal for someone who wants to keep an item close by for easy access.

Why Would You Need a Tactical Hunting Knife When Hiking, Camping, or Going Outdoors?

Of course, before you decide which knife is right for you, you need to know why you would need one. Hunting typically comes with the greatest need for a knife. But if you go outside often and hike, camp, or are just exposed to many of the elements of outdoor life, it might be wise to have some protection close at hand.

There are two great reasons to have a tactical hunting knife on hand when you're out in nature.

Firstly, these knives are known for their durability. A good quality blade will stay sharp without dulling as quickly as some others do. The increase in efficiency means an increase in your ability to use the knife appropriately. And secondly, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

For an everyday-carry knife, it is best to choose one that comes with a sheath that is easy to attach or carry. Some fit into pockets on your pants or jacket more easily, while others are best when worn on a belt loop.

However, if you are not wearing something with loops or pockets compatible with your knife, it is helpful to choose one with the sheath over the clip. Choosing one that can easily be attached securely will give you more options for carrying it, so it is always within easy reach.

The Takeaway

A tactical hunting knife is more than just a tool. It can save your life when you are out in the wilderness on your own, and it is an extremely useful item to carry with you no matter where you go!

If you're looking for a knife that offers the best of both worlds (tactical and for hunting), then this guide should help make your decision. There are many great knives on the market, but some might not work as well as others, depending on your outdoor requirements. So, which of these features do you think is the most important? We hope we were able to answer any of your questions!

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