How to Choose a Fantastic Electric Fish Cleaning Knife: Guide and Recommendations

June 16, 2021

Fishing is a relaxing hobby. You get to spend time riding a boat on a peaceful or sometimes wavy lake, sharing a good bottle of beer with your family or friends while you wait for your catch.

It is as rewarding as other recreational activities like sports. After long hours of preparing the bait and waiting for it to be snagged, catching a fish is like winning a trophy. But compared to the rewards you get in other activities, the reward you get in fishing is an edible one!

That being said, you will need a knife that will help you prepare your catch. Today, even knives are high-tech, and choosing an electric fish fillet knife can help you do your tasks more easily.

If you are new to the idea of using an electric fillet knife, we will discuss the benefits of using an automatic tool and the brands you should have if you want to purchase one for your use.

Benefits of Using Electric Fish Cleaning Knife

Here are the three main benefits you will get from using an electric fish knife.

Faster cleaning and slicing

Since it is an electricity- or battery-operated fillet knife, you can make preparations faster because the blade makes the slicing motion when turned on.

Comfort despite long hours of filleting

In connection with the automatic slicing motion, you will not need to strain your hand. Because the blade is also razor-sharp, even the slightest movement to slice can cut the fish from skin to meat and even bones.

Perfect for large-scale fish preparation

If you own a fish filleting business or you caught tons of fish on a good day, an electric fish cleaning knife is a tool that will be helpful for you and your colleagues for slicing comfort. You will not have painful arms and hands even if you fillet hundreds of fish every day.

3 Characteristics You Should Look For

Motor type

Since we are on the topic of a fish cutting electric knife, the features to check to pick the best knife are the motor type and voltage. Choose a heavy-duty motor that does not overheat if you will use the knife often to prepare large numbers of fish.


The benefits of stainless steel are numerous when used to make knives. With this material, you are sure that your knife will not rust despite using it in a wet environment all of the time. It is also easy to clean, so you will have a spotless knife every use. Most importantly, you have a razor-sharp and durable knife.


Since you will be using this knife in preparing wet and slimy fish, pick knives that have a non-slip and easy-to-grip design. With these features, you will have accurate cuts. They also ensure your safety at work because you can hold the knife with a solid grip.

Our Recommendations: 5 Fantastic Knives to Have

Rapala Deluxe

Motor type

The Rapala Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife Set is outdoor-friendly. Whether you are on a boat or have driven to the lake in your car, the knife has 12 V post clips and a 12 V lighter plug that will allow you to use the motor battery as a power source. You can also use it for fish preparation at home through the 110 V AC adapter with an 18-foot power cord.

The highlight of the blade is its quietness when used. You can rely on the heavy-duty motor not to overheat despite the number of fish to fillet.


There are two blades included in the kit—the 6-inch and 7½-inch blades meant to cut small and big catches. Both blades are made of stainless steel, making them durable and long-lasting despite the heavy work demand and the wet environment where they are used.

The blade also has a serrated edge perfect for scaling. Because it is razor-sharp and the blade is slice motion-enabled, filleting will be bliss.


Overheating of the handle is a common issue in electric knives. But because of the well-thought airflow design of this product, you can drop the worry of using a knife that has a hot handle and might overheat.

Smith’s Mr. Crappie Slab-O-Matic

Motor type

The Mr. Crappie Slab-O-Matic needs a 120 V AC power cord before you can start filleting. The 6-foot cord is long enough for you to move around the workroom while filleting your fish. You can best use it as a home tool because no clips and plugs are provided to enable you to work too far outdoors.

This product includes a storage bag where you can neatly store all knife parts, as well as filleting gloves you can use for extra protection while working.


What is unique about the Mr. Crappie Slab-O-Matic fish knife is its 4½-inch rib-cage blade specially designed for fish rib cage removal.

It also has an 8-inch knife excellent for filleting large trout, pollock, or codfish. You can easily detach and attach these blades to the handle.

These stainless steel blades come with separate sheaths for safety.


Long hours of knife use or having caught a bunch of fish on a good day will not stop the electric knife from assisting you in filleting. The handle has a cooling system to keep it from overheating.

Berkley Single/Deluxe

Motor type

Berkley Electric Fillet Fishing Knife has a 100 V standard plug so that you can do the fish filleting at home. Worry not if you need to traverse the outdoors for some fishing adventure because you can still use this handy tool through the 12 V vehicle plug and battery clips.

Berkley offers a separate electric knife and a deluxe set complete with all the plugs and packed inside a portable case.


Whether you will fillet small or big mackerel, trout, herring, or codfish, the Berkley knives can accommodate them all because of the 6-inch and 8-inch blades included in the kit. If you buy a single electric knife, you will get the 8-inch blade.

In both variations, stainless steel makes up the knives, so they are durable and easy to clean.

For your safety, use the side release technology to remove the blades. You cannot detach them so easily unless you follow the proper release operation.


You will love the ergonomic design of the handle, which follows the natural bend of the hand when filleting. With that, you can hold it comfortably and steadily, ensuring accurate and flawless cuts.

Mr. Twister

Motor type

If you want an electric knife that is simple and perfect for beginners, check out the Mr. Twister electric fishing fillet knife. It is an affordable product that can assist you in all the stages of fish filleting. If you are a hobbyist, this knife’s 120 V motor has enough power to fillet your catch from a weekend fishing getaway.


It has a 7-inch stainless steel blade safely attached to the handle. You can detach it using a specialized lock design to ensure that you will sustain no injury while preparing your edible catch.


The handle provides users with a solid grip and comfort. As a result, you can fillet and debone with ease.

Overall the knife is lightweight, which makes it easy to transport. You can pack it in a bag at the back of your car during your trips or place it in a cupboard that is easy to reach. After plugging, you are ready to prepare any fish!

Our Main Pick: American Angler Pro Titanium

Among all these suggestions, last but not least is our highly recommended electric knife—American Angler Pro Titanium.

Motor type

The 40-mm motor of this knife makes it useful for commercial use. Even if you use it the whole day every day to finish all your filleting tasks, it will function efficiently each time.

Also, the motor system uses naval brass and SASA polymers, making it resistant to rust. These features make it stand out and be the best among its electric knife counterparts.


By the looks of the pitch-black blade, you know that you have something sturdy in your hands, and you will not be disappointed. Made of stainless steel with titanium coating, this blade is durable and can cut even the most rigid bones. 

Behind the titanium coating is the blade made of tough 420 stainless steel, ready to cut any fish.

The only concern you will probably have is that the knife only has an 8-inch blade, so you will have to be extra careful when filleting smaller fish.


The handle is at par with the excellence of the motor and the blade. Thanks to the Santoprene grip pad, the handle is nifty and gives you a solid grip. The Fanjet Air System technology of this brand also minimizes handle heat.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all the essential details about electric fishing knives, you can now pick the tool that best fits your needs. We have enumerated our top five picks, but the knife will only be the best for you when it satisfies all your fish preparation and filleting needs.

Remember that in choosing an electric knife, check the motor type, the blade, and the handle first. Doing this will allow you to wisely discern which brand or product you will invest your money in.

Once you have chosen the knife, use it accordingly, and do not forget to enjoy the process as much as you enjoyed waiting for this catch.

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