Pack Your Camping Emergency Kit With a Clip Point Knife

July 7, 2022

Many things can go wrong when you're out in the wilderness. They're often unexpected, prompting you to choose between fight or flight for protection. And what better way to safeguard yourself than with emergency tools?

As a novice camper, you might be clueless about which equipment to bring. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as bringing any sharp knife or lighter you find around the house. Instead, they must be capable enough to meet the demands of outdoor survival. 

One item you'd want in your emergency kit is a clip point knife. Let's discuss why and quickly go through your kit to ensure you're fully prepared.

Reasons to Add Clip Point Knives to Your Camping Emergency Kit

You're probably wondering why you need clip point blades in your camping emergency kit. Many other knives are equally attractive and reliable, but this one is especially popular with outdoorsmen. What's so special about this blade? Let's find out!

Knife Anatomy

Here are the characteristics of a clip point blade that sets it apart from the rest.

  • A concave or straight cut-out area: This knife's front upper section is clipped as if it were a half-completed structure.
  • Sharpened or unsharpened back edge: The back edge covers the grip, stops halfway up the knife, and goes back to where it began on the other side to the tip.
  • A thin and sharp spine: This knife's clip point has a thinner and sharper spine than other knives.
  • Large belly area: The clip point has a large belly area for better slicing.
clip point blades - hunting knife clip point with brown leather sheath

Perks for Camping Use

Now, let's discuss the benefits of the clip point's features for outdoor use. What makes it a good addition to your camping emergency kit?

Dressing Your Game Meat

This classic knife is designed originally for the processing of hunting game. Its slim and sharp design has an excellent piercing capability, allowing you to cut, slice, and skin the flesh effortlessly.

Cutting Ropes, Twigs, and Cords

This practical hunting knife can perform other camping tasks like cutting different materials. For example, if you need to cut twigs, wires, or ropes to create a shelter or storage, this will help you finish the job fast.


The clip point is a popular blade type but is often overlooked in the self-protection aspect (which shouldn't be!). The thin and sharp spine lets you stab fast and deep, and you can easily insert and withdraw it. The lowered edge also gives you excellent knife control.

A Kitchen Tool

Say what? This popular outdoor hunting knife can do a great job in general household and kitchen tasks as well! One of the reasons the clip point style is loved by many is because of its versatility. It makes slicing and skinning thin materials and ingredients smooth and precise.

Popular Brands

Have you decided to add a clip point knife to your emergency kit? Awesome! Here's a list of trusted brands to get you started with a high-quality knife.

  • Old Timer
  • Coldsteel
  • Spyderco
  • Mossy Oak
  • Gerber


The clip point style of knives has disadvantages, albeit minor and few. Still, it is best to be aware of them to avoid any camping dangers and use this knife to your advantage.

Thin, Narrow, and Delicate Edge

The clip point's sharp and thin spine is its advantage but also a disadvantage. It can easily break when piercing through tough and large objects. Moreover, the point isn't aligned at the blade's center, which means it lacks a strong foundation.

Not a Good Skinning Knife

Despite its usefulness in processing game meat, the clip point isn't the best knife style for skinning animals. It'll pierce through the meat and ruin the process because it's very sharp. If you're looking for a good skinning knife, check out the drop point or gut hook blades instead.

7 Other Tools Necessary for Your Camping Kit

We hope the discussion about clip point blade knives has helped you decide whether they're suitable for your camping needs. Regardless, we still recommend you to have one in your arsenal.

Are you done packing the rest of your camping kit tools? Or do you need a quick guide to complete it? Here's a list to ensure you don't miss out on anything essential.

clip point blade knives - camping bag, boots, hat, and map on grass

Water Containers and Purification Devices

Naturally, water is a crucial camping item. Pack a gallon or some large water containers to stock. In addition, don't forget to bring a water filter or purification device to ensure you have clean water to drink.

Non-Perishable Food Options

Pack freeze-dried food, canned meals, and energy bars that are enough for at least three days. You won't have many chances to take your sweet time cooking a hearty meal, especially if you're in survival mode.

A First Aid Kit

You can't call it an emergency kit without first aid tools. Stock up on dressing, bandages, antibiotic ointments, disinfectants, adhesives, and other items that will help you deal with unexpected minor or major injuries.

A Portable Power Source

This is a must-have for camping since there will be no electricity outdoors. You'll need one to recharge any devices you might have, such as your phone or flashlight. A compact power bank, solar-powered charger, or portable power station will do. 

Whistles and Flashlights

These two items are great for signaling help when lost in the woods. Whistles are loud enough to catch the attention of anyone nearby. Meanwhile, a steady flashlight can guide rescuers in looking for you or keep you safe in low-light or night conditions.

Hiking Boots

Hiking boots will help keep your feet comfortable and supported on rough grounds. You can go almost anywhere you want to while protecting your feet. Don't forget to include a suitable pair of socks!

Emergency Blanket or Sleeping Bag

It's hard to predict the weather, and you might find yourself nearly freezing with the lack of heat outside. So be sure to bring a warm and portable sleeping bag or blanket to partner with warm, breathable clothing.

Be Prepared for Anything and Everything

You never know what happens when you're out for a camping trip, so having the right tools can make all the difference. Do your research or use this guide when packing your emergency kit. 

Additionally, include a knife with a clip point blade. It is a versatile tool perfect for both emergencies and general camping tasks. The thin and super sharp edge style makes it an all-around practical tool even in the kitchen.

Plus, it's lightweight, compact, and portable, so bringing it along will be a breeze! It's not as strong as other hunting knives, but keeping one on hand is still wise.

Looks like you're more than prepared for your next camping trip this time! Check out our website blog categories for more reviews, buying guides, and information on kitchen and outdoor knives.

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