A Closer Look Into The Core Kitchen Knives’ 6-Piece Colorful Knife Set

August 9, 2021

There are a lot of kitchen designs you would want to incorporate in your kitchen to inspire your cooking. For example, you might want to have a modern minimalist design of all-black or all-white utensils and kitchenware. A rustic-type kitchen gives you a warm feeling where everything is in shades of light and dark brown.

Another design is a colorful kitchen, which you can easily achieve with the right kitchen staples and utensils. Gather some rainbow-colored pots and pans as well as furniture. Some appliances also come in pops of colors.

If you are looking for knives that fit this vibrant theme, Core kitchen elemental knives will be a perfect fit—in particular, this 6-Piece Core knives set. Let’s check them out.

Our Recommendation: The 6-Piece Perfect Precision by Core Kitchen Knives Set


With this colorful knife set, you can take a break from classic black or brown handles. Blue, yellow, and green—you can see these beautiful, bright colors in the knife handle and sheaths.

Non-Stick Blade Coating

Have you tried cutting cheese, wet potatoes, cucumbers, and other sticky food? Does it make your job slower trying to remove them from the blade? You do not have to worry about food ever sticking to your knife because Core’s Perfect Precision blades have a non-stick coating, which makes each cut smooth and easy.

Separate Sheaths for Each Knife

Each knife has a sheath matching the color of its handle. The design of the sheath makes the knife look nice and classy but practical, too, as there are holes on them that allow the blade to dry even inside the sheaths. You can hang the knives separately on a knife hanging rack for easy access and an organized look.

Blade Material

The Core kitchen knives of the Perfect Precision line use high-carbon stainless steel, making them highly durable. It can handle cutting different kinds of kitchen ingredients, big, small, soft, and hard, without losing its sharpness.

The blade material also ensures that your knives maintain their good-as-new blade looks. High-carbon stainless steel is stain-resistant, so your knives will remain pristine even if you have acidic and staining ingredients.


The blade handles have blue, yellow, and green colors, which you can easily spot in the sea of knives you already have in your rack. Blue is for the santoku, yellow for the paring knife, and green for the utility knife.

Aside from the eye-catching colors, knives are color-coded for the practical reason of avoiding food cross-contamination. For instance, you can use santoku for the vegetables, then the utility knife for the fish. You can easily remember which knife to use because of the color.

The 6 Items Included in the Set

Core has the Perfect Precision by Core 4-Piece Knife Set, which includes a paring and utility knife. The set we’re reviewing, on the other hand, includes the all-around santoku knife, making it more ideal for beginners who want to have the smoothest starts in the kitchen. With the set, you’ll have a paring, utility, and santoku, plus sheaths for each of them.

Here’s a rundown:

  1. Utility knife: The utility knife included in the set is best used for small to medium-sized meat, fruits, or vegetables. The santoku is a favorite tool in the kitchen. Still, any ingredient that needs more detailed cutting is better done using the 4-7 inches, smaller, and skinnier utility knife. You can also utilize it for deboning meat or filleting fish.
  2. Paring knife: Paring knives are even smaller with 2 to 4-inch blades, making them ideal for peeling smaller fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, strawberries, grapes, and oranges. If you perform delicate cuts, you’ll have the perfect knife included in the set to use.
  3. Santoku: The Chef’s knife is every cook’s favorite. This set has the Santoku as an alternative to the Western chef knife for your cutting, slicing, and dicing needs. Core’s santoku knives come in 5.5-inch, small size, and 6.5-inch regular blade size.
  4. Three Separate Sheaths: Each knife has sheaths matching the color of the handles and has designed holes to ensure that after washing, the blades will remain dry to avoid corrosion and retain their sharpness.

If you are a beginner looking for a basic set and will never be stuck inside a knife block or left hanging on a knife rack because of their usability, this 6-piece knife set is perfect for you. You’ll have the knife for small ingredients through the paring knife, a knife for medium-sized food, and an all-around santoku.


Core is a go-to brand if you want to choose a less traveled road of having knives with lively colors. It has the best affordable knife set with three knives that will assist you in all your slicing and dicing needs in the kitchen.

Aesthetics and usability are both satisfied by this set from Core. If you get a set for yourself, you will have knives that are visually pleasing and indeed do the work!

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