Prepare Your Catch with Ease: The 5 Best Fishing Knife Set

June 8, 2021

Buying a complete set is always better than buying items separately. When it comes to knives, specifically fish knives, this also applies, and having a complete fish fillet knife set has many advantages.

First, in terms of aesthetics, you will have knives with the same design and handle and blade material, and they come with a tote where you can neatly place them. Next, if you buy the set from a reliable brand, you’ll know that all the pieces will cut excellently. Last but not least, you’ll save some cost if you buy a fish knife set rather than buying each piece separately.

With that, here are the five best choices you should consider if you will buy a fillet knife set.

1.  Outdoor Edge Fishing Knife Set

Kit Inclusion

The Outdoor Edge set includes three fillet knives. The fillet knives have different sizes of 6 inches, 7.5 inches, and 9.5 inches, so whether you caught a regular-sized trout or a huge mackerel, you will have the perfect blade to fillet it.

Not that the blades’ edges wear out quickly, but to make sure that your knives are always razor-sharp when you use them, the set includes a blade sharpener made of fine ceramic and coarse carbide. The ceramic and coarse carbide can help keep your blade sharp and in excellent shape. Just make sure you know how to sharpen knives according to your goal.

All these come packed compactly inside equally durable storage equipped with a metric ruler to help you measure your catch.

Blade and Handle Material

With the 4116 stainless steel composition of the blade, you know you have a knife that will not rust despite always being wet from fish preparation. The blade can handle slicing and filleting tough and big fish because it is durable.

Made with a non-slip thermoplastic elastomer material, the handle is perfect for fish preparation.

2.  American Angler Electric Fillet Knife Kit

Kit Inclusion

When it’s the fishing season, where do you like to go? Are you a freshwater or a saltwater fisher? The American Angler Electric Fish Fillet Kit can be your companion wherever you choose to fish.

It has five different blades you can use in different situations. These blades are as follows: a 10-inch saltwater blade, 5.5-inch and 8-inch curved tip blades, and 8-inch and 10-inch heavy-duty shark blades. The different blades will cover your cutting and filleting tasks as you catch different kinds of saltwater fish and freshwater fish.

The gloves provided will protect you while slicing. The kit also includes a mesh bag where you can store the extra blades.

Blade and Handle Material

All the blades are made of stainless steel, bringing many benefits such as corrosion resistance. You can also easily clean the blades after use.

On the other hand, the handle boasts a motor that can withstand heavy-duty tasks and long hours of filleting. You do not need to worry about giving the electric knife a rest because the handle does not overheat, unlike other electric fish knives.

3.  Sea Striker Fillet Kit

Kit Inclusion

The Sea Strike Fillet Kit will assist you every step of your fishing journey. It has bait shears and a 4-inch bait knife useful in slicing the bait for catching fish. Also included in the set are two fillet knives which are 6 inches and 8 inches long, perfect for small and big catches.

Drop the worry of taking a separate cutting board and protective, non-slip gloves because the kit also includes these two items. They can assist you in the actual fish preparation before cooking.

If your knife goes dull because of frequent filleting and slicing, the kit has a knife sharpener you can conveniently use. All these can fit in the neat and durable carrying case provided.

Blade and Handle Material

All the blades are made of stainless steel, which gives you a tough, clean, and sharp knife that can last a long time. The handles of the fillet knives have a non-slip design that goes well with the included gloves. They ensure a solid grip despite the wet and slimy cutting environment.

4.  Meyerco Fish Fillet Kit

Kit Inclusion

Another kit that offers a complete set of blades for fish preparation is the Meyerco fish cleaning knife set. Once you get a successful catch, the 5-inch utility knife with a serrated spine and edge can assist you with scaling.

There are also two fillet knives that are longer than the utility knife. Whether you caught sea bass, salmon, or trout, you can choose between the 6-inch or 7.5-inch fillet knife, depending on the size of the fish.

The kit has a cutting board that you can use in cutting fish and other ingredients for your fish dishes. All these items perfectly fit in a carrying case. Whenever you move from one lake to another for a catch, you can easily carry it or bring it in your car.

Blade and Handle Material

The blade of the fillet knives has a drop-point design, enabling you to make precise cuts. With its 420 stainless steel makeup, the blades are razor-sharp. They will not wear out quickly when used in different food preparation conditions.

Original to Meyerco is its sure-grip handle made of rubber to ensure a solid grip even when wet.

5.  Angler’s Porta-Fillet Kit

Kit Inclusion

Are you a fan of the outdoors, specifically near lakes, so that you can go fishing anytime? The Angler’s Porta Fillet kit will catch your attention because of the three knives it offers.

It has a 5.25-inch combination knife with a serrated spine and edge you can use for scaling and other outdoor cutting needs. The 8-inch and 6-inch fillet blades are the ones you will use for preparing your well-deserved fish dish after a long day of fishing.

Do not forget to use the cutting board included in the set for your outdoor dish preparation.

If your knives ever get dull or you want them to be razor-sharp with each use, the kit has a honing/sharpening tool. All these tools can fit inside a portable case for easy transportation.

Blade and Handle Material

All the blades use stainless steel material. It ensures durability and strength to withstand all fish cutting tasks and other heavy-duty outdoor tasks. You can cut ropes or chop small twigs to make a fire with these knives.

The handles are soft to touch but solid to grip because they are non-slip. Your cuts and slices are more stable despite having wet hands and handles.

Our Verdict

We recommend checking your toolset first, as well as your fishing and outdoor item needs. The only way to get the best pick is to have a set that perfectly satisfies your needs.

Also, we have included the blade and handle specifications in this review for you to check. You may favor some materials and design over others, so you can check these sections before deciding which to buy. If you are looking into having many items in one set, we have included a section on kit inclusions.

All these fish fillet knife kits are equally helpful because we have picked only the best kits. Whichever you buy, we are sure it will make your fishing trips and fish preparation more pleasurable.

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