How a Diamond Knife Sharpener Is Your Dull Knives’ Best Friend

August 16, 2022

The best treat you can give your knives is keeping them sharp and spotless. Sharpening your knife is a great way to guarantee even slices and smooth cuts while saving more time. 

Knowing how to sharpen knives requires practice and persistence to master its basics. If you can learn the art of knife sharpening, you'll be a quicker, safer, and more effective cook in your kitchen. 

Utilizing diamond stones to hone your kitchen knives is a fantastic solution to fix your dull blade issue. Delve deeper into this article to better understand the need for sharpening and how wonderful it is to have a diamond stone knife sharpener. 

Why Should You Sharpen Kitchen Knives?

Whatever kind of knives you have in your kitchen, it is important to keep them clean and sharp. You would prefer to have them cut through food with ease and accuracy. A dull blade requires more power to cut through food, which increases your chances of losing your grip.

A razor-sharp knife can make you far more productive by delivering precise cuts and slices that affect the quality and taste of the food. For instance, when you cut ingredients to a certain size, you can cook them evenly and at the same rate, regardless of whether you're grilling, sautéing, or boiling them.

Sharpening Knives with a Diamond Sharpener

Several knife manufacturers recommend using a fine-grit diamond sharpening stone for maximum performance and quick touch-ups on a knife that isn't too dull. Diamond sharpening stones are made of a metal or composite base with a top coating of micron-sized diamonds combined with a metal surface. To avoid "filing build-up," numerous of these sharpeners have special surface gaps.

The diamond is widely regarded as the world's hardest and most durable compound. This uncompromising crystal provides diamond sharpeners with a long-lasting design and unrivaled value, outlasting traditional sharpeners. Aside from the significance that diamond's longevity can provide, they can outperform traditional sharpeners because of the following qualities:

  • Effective sharpener: The ultra-hard diamond surface is the most effective sharpening texture, saving you valuable time when sharpening.
  • Tough: The diamond surface's toughness generates a sharp edge with just a gentle pressure and a few strokes.
  • Easy to clean: It needs only water for lubrication, preventing oil-related messes.
  • Versatile: It can hone all metals, including carbide and steel.
  • Consistent: The diamond surface starts flat and remains the same even after use.

The Benefits of Using a Diamond Steel Knife Sharpener

Here are some of the reasons that will surely encourage you to buy a diamond knife sharpener kit:

  1. A diamond sharpener hones and removes material quickly in knives with medium grit grades.
  2. It can sharpen TC, HSS, and PM steel, which other types of knife sharpeners have difficulty working with.
  3. Compared to other sharpeners that wear off through many uses and must be re-flattened regularly, a diamond sharpener mostly retains its original shape.
  4. It is useful for flattening Japanese water stones. For this usage, the 400 grit plate is suggested.
  5. It can also sharpen plane irons and chisels, which are used for wood carving.

Diamond sharpening plates have an extended operational life compared to sandpaper. They feel extremely sharp initially, followed by a moderate duration of moderate sharpness, and eventually, they don't cut anything. Consider purchasing plates with monocrystalline diamonds to prolong the duration of medium sharpness.

How to Determine Whether or Not Your Knife Is Sharp

Before cutting anything, ensure your knife is in good condition and sharp enough after sharpening it. You can test the sharpness of a blade by rubbing it against your thumb, but it is not always the best and safest method. 

Here are two trustworthy methods for determining knife sharpness after you hone them with a diamond sharpener:

  • Tomato Test: Cut through a ripe tomato with a kitchen knife. If the knife quickly slipped through the skin, you know it's razor-sharp. But if it doesn't work through smoothly, sharpen the knife again with a diamond knife sharpener rod.
Tomato test
  • Paper Test. If you don't prefer or have a tomato, the paper test is an excellent substitute. Grab a piece of construction paper and fold it in half. Then, using your knife, try to cut through it, starting at the top. If it effortlessly cuts, that indicates that your knife is sharp and ready to use.

Final Thoughts

A diamond knife sharpener deserves a spot in your kitchen, especially if you want to try a sharpener aside from the traditional ones you have already used. Diamond sharpeners, like Smith's diamond knife sharpener, are affordable and easy to use. These tools can also make your old blades feel new again.

If you're looking for an easy way to get more life out of your current knives or want to avoid buying a whole new set, consider investing in a diamond sharpener. Buy now and enjoy sharper knives in no time!

For more information about knives and sharpeners, explore Knifescout because we are a one-stop destination for all your knife queries.

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