The Cutco Fishing Knife: A Filleter's Dream

May 12, 2021

Cutco has introduced a new fillet knife for fishers and anglers. It’s a handy tool you can keep by your side while you're slicing up some sashimi or sushi on the go. After reading this Cutco fillet knife review, you'll realize why the knife's design makes the cutting process so much easier and enjoyable. With this knife, you can show off your best work, from deboning fish to slicing it up into workable pieces.

Cutco always rocks the house with their great utensils, especially their knives. Cutco Fisherman's Solution is indeed a rock-solid solution for anything that passes under your knife. Its excellent flexibility makes it suitable for cooking all varieties of seafood. With the proper use, you can debone fish very swiftly due to its characteristic thinness. 

With that said, let's go deeper into how this knife can fulfill any fillet lover's dream.

Cutco Boning Knife vs. Cutco Fillet Knife

Fillet knives assist in the separation of bones from fish. A fillet knife is most often used to handle fish, assisting with removing all bones and flesh (scales). Fillet knives are long and razor-sharp. Except for those used on bigger fish, most are versatile, allowing for a simple maneuver around the Y bones.

A boning knife is used on various foods, such as pork and chicken. It aids in the removal of bones from more complex beef. Whereas fillet knives are thinner, boning knives are more durable and work better on tougher beef. They're just not as long as fillet knives. 

Since both knives can be multipurpose, consult the manufacturer's manual. Some fillet knives are excellent at boning, others are excellent at filleting, while some demonstrate the ability to perform in both applications.


  • Robust fillet knife with a rustic appearance 
  • Filleting takes very little time, which improves the experience. 
  • The thin blade is very flexible.
  • The ergonomic handle gives the user a firm grip.
  • As a kitchen utensil, the minimalist style is gorgeous.
  • It gives you the benefit of making great sushi or sashimi.
  • It features a leather sheath with two hooks.


  • The knife is expensive.
  • When you remove the knife, dirt will get inside the handle.
  • The pliers are brittle.
  • If the sharpening hook is not used correctly, it will dull the knife.

Main Features and Benefits

Quality Build

The blade and material determine whether or not the knife is practical for the work you're about to do. The blade on the Fisherman's knife is made with top-notch materials appropriate for most methods and functions you'll likely come across in your kitchen. 

In particular, the Fisherman's Solution is made of high-quality carbon stainless steel of the 440A variant. 440A carbon stainless steel translates into better edge retention and improved resistance to corrosion.

Functional Design

The Fisherman's Solution fillet knife has several functions. The sheath can be converted into pliers, allowing you to clean or remove the hooks from the fish quickly. A line cutter is already integrated into the construction of the knife. The makers have even added a sharpening stone, so you don't have to wait until you get home to sharpen the knife while you're out on the beach or waters. 

Cutco highly recommends that customers send the knives directly to their facilities for sharpening. If Cutco sees that the knife you sent is too worn out, they'll replace it with a new unit free of charge except for a packaging surcharge. 

The blade retracts into the handle and is flexible to a length of up to nine inches. You can adjust the blade's length by simply pressing a button on the handle. This adjustable feature makes it ideal for filleting fish of any size.

Handle Grip

The Cutco fishing knife handle is designed with plenty of ergonomic features. The handle comes with a wavy design that aids in effortlessly contouring to the fisherman’s or chef's grip. This wavy design also adds a nice touch of beauty and function, which, in our opinion, is a great plus. 

It has a full-tang configuration, meaning the entirety of the blade extends down into the handle, which translates into greater power and durability for the knife. Simple features like this make Cutco a crowd favorite among chefs and anglers alike.


The Cutco fishing knife comes with a lifetime warranty, as all Cutco goods do. If you want the knife to be fixed or sharpened, they will gladly assist you. If necessary, they may also replace the goods and accessories. And, no, you are not required to show your sales receipt. Simply bring the knife with you.

Technical Specifications

  • Blade: 440A high-carbon stainless steel
  • Handle: Kraton-covered reinforced nylon
  • Length of the blade: 6″–9″ adjustable blade
  • Total length: 14–3/8″
  • Weight: 254 g (9 oz) 
  • Accessories: Extendable stainless steel blade, pivoting sheath (can function as a gripper), line cutter, and sharpening rock 


Use the appropriate blades for the appropriate catch. This line resonates well in the angler and fishing industry, where you're looking at descaling and filleting hundreds of fishes daily.

The Fisherman's knife comes with a sharpener and a line cutter. When you try to pull the hook, the gripper comes in handy. And here's the best part: based on your preferences, you can customize the blade up to nine inches long. The lifetime warranty provided by Cutco should not be forgotten. The company can and will sharpen, fix, or replace your knife for you. 

Investing in quality equipment will always pay for itself in the long run. While Cutco may be pricey, the features are more than worth it.

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