EKA Kitchen Knives: An Excellent Kitchen Knife Set Choice

June 25, 2021

If you're looking to get a collection of kitchen knives, quality consistency is key. It's better to purchase one brand that you think will do an excellent job in helping you prepare meals. 

It is practical to purchase a single brand for a variety of knives. Sellers can bundle up knives coming from a single brand so you get a better price because of the economics of scale. You also get a consistent quality that the brand delivers. Knives from a single brand also tend to have a uniform appearance that looks amazing when you place them on display.

What brand should you choose? We recommend the ones made in Sweden, more specifically, the knives crafted by EKA. With this brand, you'll only need a few essential kitchen knives that do the trick and deliver excellent performance that makes your cooking experience enjoyable. Read on and find out more about why this brand is an excellent choice!

EKA Knives: More Than a Century of Excellence

EKA started crafting knives in 1882 at Eskilstuna, Sweden. Over the years, EKA has honed its knife craftsmanship, setting the bar of excellence for each of its creations.

With the advent of modern technology, knife production became much more efficient. EKA was able to keep up with the changes without compromising the standards and values that make it an excellent brand. By carrying over best practices and methods and combining these with the existing technology, EKA makes top-class products and creates its knives faster and with more precision than it has ever done before.

The world-class quality of EKA's knives, combined with technology-enhanced traditional craftsmanship, make it a sought-after brand. Even the king of Sweden, King Carl XVI Gustaf, has awarded EKA a Royal Warrant Certificate making them a legitimate supplier to the royalty. EKA has also made bespoke knives for Dwight D. Eisenhower and Lyndon B. Johnson, two previous presidents of the United States.

Today EKA continues to uphold its standard of excellence in knife-making while innovating new knife designs and adapting new technologies and methods. EKA has a comprehensive range of knife products meant for outdoors, tactical use, culinary, and collections. Whatever the market, the EKA brand strives to consistently deliver the best to both its new and existing customers.

Kitchen Essentials: Types of Kitchen Knives Made by EKA

Chef's Knife

This knife should be on the top of your kitchen knife essentials list as this is the most adaptable of all kitchen knives. A cooking knife, as it is sometimes called, can slice, chop, dice, and mince food ingredients—whether thick or thin, hard or soft. This knife saves cooking time and allows food preparation to flow smoothly and efficiently. 

A good cooking knife should allow you to cut through soft and hard textures with ease and with as little waste as possible. You know that feeling you get when you place the knife's edge on the surface of something and before you even slice it naturally falls in with ease? That's one way to know if a cooking knife is good. That's what makes it enjoyable to use in the kitchen.


Our Recommendation: Eka Butcher Pro Chef's Knife

The Eka Cuisine Chef Knife is one of the best kitchen knives used by chefs. It is created with the recommended specification of Sweden's recognized chefs. Here's what makes it a worthy addition to your collection:

  • Broad blade supports more heavy-duty slicing work.
  • The curved blade edge enables rocking movements for more precise cuts.
  • Stainless steel blade material, which doesn’t corrode despite frequent use.
  • The blade length of 8 inches is an optimal length for slicing.
  • The handle is made of Santoprene material for top-notch utility and durability.

Paring Knife

This knife is lightweight, slim, and pointed and is meant for peeling, segmenting, deseeding, and coring fruits and vegetables. This knife is essential because it makes it convenient to make calculated slices and cuts and gets into small spaces, which could be tough to do using any other knife. This is perfect for use with small food items.

The ideal paring knife for your kitchen is one that has a stainless steel blade. This blade is durable and won't break easily. The handle should be ergonomic in design because you will hold your paring knife in different ways to get to the tough spots. Durability is a significant factor when choosing a paring knife because, more often than not, you'll be using it for hard food items such as peeling the skin off of potatoes or apples.


Our Recommendation: Lingstrom Series EKA Paring Knife

The EKA paring knife Lingstrom series offers these attributes with better quality. It is designed with the help of the Swedish chef Christer Lingstrom who operates a 2-star Michelin restaurant. It takes into consideration functionality as well as design. Here are the features of this wonderful EKA paring knife:

  • The length of the blade is five ⅝ inches, ideal for precise knife work.
  • The blade’s composition is all stainless steel for durability that lasts long.
  • The blade's spine near the shaft is rounded to avoid lacerations.
  • The knife's handle is made of Bubinga wood and is oiled for durability.

Serrated Knife

Also commonly referred to as a 'bread knife' because it is mainly used for slicing bread. A serrated knife is long, measuring at around eight to nine inches. The edge of the blade is jagged, resembling that of a saw used for cutting wood.

The serrated edge allows the slicing of soft textures without ruining its shape. Loaves of bread that are crusty and loaves of bread that have a thick surface but are soft on the inside are for what serrated knives are commonly used. 

Serrated knives are essential to your kitchen because their use is not limited to just cutting bread. It can also be used to slice tomatoes, chocolate blocks, and cake because it effectively slices the surface and penetrates the inner part while leaving the outside in perfect form.

Our Recommendation: Lingstrom Series EKA Bread Knife

The bread knife made by EKA is an excellent addition to your kitchen knife set and also a part of the Christer Lingstrom series. See the features of EKA's bread knife below: 

  • The material of the blade is stainless steel with a serrated edge.
  • The blade's spine is blunted to avoid cuts and blisters when slicing. 
  • It has an optimum blade length of exactly 8 ⅜ inches.
  • The serrated knife's overall length is 13 ⅞ inches which give ample range of motion.
  • The handle is made of Bubinga wood for ease of handling.

EKA Kitchen Knives in Detail

EKA's culinary knives have standardized materials that's carefully chosen and implemented into every individual knife. This is part of what makes the quality of its knives consistent. Let's take a closer look at what makes EKA cooking knives the best kitchen knife set you can have.


Sandvik 12C27 Stainless Steel

EKA makes kitchen knives that use this type of stainless steel. Sandvik boasts 45 years of continuous improvement which created a high-functioning steel grade that EKA now uses for its knives. With a chromium composition of 13.5%, this stainless steel is considered to be a high-end material for kitchen knives. It's crazy sharp and resists rust and corrosion.

This Sandvik steel has a Rockwell 57-59 HRC hardness—the optimal Rockwell score for the knife's blade to keep a sharp edge for longer periods, thereby making the knife less dependent on a kitchen knife sharpener.

Handle Scales

Bubinga Wood

This African hardwood is a finely textured material. Its color range varies from pinkish red to reddish-brown. It is also rot-resistant and doesn't get infested with termites.


Santoprene comes from a wide range of rubber-like materials. It is a high-quality plastic that mimics a rubber's appearance and behavior, making it easy to process. Santoprene is flexible and suitable for long term use.

EKA Knives Review from People

To find out more about what makes EKA knives an excellent choice of knife brand, we've gathered some real-life reviews about EKA's knife products. Here's what customers have to say:

Excellent Value

Reviews state that the steel EKA uses for its knives is a "good" material and reasonably priced. In contrast with the fad knives that care more about appearance, people find that the knives made by EKA are well-performing and of high quality. Many people who buy an EKA knife buy another pair for themselves or as a gift for people they value.

Easy to Handle

People who review EKA kitchen knives have found that the ambidextrous design of the handles is quite impressive, especially for those who are left-handed. They've also found that the handle design feels good to the grip.

Extremely Sharp

One of the many things that people noticed was that the knife is razor-sharp out of the box, and it stays sharp for a long time.

Final Thoughts

There's no doubt the EKA kitchen knives are made for excellence and quality. It's something that you will never regret because you will be having a blast using them. EKA isn't one of those fad knives commonly available online and in brick-and-mortar stores that you can buy for cheap. These types of knives become unusable after a short period. The EKA brand has a reputation for being top-notch and high-performing. The knives you buy from them will be long-lasting, giving you more than your money's worth.

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