Cutco Kitchen Knives: Everything You Need to Know About These Household Must-Haves

May 14, 2021

In celebrations and dinners, food is prepared and plated nicely to invite family members or visitors to dig in. The main dishes like turkey, chicken, or ham are in the center. The salad and the soup are placed where everybody can comfortably reach out for them. After a few minutes of food enjoyment, the dessert comes in. Each person on the table takes a bite and gives an affirming nod or smile to commend the taste. Another successful gathering is done. 

The view of people happily eating food is every cook’s dream. If you are in charge of the kitchen at home, you know that you need the right ingredients and cooking tools to perfect every meal. 

This article will discuss why having a Cutco chef knife set is essential in every household and how this cutlery line can help you achieve the best food preparations for any event.

The Story of Cutco Kitchen Knives

Cutco knives are among the most famous knives in the US and Canada. It was established in 1949, and for 72 years, the company has become one of the most trusted brands in the knife-making industry. 

Cutco’s chef knife, along with other models, are readily available in select American retail stores. You can visit the ones in Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, or Pennsylvania if you want to check the knives yourself before making the purchase. 

The Process of Making Cutco Knives

In making a Cutco chef knife set, a large steel sheet is prepared for stamping. After that, a three-step process of blade heating in 2,000°F heat, deep freezing at a temperature of -120°F, and reheating at 365°F follows. The tedious process of creating Cutco kitchen knives ensures that their products are not only durable but also flexible, corrosion and stain-resistant, and sharp for a long time. 

A Cutco chef knife and other knife types are made with a full-tang and an ergonomic, thermo-resin handle. The handle and the blades are connected by nickel rivets that are equally durable as the blades. You do not need to worry about the handle wearing out or looking old as time passes. 

The Reasons Why You Should Have These Knives

Forever Guarantee

The Cutco chef's knife and other knives in its set are all forever guaranteed, which means that the company will replace or repair your knife if it gets broken, given that you used it according to instructions. You might ask, what if the knife was a second-hand or a hand-me-down from an older generation in the family? Cutco will replace or repair them regardless. 

Part of the Forever Guarantee is the assurance of sharpness. All Cutco knives for sale are razor-sharp, but if there comes a time when the edges get dull, Cutco will handle the sharpening at a minimal fee. 

Number of Knives to be SharpenedFees
10 knivesUSD9
11-26 knivesUSD11
27-40 knivesUSD13

Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee 

If you want to return the knives after your purchase, that’s okay as long as it is within the 15-day window. This offer is under the 15-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. Note that this condition does not apply to the customized engraving knife.

Customized Engraved Knives

If you have decided to add the Cutco chef's knife or even a set to your cutlery collection, imagine yourself handing the tools to the next generation of cooks in your family. Make it more personal with meaningful engraving. 

If you are looking to give the Cutco knife set as a gift, make it more thoughtful by adding engravings unique to the receiver. 

Customer convenience is the brand’s priority 

If you have noticed, all of Cutco’s offers are directed towards making their customers’ lives more comfortable. If you need a knife, contact a sales representative to do a live, face-to-face demonstration for you. Once you have these knives in your kitchen, Cutco will ensure that the knives are always sharp and intact through the Forever Guarantee. 

Cutco’s Kitchen Knives 

A complete Cutco knife set comprises 32 knives for every cutting need. You can purchase a complete set or per piece. Here are the four knife types that are crowd favorites: 

  1. Petite Chef Knife

The Petite Chef Knife is on par with other chef’s knives from other brands. It can satisfy any cook’s slicing, mincing, and dicing needs. 

  1. Spatula Spreader

With the spatula’s serrated edge, Double-D Edge, as Cutco calls it, it offers sure cuts for bread, bagels, pizza, cakes, and even lasagna. After cutting, you can scoop the food and transfer it to a plate with the spatula’s wide blade. 

  1. Butcher Knife

The butcher knife is your go-to tool if you need heavy-duty cutting like cutting bones, huge pieces of meat, fruits, and vegetables. The Butcher Knife is long and sharp, and you can cut any large food in just one slice. 

  1. Super Shears

Delegate the herb and meat cutting to the Super Shears. Crab shells that are difficult to break and open can be conveniently cut through the Super Shears’ sharp blades. The shears can be easily disassembled for cleaning and brought back quickly for use. 

  1. Others

Aside from the four favorites of buyers, the following knives can be bought on Cutco or be included in your knife set: 

  • 2-3-inch paring knife
  • 4-inch paring knife
  • Trimmer
  • Carving fork

Cutco also has different cutting knives like a santoku, vegetable knife, French chef knife, slicer, carver, salmon knife, boning knife, cleaver, steak knife, and table knife. 

Final Thoughts

Many households trust Cutco Kitchen Knives in America, Canada, and many parts of the world because they are customer-centered and have quality knives. 

While the brand offers a Forever Guarantee to your knife purchase, it’s up to you to make sure you are using your knives right. Long-lastingness is all about proper usage.Use the proper knives for different kinds of ingredients and partner the knives with the right cutting boards, so the blades remain sharp. With Cutco’s help and proper knife care, you are bound to have knives that will last forever.

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