Impress Your Friends and Family With This Cuisinart Knife Set

July 1, 2022

Every kitchen enthusiast faces this dilemma at one point in their kitchen journey: "Should I buy a knife set or buy knives individually instead?" While either option brings its respective pros to the table, the decision all boils down to what you need in the kitchen. If you want to save time and skip mulling over every detail, you should go for a knife set.

Opting to purchase an entire knife means opening up an entirely different world of possibilities in the kitchen. Just imagine the meals you can prepare now that you have knives of every length at your disposal. Unfortunately, not all knife sets were made the same way. So, which knife set can best serve your kitchen needs? Read this Cuisinart chef knife review and find out! 

Which Knife Set Should You Buy to Impress Your Friends and Family?

cuisinart knife set - Closeup of hand pulling a knife from a knife block

You can effortlessly impress your friends and family with the Cuisinart C77SSW-12P Color Pro Collection. This knife set comes with various knives suited for different use cases and diverse workflows. Aside from the knives themselves, the package also comes with a honing rod and a pair of kitchen shears. You can neatly store them away in the knife block that comes included with the set.


  • Can be bought online from Amazon for $44.99
  • Comes in various colors: gray-white, red, stainless steel, and white
  • Includes the following kitchen knives and utensils: chef knife, slicing knife, Santoku knife, utility knife, paring knife, four (4) steak knives, honing rod, kitchen shears, kitchen block
  • Equipped with stainless steel blades with high-carbon content for superior performance
  • Each blade gradually tapers from wide to a very narrow and sharp tip
  • Comes with a knife block with an aesthetic that suits a modern kitchen
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty

Brand Information

Cuisinart has become a household name in the United States and even overseas, hugely thanks to its efforts to bring a revolutionary piece of kitchen appliance into the market. In 1973, the Cuisinart founder Carl Sontheimer unveiled the appropriately named "Food Processor." Since then, Cuisinart has become synonymous with food processors and became well-known as a reliable kitchen brand.

However, Cuisinart didn't confine itself to designing and manufacturing food processors. The brand grew and started producing other kitchen utensils and appliances, expanding its product portfolio. Today, Cuisinart makes a wide variety of products, including air fryers, bakewares, handheld blenders, bread machines, countertop blenders, brick ovens, can openers, coffeemakers, and coffee grinders, among others.

Made of High-Carbon Stainless Steel

Kitchen knives can be a considerable investment. If you want a set of kitchen knives that will last for a long time, it is good advice to stretch your budget to take home the most durable knife set you can afford. What do professional chefs look for when buying durable knives? The number one thing they check is the material the knife is forged out of.

You can expect that the knives that come included in the Cuisinart knife will perform stunningly well because of their high-carbon stainless steel blades. Since these blades have high-carbon content, they have the edge over regular stainless steel blades. In addition to corrosion resistance, they exhibit improved strength and durability compared to vanilla stainless steel.

Complete Kitchen Knife Set

More or less, knife sets from different manufacturers include the same kinds of kitchen knives. In this case, the Cuisinart C77SSW-12P Color Pro Collection includes six (6) of the knives most commonly used by professionals and amateurs alike. If you know your way around the different types of kitchen knives, you will definitely love this knife set.

For example, this Cuisinart kitchen knife set has four pieces of steak knives, suitable for a steak dinner with four people. Aside from steak knives, the knife set also has the indispensable Cuisinart chef knife that you can use for each phase of your food preparation. If you are worried about your blades going dull, you can use the included honing rod to resharpen and prolong the life of your kitchen knives.

Modern-Looking Knife Block

Everyone dreams of a kitchen complete with kitchen appliances and a beautiful interior. You might already have a Pinterest board filled with kitchen design ideas for your home. Once you have finalized the coherent theme for your kitchen, the next thing to do would be to make sure that your appliances and utensils seamlessly fit the aesthetic you desire.

Fortunately, the Cuisinart C77SSW-12P Color Pro Collection comes in four different color variants. If your kitchen interiors have a monochromatic color scheme, the gray or white variant would fit right in. The red color variant will be a great accent piece if you are aiming for bold accents for your kitchen interior. Lastly, the stainless steel variant has black-colored handles and a knife block with Maple woodgrain, suitable for any kitchen design.


Some customers who ordered the white-colored variant reported that only the honing rod and kitchen shears had white handles. The rest of the kitchen knives had cream-colored handles. If you are thinking about purchasing this particular variant, you should consider this before finalizing your purchase. There were also isolated cases of wrong colors being shipped.

In addition, there were also complaints about the sharpness of the knives. Some customers said they received knives with dull blades right out of the box. Others had them sharpened using a third-party kitchen sharpener. Fortunately, the included sharpening rod can do the job if you ever need to resharpen your knives.


You get more out of your money when the manufacturer provides responsive and accessible customer service throughout the product's lifetime. While you don't need much from the manufacturer regarding kitchen knives, there could be instances when you would need some assistance. You may want to file a warranty claim, for example.

If you ever need to reach Cuisinart, you can do so via their website. You can find contact details on their official website, such as their hotline number and email address. Their customer service team caters to customers every day of the week. However, take note that they have separate contact channels for online orders and physical store orders.

Why You Should Buy a Knife Set Instead of Individual Knives

cuisinart knife set - Closeup of knife set on a wooden table


Does your job leave you with little time to spend with your family and hobbies? If so, you may have zero time to spare to shop for and compare individual kitchen knives. Doing so has its own advantages, of course, but it does have the downside of being too time-consuming. So, what alternative do you have if you can't squeeze knife shopping into your already tight schedule?

Luckily for you, kitchen knives can be bought as a set. These knife sets contain different kitchen knives for each stage of food preparation. So, instead of spending hours reading kitchen knife reviews for each type of kitchen knife, you can buy an entire set instead. Aside from saving you time, purchasing them as a set is often cheaper than doing so individually.

Price Advantage

Hop on any online marketplace right now and see how much individual kitchen knives cost. Some of them may bear price tags that are more expensive than a kitchen knife set. If your budget allows for it, buying individual knives will help you achieve the best quality possible for each type of knife you have on your knife set.

Unfortunately, getting the best-quality knife for each kind of knife is costly. If you are a kitchen enthusiast or a novice in the kitchen, quantity should be your priority. Buying knife sets are generally cheaper when considering the price of the included knives per piece. Once you get acquainted with each one, you can then proceed to buy better-quality individual knives.

Food Prep Workflow

Complete kitchen amateurs often commit the mistake of using the same kind of knife for each stage of food preparation. Doing so can cause either damage to the kitchen knife or perform poorly for the task the user intends to do. So if you have already established a workflow in the kitchen, a kitchen knife set would suit you better.

More experienced kitchen enthusiasts and professional chefs would agree that having the right tool for the job saves time and effort. For instance, slicing tomatoes with a serrated paring knife would be easier than doing the same thing with a straight-edge knife. Always remember: there's a knife for each job in the kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Buying a knife set can be a more practical option for beginner kitchen enthusiasts. Instead of spending too much money on individual knives, kitchen enthusiasts can spread their wings and get acquainted with more kinds of kitchen knives. The Cuisinart C77SSW-12P Color Pro Collection provides a solid starting point for beginners who wish to familiarize themselves with the different types of kitchen knives.

Enrich your kitchen experience by getting yourself useful knife accessories! Head over to our knife accessories section to read more of our product reviews.

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