4 Cooking Knives With a G10 Out of 10 Handle

July 8, 2022

It's the same old story—you purchased a beautiful kitchen knife and could use it well, but only for a short period. What's more, you discovered that the handle is often the source of the problem, even more so than the blade.

It discolors or loosens over time, making your knife dangerous and useless. Thus, you decided to switch choices and got caught up in the popularity of G10 handles. We can't blame you; there are plenty of reasons to love them!

They're the epitome of a modern, robust knife handle that can offer years of valuable service. Check out these four incredible cooking knives with a G10 handle for your kitchen needs!

Modern Strength and Durability: 4 Cooking Knives With G10 Handles

Want to put an end to your short-lived kitchen knife affairs? G10 is the way to go! It's made up of fiberglass layers soaked in resin and compressed with heat, a process that makes G10 handles strong and durable.

Those are only some of the many reasons these popular knife handles are made. So let's dig in further and see what the four products we picked can offer!

comfortable to hold - dalstrong 8 inch tanto knife 

1) Dalstrong 8-Inch Tanto Chef Knife

Here's a knife design influenced by an ancient sword that stabs and cuts well. See what lies beyond the elegant beauty of the Dalstrong Tanto Chef Knife.

About the G10 Handle

This Tanto knife is from Dalstrong's best-selling Shogun Series. It comprises a military-grade G10 handle for moisture and heat resistance, durability, control, and comfort. Additionally, it's partnered with a copper mosaic pin covering the center rivet for sturdiness and style. 

Our G10 Handle Score: 8/10. There are very little to zero complaints about this knife's handle.

Noteworthy Features

Aside from the sturdy handle, there are more great features to look forward to about this knife.

  • It has a unique and crazy sharp blade made of AUS-10V Japanese steel with an HRC rating of 62+.
  • It’s a full tang and triple-riveted knife for extra robustness and resilience.
  • It’s equipped with Dalstrong's exclusive and eye-catching Tsunami Rose blade pattern.
  • It comes with care instructions despite being low maintenance.
  • It's an ambidextrous knife.
  • It includes a polishing cloth and a classy plastic sheath.
  • It’s a versatile knife for cutting or chopping vegetables and preparing meat.

Noteworthy Drawbacks

Meanwhile, here are a few limitations to note.

  • Some find that it's a heavier knife than expected.
  • The knife structure lacks balance.
8-inch chef knife - kuma premium damascus chef knife

2) Kuma 8-Inch Premium Damascus Chef Knife

Here's another gorgeous Damascus kitchen knife that would make anyone want to cook! See if you'll love having the Kuma 8-Inch Chef Knife in your go-to kitchen collection like most people do.

About the G10 Handle

Even the handle design of this knife is no plain G10 material. Instead, it has a wavy pattern matching the blade's Damascus layers. This makes the knife more stunning, lightweight, well-balanced, and comfortable. Moreover, it features a minimal bolster that adds strength to the knife.

Our G10 Handle Score: 9/10

Noteworthy Features


Aside from the stunning handle, here are more features to look forward to about this chef knife.

  • It’s a knife with a 58-60 HRC rating, perfect for household kitchen tasks.
  • It incorporates 67 layers of Japanese Damascus AUS-10 steel for a stunning design.
  • It's easy to use and comfortable to hold, with many customers praising its craftsmanship.
  • It comes with a custom box and sheath. The box even illustrates the knife's parts, making it a practical gift for knife enthusiasts.
  • It has a razor-sharp blade for cutting, slicing, or chopping food as smooth as butter, especially vegetables.

Noteworthy Drawbacks

Meanwhile, here are some things you might not like.

  • It has good quality, but some think it's overpriced compared to its counterparts.
  • It's not durable enough for professional kitchen work, with the HRC rating of this knife only for mid-level strength.
  • The Damascus steel has some edge issues.
cooking knives - tuo 10 inch chef knife

3) Tuo 10-Inch High Carbon Vegetable Meat Knife

Here's a beautiful, ripple-patterned kitchen knife with a different handle shape. The Tuo High Carbon Kitchen Knife is from Tuo's Black Hawk Series, knives that look like they'd fit in an ancient setting but perform well in modern kitchens!

About the G10 Handle

As you may notice, the handle is slightly larger and more oval than the standard shape. Oval handles are sturdy, smooth, and ambidextrous. Moreover, a swell between the blade and handle provides a natural rotation point.

However, the experience may differ depending on the size of your hands. The larger, the better grip and control. Still, this is made from a high-quality G10 with triple rivets, which promotes superior control and anti-fatigue.

Our G10 Handle Score: 8/10

Noteworthy Features

What are other things to like about this knife?

  • It comprises precision-forged, high-carbon German stainless steel with a 56 HRC rating. Blades like these hold an edge well and have excellent balance.
  • Knifemakers honed it to 8 to 12 degrees per side with the traditional Honbazuke method for enhanced sharpness. 
  • It’s a great kitchen knife for chopping onions and other vegetables and fruits.
  • Some left-handed people find this knife comfortable to use.
  • It incorporates a tempered and tapered design to add hardness, flexibility, and durability.
  • If you don't prefer a Damascus steel blade but want its looks, this knife will make a good alternative.

Noteworthy Drawbacks

Meanwhile, here are a few limitations to be aware of.

  • People with small hands might have difficulty getting used to the handle.
  • Some find that it still needs sharpening to become razor-sharp and efficient.
  • The blade isn't that sturdy.
cooking knives - chop onions ritsu boning knife 7 inches

4) Ritsu 7-Inch Boning Knife

Let's end this roundup with a knife at a more affordable price. The Ritsu 7-Inch Boning Knife might be your favorite multi-purpose tool in the modern kitchen, and here's why.

About the G10 Handle

The shape of this military-grade G10 handle is different from the usual curved structure. Instead, it's straight and slightly oval like the Tuo knife but not bulkier. This type of knife handle is well-liked since it relieves wrist tension and makes handling simple and solid.

Our G10 Handle Score: 8/10

Noteworthy Features

Let's see what else you can look forward to with this boning knife aside from its sturdy handle.

  • It’s a versatile boning knife you can use for various kitchen tasks. Examples are skinning poultry, filleting fish, slicing sushi rolls, and even sandwiches.
  • It doesn't get caught up on sticky ingredients.
  • It includes a beautiful box, making it an ideal present for cooking and knife enthusiasts.
  • It’s made up of high-quality German steel with an ultra-sharp edge and sharp enough to slice ingredients well without squashing them.
  • It features a wide blade width to avoid hurting your finger when you grasp the handle near the edge.
  • It holds an edge well, especially when sharpened with a whetstone.

Noteworthy Drawbacks

Here are some things that need to improve in this product.

  • It doesn't cut smoothly on thicker vegetables.
  • The spine isn't flattened or rounded down, so you need to be extra careful when using this knife.

Hold a G10 for Your Modern Kitchen

Tired of holding stunning knives that don't last? Then, do yourself a favor and get a kitchen knife with a G10 handle! They're well-known for their superior strength, durability, and modern feel in the kitchen.

Did this quick roundup help you find a kitchen tool you'll love to have? If not, we hope it at least offers you useful information regarding different G10 handles.

Meanwhile, if you can't decide among the four products, we recommend the Kuma Premium Chef Knife. It features a beautiful G10 handle that helps you work comfortably on various kitchen tasks. It might not have the same quality as high-end, professional knives, but this will undoubtedly become a useful tool in your home kitchen. 

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