Dalstrong Fillet Knife: Why Is It Worthy of a Spot in Your Kitchen?

May 26, 2022

Filleting fish can be difficult when cooking at home, but the use of proper equipment will make it easier. A fish fillet knife is a must-have tool for breaking down and portioning fish precisely. It should be light, versatile, and strong enough to easily detach flesh from bone.

Fillet knives are often overlooked and underestimated, but if you're a kitchen enthusiast who loves cooking fish or meat, then you should consider adding a fillet knife to your collection. A Dalstrong fillet knife is an excellent option for those who are looking for a quality knife at an affordable price.

Keep reading to acquire a deeper understanding of fillet knives and why the Dalstrong boning knife is an essential tool in your kitchen.

Going Deeper With Fillet Knife

There are numerous benefits to using a thin, versatile, and sharp fillet knife. However, here are by far the most significant ones that a fillet knife must perform efficiently and effectively:

  1. Filleting. It removes as much meat as possible from the bone and cartilage.
  2. Skinning. This refers to the method of stripping away the skin or scales from meat. In this case, a thin knife excels at lowering the quantity of wasted meat near the skin/scales.
  3. Deboning. Eliminating the smaller bones from the cut fillets by deboning the fish are the relatively small pin bones and rib cage. A good fillet knife must be capable of cutting through larger bones.

Dalstrong—Creator of the Best Kitchen Fillet Knife

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace with well-known knife brands such as Wusthof, Zwilling, and Global, Dalstrong is a relative newcomer established in Canada in 2014. Dalstrong's goal is to offer an eye-catching, dependable knife at reasonable prices. Most of their designs are daring, taking cues from various cultures, art, and nature.

Dalstrong has established a reputation for itself. It has nearly a dozen knife designs, each with a distinct style. Buying a Dalstrong knife is worth it because:

  • Dalstrong has many distinct knife collections, so you'll have plenty of choices available.
  • Blades are forged using methods relatively the same as those used by high-end brands.
  • It is a budget-friendly forged knife brand.
  • Fine materials are used to make the knife, which include German and Japanese steel, and G10 Garolite, among others.
  • The designs are out of the ordinary but very eye-catching.
  • In case you become unhappy with your knives, you can return them for a 100% refund within 120 days.

Dalstrong Knives Collection

Being in the business for eight years, Dalstrong is still considered a newbie in the knife industry. There are knife manufacturers who have been industry standards for more than a century. However, Dalstrong knows its market well and emerged as a force to reckon with. Throughout its operation, Dalstrong produced quality knives with varying materials, design features, and prices.

The blade is the reason why a knife is sold at a certain price. Dalstrong imports premium German and Japanese metals to ensure they manufacture the best knives. Each of Dalstrong's product lines used different blades and designs.

The Dalstrong Shogun series, for example, is made of extremely hard, high-quality Japanese steel, AUS-10V. Not only that, the sharpness of its edge lasts for a long time. It's comparable to the components used by top-quality Japanese knife manufacturers such as Shun and Miyabi. The Shogun series has a magnificent pounded tsuchime finish.

Another example is the Gladiator series blades, made of ThyssenKrupp German steel, which resembles the steel used by prestigious knife maker Wusthof.

Dalstrong's Japanese and German Steels

Most Dalstrong knives have Japanese and German steel blades. These two prominent metal types secure durability and efficiency. They share numerous resemblances, but here are some crucial differences between them.

German or Scandinavian steel produces a blade that is frequently double-beveled. It's heavier compared to other types of steel because it is thicker, particularly at the bolster. Though heavy, it's a softer material than the Japanese type. A German-steel blade has a greater angle, which you can perfectly use for rock chopping.

The Japanese blade frequently has a single-beveled blade, so its blade is honed on one side. It's light due to the thinner blade with a lower angle, perfect for slicing and chopping. This steel is tougher compared to the German style, resulting in a sharper blade.

Dalstrong Fillet Knife - Gladiator Series

Dalstrong 7” Fillet Knife From the Gladiator Series

The Dalstrong Gladiator Series 7" fillet knife has been meticulously crafted to make deboning, scaling, filleting, skinning, cutting, and butterflying your beloved fish and chicken easier, more convenient, and more enjoyable. The knife's beautifully crafted blade serves as an extension of your arm daily.

Made out of premium German steel with a razor-sharp blade, it is perfect for precise thin cuts. The bendable blade moves easily between bone, flesh, and harder tissues located between muscle and bone, tendon, or ligament.

Each Gladiator Series knife comes with a high-quality polymer sheath, an embossed Dalstrong logo, and a pin closure. While at residence or on the go, you can rest assured that your blade is well-protected.

Indulge yourself with the following sections if you still want to know more about the Dastrong Gladiator Series 7" fillet knife.

Built With a Strong Steel for the Ultimate Cutting Performance

The fillet knife's scalpel-like sharpness has a 16 to 18° angle on each side that provides symmetry between the blade sharpness and maximum precision. It can withstand most culinary challenges because of its tapered blade that has a non-stick feature for minimal cutting resistance.

The blade's length delivers better knuckle clearance for chopping and food preparation. Its blade is hand polished, giving it an impression of a satin finish. The spine is polished as well to promote better grip. Dalstrong fillet knife is easy to clean, making it a low-maintenance tool.

Designed With a Premium Imported German ThyssenKrupp Steel

This fillet knife is extra sharp because it was forged with great precision and made of high-carbon German ThyssenKrupp steel. It enjoys a 56+ Rockwell hardness rating, proof that it has ultimate durability and can maintain the sharpness of the blade.

This knife is resistant to rust and wear, ensuring a longer lifespan even with daily use. It is also NSF-approved.

Just So You Know…

The Rockwell Scale
You may have observed a wide price range among fillet knives mainly due to the blade's quality. A high-quality blade should be both versatile and made of hard steel. One must not underestimate the blade's versatility because it improves the efficiency of your cuts. Versatility allows the blade to move better along the delicate fish bones. Again, this will give you a good and clean cut with less meat wasted.
A hard metal guarantees that the blade keeps its sharpness. The Rockwell scale, which distinguishes how tough metal is, specifies how hard metal is. The greater the count, the harder. A high-quality fillet knife must have a Rockwell scale rating of 55 to 61.
Lower-priced fillet knives are crafted from softer metals or carbon steel. Although these blades are highly adaptable, they are challenging to hone and do not retain their edge for much longer. As a result, you need to frequently change the blades.
On the other hand, the higher-end fillet knives are made of steel and other non-corrosive blended metals. These materials provide enough flexibility, sharpness, and durability.

Tempered With Great Precision

The ancient tri-step Honbazuke method was used to sharpen the fillet knife's blade. It is partnered with bleeding-edge technology, and the blade is coarsely ground by a sharpening stone. The edge is refined with a leather stropping block.

Adding to the appeal of the fillet knife is the perfectly engraved Dalstrong lion head logo.

A Handle Made From High-Quality Materials

The handle was built meticulously with a military-grade G10 handle for longer-lasting durability. The triple-riveted construction has a promise of top-notch resilience. The handle is very strong and constructed with non-porous fiberglass-like material that can withstand heat, cold, and moisture.

You can have superior control with its ergonomic feature. The knife also boasts a full tang for robustness and superior quality.

Polymer Dalstrong PerfectFit Saya For Additional Protection

The Dalstrong 7-inch fillet knife is a high-quality tool that deserves additional protection. Every Gladiator series comes with the Dalstrong PerfectFit Saya, which is a polymer sheath embossed with the Dalstrong logo and pin closure.

Always use this sheet to secure the safety of your knife and yours as well.


Many Dalstrong users commend this fillet knife because of its flexible and firm blade that results in filleting meats perfectly. You will get every penny you paid for it because of the blade's long-lasting sharpness and the unbelievable amount of filleting you can do with it. Also, the fillet knife's design is elegant, allowing you to emulate a professional chef.


One of the major concerns customers have for this fillet knife is the thickness of the blade. It's too thick, making it unwieldy to use. Also, other customers' said that it gets dull easily. However, once it undergoes sharpening, that's when the fillet knife proves its longevity.

Wrapping Up

Dalstrong fillet knife does the work for a very reasonable price. There you have some of the reasons this fillet knife is a great option for your kitchen. As you can see, its features are outstanding, which makes it one of the best fillet knives around.

If you’re still not sure whether or not this is the right knife for you, be sure to explore Knifescout. There you can read the right articles and reviews that can help you find the perfect fillet knives for you.

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