The King of Electric Fillet Knife Blades: A Bubba 110V Electric Fillet Knife Review

February 7, 2022

Have you had enough of the constant fatigue you have to endure in the kitchen? Many tasks involved in kitchen prep work are usually done by hand. If you are preparing a multiple-course seafood meal, it would not be hard to imagine how strained and tired your hands would be. As your hands grow weary, they will make more mistakes, wasting all that precious fish.

Fortunately, electric fillet knife blades take the burden of filleting fish off our hands. With their powerful electric motors, they can easily tear through any fish, no matter how big or small. While it does take some practice to get used to, electric fillet knives can speed up your workflow inside the kitchen. Ditch your traditional fillet knife and let the machine do the delicate work for you.

Keep reading if you want to learn more about electric fillet knives and our top recommendation for the best electric fillet knife for your filleting needs!

What is an Electric Fillet Knife?

If you are a seasoned angler or a professional chef, you know how delicate and precise filleting fish is. Removing the meat from the bone without wasting even a shred of meat requires patience and skill. That’s why it takes practice to get it right. However, filleting fish also requires a significant amount of time to accomplish.

The good news is that with the help of an electric knife, you can drastically speed up your workflow. The electric fillet knife is driven by an electric motor which is in turn powered either by batteries or the power outlet. Cordless electric fillet knives can be a godsend to anglers out in the sea who wish to consume their fresh catch as soon as possible.

What Should I Consider When Buying Electric Fillet Knife Blades?

If you search for “cordless electric fillet knife” or “power fillet knife” on online marketplaces, you would end up with hundreds of thousands of results. However, you cannot rush into a purchase and pick the first one that you see as not all fillet knife blades are created equal. Some electric filleting knives have sharper blades while others come with a more powerful electric motor.

Picking the perfect filleting knife does not have to be an insurmountable task. In this section, you will discover some of the things that you should check when shopping for electric fillet knives!

Safety Features

Like any other kitchen equipment, electric fillet knives can cause injuries and even life-disrupting accidents if handled or used improperly. While you still need to know the ins and outs of your electric fillet knife, it would certainly be much appreciated if it came with safety features. Safety features can help you steer clear from getting hurt.

Most electric fillet knives come with features to ensure a safe operation. For instance, some knives have non-slip handles to avoid accidental slips while filleting fish. Another example would be a redundancy in the trigger to prevent accidentally turning on the motorized blades. Others also have cooling systems to prevent overheating after using the knife for long periods.

Corded or Cordless

A traditional knife is a simple device. You can carry it inside your bag and take it out whenever you want to start filleting fish. That’s why when you go out fishing, it’s a no-brainer move to bring a traditional knife with you. With a series of skillful flicks of the wrist, you can easily debone and fillet your fresh catch.

However, an electric fillet knife has to be powered by electricity. You have two options: corded or cordless. If you go with corded electric fillet knives, you must have a power outlet nearby to supply power to your knife. Otherwise, if you opt to choose a cordless electric fillet knife, you only have to charge the battery beforehand and carry a spare pack with you on your trip.


Even with a traditional knife, filleting fish is a tricky and delicate task. It takes months of practice to nail down the technique and produce impressive results. Aside from the dexterity of your hand and your knife skills, the sharpness and shape of your blade also affect the quality of your work. You can either have a serrated blade or a straight edge. It’s entirely up to your style.

Like a traditional knife, electric fillet knives also come with serrated and straight edge blades. Some knife sets also come with multiple blades that you can use depending on the kind of fish you are filleting. They come in different lengths and levels of flexibility to let you get the most amount of meat from the fish while putting no part to waste.


Since an electric fillet knife has an electric motor and many moving parts, you have to constantly make sure that it remains in tip-top shape. Knife maintenance should be one of your priorities especially if you see yourself filleting fish regularly and for long periods of time. Constant use of the electric knife can bog down the motor and the blade over time.

As such, you should check how easy it is to disassemble the electric fillet knife for regular cleaning and sharpening. Usually, the blade that comes with an electric knife is removable, making it easier to clean with dish soap and water. If the electric motor breaks down, you should be able to have it serviced by the manufacturer with little to no additional cost.

After-Sales Service

While buying from a reputable and well-known manufacturer does not assure quality, it does give you a sense of assurance. You can be assured that once your electric fillet knife breaks down, you can call a hotline and have it serviced. This is especially important when buying electric fillet knives because they have to constantly endure heavy usage.

Before you settle on a knife of your choice, check the after-sales service. In case you need help, how would you be able to contact the after-sales service team? How soon would they render assistance? Consider the warranty as well. How many years from the day of purchase will they service the electric knife? There are companies that offer a lifetime warranty on their products.

Who Makes the Best Electric Fillet Knife in the Market?

As mentioned above, buying a knife from a well-known company can lend you some sense of security and a feeling of relief. If you know that the company has got your back even after making a sale, it takes the burden of worrying about breaking the electric knife off your mind. In addition, reputable brands earned their reputation from consistently high-quality products and services.

Here are the top electric fillet knife brands in the market!

Bubba Blade

Based in the United States, Bubba Blade is one of the recognizable brands in the fishing gear industry. Their product portfolio includes a wide assortment of fishing apparel, bags, and of course, fishing knives. The brand’s knife offerings include different kinds of knives such as chef knives, traditional fillet knives, electric fillet knives, and folding knives.

American Angler

With a history spanning over 30 years, American Angler first began by designing and manufacturing bait knives but has since expanded to include other types of knives. They take pride in having developed the first motorized fillet knife. Out of all their impressive products, the American Angler Electric Fillet Knife (EFK) remains their best-selling product for years.


Hailing from Finland, Rapala has a unique and intriguing company history. The company began with a Finnish fisherman named Lauri Rapala. He inadvertently designed the company’s first-ever lure, the Original Floating Rapala, while on a fishing trip. Initially specializing in fishing lures, Rapala started manufacturing fillet knives for anglers eager to enjoy their prized catch.

What Is the Best Fillet Knife?

Introducing the Bubba 110V AC Electric Fillet Knife

As one of Bubba Blade’s best-selling knives, the Bubba 110V Electric Fillet Knife remains a top contender among corded electric fillet knives in the market. Despite it being a corded knife, it offers great flexibility due to its slim form factor. It comes with safety features such as a non-slip grip and a cooling system to prevent overheating.

Keep reading if you are interested to know more about this compelling offering from Bubba Blade!

Specs at a Glance

  • Available on Amazon for $95.01
  • Comfortable handle with length measuring 8 inches
  • Takes an input of 110V AC
  • Flexible movement with power cord extending up to 8 feet
  • Lightweight and portable with a weight of 1.11 pounds
  • Secure grip with a signature Bubba non-slip grip design
  • Trigger guard to prevent accidentally turning it on
  • Blade coated with anti-corrosive titanium-nitride
  • Four different blades with different sizes and flexibility
  • EVA case for safekeeping and portability

Cooling For Extended Use

One of the most common complaints that anglers have about electric knives is that they heat up a lot after heavy use. If you are on a roll and keep catching fish each and every time you cast a fishing line, then you would certainly have to go through your plentiful catch with a long filleting session. As such, having an electric filleting knife that does not overheat is essential.

The Bubba 110V Electric Fillet Knife comes with an advanced cooling mechanism to reduce overheating. The cooling system allows for maximum airflow to let the hot air out and the cool fresh air in. Due to the effective cooling of the electric filleting knife, you can use it for longer periods of time while only needing to take shorter breaks.

Reliable Non-slip Grip

When filleting fish, your safety must be your first priority. Many accidents in the kitchen happen because of poor grip and mishandling of sharp tools like kitchen knives. It is not hard to imagine how more frequent such accidents are while on a fishing boat out at sea. What you need is an electric filleting knife that comes with a handle that won’t slip out of your hands.

Like Bubba Blade’s other fillet knives, the Bubba 110V Electric Fillet Knife has its signature and iconic non-slip grip. With a firm grip of the hand, you will feel the rubberized texture that embraces its 8-inch long handle. The handle is long enough for big hands yet just the right size for your knife skills. Even when out on the sea and with your gloves on, you can rely on its grip.

A Blade for Every Fish

Not every catch will be the same. While on your fishing trip, you might encounter fish of different shapes and sizes. As such, filleting fish with the same blade could be a difficult job. The same serrated blade may be appropriate for smaller fish, but may also be almost impossible to use with a fish that is too large. What if you had a set of multiple blades at your disposal?

The good news is that the Bubba 110V Electric Fillet Knife comes with four blades right out of the box. You don’t have to place an additional order for a replacement blade! The four blades can be classified into two categories: E-FLEX and E-STIFF. The 7-inch and 9-inch blades from the E-FLEX line are more flexible, while the 9-inch and 12-inch E-STIFF blades are more rigid.

If you feel the need to resharpen the blades, check our article about knife sharpening here!

Titanium Nitride Coating

Whether you use the electric fillet knife in the kitchen or while out in the sea, the blade will surely be constantly exposed to water and friction. Over time, water and friction can make the blades dull. A dull knife will make you use more force to make a cut which can lead to accidents. Aside from being less sharp, the blades can even corrode which can pose serious health risks.

Each of the four blades that come with the Bubba 110V Electric Fillet Knife is coated with titanium nitride. The substance sees different applications in numerous industries thanks to its protective properties. Aside from being resistant to corrosion, titanium nitride also reduces friction which can extend the life of your blades, despite regular heavy usage.

For added protection, the Bubba knife comes with an EVA case that works like a protective knife sheath.

Comfortable and Safe Trigger

When using a traditional knife, you only have to check how its handle feels in your hand. Your grip and the way you use the filleting knife depends on the overall shape and size of its handle. While the same remains true for electric filleting knives, the presence of a trigger changes the way you hold and use the knife. Your index finger will now rest on a trigger on the handle.

Ensuring a more ergonomic hand position, the Bubba 110V Electric Fillet Knife has a trigger perfectly shaped for your index finger. In addition to better ergonomics, the trigger also comes with a trigger guard to avoid accidentally turning it on. With the Bubba electric filleting knife in your hand, you can feel confident in your safety while using it.

Final Thoughts

Among the many electric filleting knife blades in the market, the Bubba 110V Electric Fillet Knife absolutely stands out. With its powerful motor, signature handle design, and set of safety features, you cannot go wrong by going with the Bubba knife. For new anglers looking for a reliable filleting tool while out on a fishing trip, choosing the Bubba knife is a no-brainer.

While going electric has its own advantages, using a traditional knife can have its own appeal as well. So if you are interested in a traditional fillet knife, you should check out our review of the AFTCO fillet knife here.

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