Everything You Need to Know About Dexter Russell Fillet Knife

September 27, 2021

Fillets are so easy to eat, especially when they are deboned and cooked properly. However, you have to cut through the meat perfectly and remove the bones to produce a perfect fillet.

Filleting may look easy, but it is not a simple procedure. Without superior cutting skills and the aid of a sharp, premium-quality fillet knife, you can’t produce a good fillet. You must also have a good fish skinning knife in removing scales and skin impurities.

Dexter Russell has been in the cutlery industry for more than two centuries. With its superb craftsmanship, the family-owned company provides the highest-quality knives.

Learn why Dexter fishing knives are very in demand and why you simply must have one.

A Brief History of Dexter Russell

Lasting in business for more than two centuries is a mean feat. Dexter Russell is the oldest and largest cutlery manufacturer in the United States. It has a celebrated history and different company monikers that attest to its rich origin.

In 1818, Henry Harrington established Harrington Cutlery in Southbridge, Massachusetts. It was the first recorded cutlery manufacturing company founded in the United States. Harrington was a craftsman and inventor from New England, and through his company, he produced shoe knives, firearms, and surgical equipment.

Then, in 1834, John Russell established John Russell Cutlery Company in the riverbanks of Greenfield, Massachusetts. The company was a water-powered factory that first manufactured ax heads and chisels. As it grew, it then produced massive quantities of hunting knives, supplying the demands of the American frontier.

The two companies merged in Southbridge in 1933 and became known as Russell Harrington Cutlery Company. The company name was updated in 2001 and is now known as Dexter Russell, Inc.

Since its establishment, Dexter Russell has aimed to provide quality professional knives with superb craftsmanship.

The Dexter Russell Fillet Knife for You

If you are looking for a high-quality American-made fillet knife, Dexter Russell offers five different filleting knives for various kinds of fish. These knives are National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)-listed, which means that they meet the NSF standards on public safety, health, and the environment.

Dexter Russell knives are crafted with DEXSTEEL™, a unique proprietary American high-carbon stainless steel alloy. Its quality is calibrated to allow Dexter Russell to acquire the ideal durability, corrosion resistance, and strength.

Precise temperatures are used in heating and cooling the blades to improve the grain structure and ensure the best performance. Every blade is honed and ground to guarantee that Dexter Russell fillet knives maintain their sharpness and are easy to sharpen.

The fillet knives also come with the SOFGRIP® handle, constructed with a textured nonslip soft rubber to ensure total control and comfort. The ergonomic handle fits the hand, which minimizes discomfort on your wrist. It is also easy to clean with a solid blade-to-handle seal that conforms to sanitary standards.

Here are the quality fillet knives Dexter Russell has in store for you.

  • SG142-8TE-PCP SOFGRIP® 8 Tiger Edge Slicer. The Tiger Edge Slicer has a scalloped edge that cuts through hard skin, crust, rind, or peel. It is also perfect for cutting fats from poultry and meat. The knife is available in white and black colors.
  • SG138-PCP SOFGRIP® 8 Wide Fillet Knife. A fillet knife with a stiff blade is perfect for boning or trimming thicker cuts of raw meat. It is available in white color only.
dexter russell sofgrip fillet knife
  • SG133-8PCP SOFGRIP® 8 Fillet Knife. The favorite knife of professional fish cutters, this one is a multipurpose fillet knife that offers flexibility. You can flex it with so much ease, and then it comes back to its straight shape when necessary. This fillet knife is available in white handles only.
  • Sani-Safe® 8 Wide Fillet Knife. Are you looking for a fillet knife that cuts through larger fish and meat? The 8″ Wide Fillet Knife is what you need! This fillet knife allows fast and precise food preparation in kitchens and other food service operations. It comes with a Sani-Safe® handle that gives you great control.
  • Sani-Safe® 8 Fillet Knife. If you love fish and prepare it most of the time, the 8″ Fillet Knife is a must-have tool in your kitchen. It cuts with precision when you are filleting a fish or boning chicken breasts.

You should regularly hand-wash and sanitize all these fillet knives to preserve their qualities. To maintain their sharpness and precision, don’t forget to use knife sharpeners from Dexter Russell.

The Sharpeners

Using other sharpeners on your Dexter Russell knife is okay. However, since the blades are made from the flagship steel DEXSTEEL™, we highly recommend using a sharpener tailor-made for that kind of steel.

Dexter Russell sells high-quality sharpeners available in various shapes and sizes. The top three best-selling sharpeners from Dexter Russel are the following:

  • EDGE-1 Sani-Safe® Sharpener. The EZ Edge-1 Hand-Held Sharpener is the perfect minor sharpener for daily use. This handheld tool guarantees your blades are back to their factory edge with just three to four strokes. It has a polypropylene handle with finger guard protection and thumb rest, and its design allows you to use it with either of your hands.
dexter russell sharpener
  • EDGE-2 Sani-Safe® Sharpener. The Edge-2 Hand-Held 2-Stage Knife Sharpener provides your knife a new edge with its dark and white ceramic wheels.
  • DDS-12PCP Sani-Safe® 12 Diamond Sharpener. The Diamond Sharpener will keep your knife blades sharp with the help of microcrystalline industrial diamonds. Its oval shape provides maximum sharpening surface.

Final Thoughts

Used by professional chefs, Dexter Russell knives have maintained their reputation in the cutlery industry for more than two centuries. If you are looking for the best fillet knives that you can use for a long time, get your Dexter Russell fillet knife now!

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