Your One-Stop Buying Guide for Kitchen Knives and Utensils

April 15, 2022

Are you a budding cooking enthusiast? Before you take a deep dive into cooking, you should ensure that you are equipped with the best kitchen knives and utensils that you can afford. Since you are only starting, you shouldn't splurge your hard-earned money on unnecessarily expensive and top-end products. Knowing which products can give you the most value for the least amount of money can make a big difference.

Keep reading below and discover some of the best kitchen knives and utensils deals on Amazon!

Kitchen Knives Stainless Steel Handles

Usually, knife handles are wood, plastic, or even rubber. However, full-tang knives are made of a single piece of metal that extends from the tip to the handle. Some knives ditch the handle, exposing the tang and turning it into a handle. Some cooks prefer gripping a stainless steel handle rather than the usual knife handle materials.

Below are two of our best picks for the knife block set category. A cutlery set may include a kitchen knife, paring knife, table knife, bread knife, utility knife, chefs knife, steak knives, and kitchen shears. Consider any of the two for your starting knife set.

Emojoy Knife Set and Kitchen Block With Sharpener


  • Can be bought online from Amazon for $62.99
  • Comes in a white block and hollow block options
  • Includes 13 pieces of varying kinds of kitchen knives
  • Each knife is made of German stainless steel
  • Has a built-in knife sharpener to extend its lifespan
  • The knife set is comprised of sharp and durable knives
  • Single solution for all your food preparation needs
  • Each knife has a light and ergonomic handle for ease of use
  • The knife block has angled slots for safe and secured storage

German Stainless Steel

Have you ever had knives that went dull and rusty? Aside from making you prone to accidents, rusty knives may also shed dangerous debris on your food. With the Emojoy Knife Set, you can say goodbye to any worry about contaminating your food. Each knife from the set is made of German stainless steel, which has a Hardness Rockwell Scale C (HRC) rating of 55. 

Ergonomic Grip

Don't let its shiny appearance fool you. These Emojoy stainless knives have sandblasted handles which provide a strong grip in your hand. Unlike other stainless steel handle knives, these knives also give you a properly balanced feel in hand, which makes you more confident and assured while using them in the kitchen. 


If you are looking for knives that will last you a lifetime, you may have to look elsewhere. These Emojoy kitchen knives provide more than adequate performance when they are brand new. But, as time goes by, they go dull, and resharpening them using the built-in sharpener or third-party sharpening tools will result in very limited effects. 

Cuisinart Hollow Handle Knife Block Set


  • Can be bought online from Amazon for $59.90
  • Comes in a 15-piece knife set comprised of the commonly used kitchen knives
  • Provides ample control and support with its specially designed bolster
  • Made of stainless steel that you can easily maintain
  • Perfect for steak dinners with the family as it comes with six 4.5-inch steak knives
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty from Cuisinart

Superior Ergonomic Design

Despite being a literal piece of cold hard steel, the knives from Cuisinart Hollow Handle Knife Block Set will feel great in your hand. The curves and overall shape of the handle were designed to provide you with a comfortable grip. You can also rely on the bolster to provide a well-balanced feel to the knife as you grip it as you work with your meat and vegetables.

Perfect For Steak Dinners

Do you have a large family that enjoys having steak dinners often? This knife set includes a six-piece steak knife set, perfectly suitable for your cherished steaks. Despite the affordable price, they exhibit a premium look and feel, making them a perfect addition to your dinner table setup. Aside from their impressive looks, these hot-forged knives are incredibly sharp.


While they are marketed as stainless steel knives, these kitchen knives are still prone to rust and stains. Some customers have reported noticing rust and stains developing in some of their knives and kitchen scissors. When asked about this problem, the seller clarified that they do not cover such issues. 

Carving Knife Kitchen Knives

kitchen knives and utensils - Chef using a carving knife on a turkey

Dealing with large pieces of meat demands an equally large knife. Carving knives can make a quick work of your roasts and help you fillet large fish without wasting meat. This category of kitchen knives includes blades with varying lengths, ranging from eight to 15 inches. Usually, they are used in tandem with a carving fork to keep the meat from moving.

Mairico 11-inch Carving Knife


  • Can be bought online on Amazon for $25.95
  • Specially engineered to deliver outstanding carving performance
  • Can easily handle big roasts thanks to its sharp blade
  • Features a razor-sharp blade made of stainless steel
  • Exhibits a well-balanced weight distribution from tip to butt
  • Has a length of 11 inches, making it perfect for a wide range of applications
  • Covered by a Top Performance Guarantee

Excellent Weight Distribution

If you have been using knives for a long time, you’d know that weight distribution is essential. As a result, some knives feel better than others because of their weight and the center of gravity. The Mairico 11-inch Carving Knife shines in this aspect, as its length, thickness, and handle were all designed for balanced weight distribution.

Suitable for Many Applications

Working with different ingredients requires you to use appropriately sized equipment. However, with the 11-inch blade of this carving knife, you can use the same knife for various situations. For instance, you can use it for cutting through a brisket, smoked salmon, and even big roasts. Its length makes it a perfect starting carving knife for most people.


Based on the hundreds of customer reviews, this carving knife seems to excel at its job. However, some issues may have slipped through the manufacturer's quality control. For instance, some customers report receiving dull knives out of the box. As a result, they had to sharpen them before using them. However, there is only a slim chance of encountering this problem.

Dalstrong 12-inch Slicing and Carving Knife


  • Can be bought online from Amazon for $99.99
  • Also available in different lengths: 8", 10", 12" and 14"
  • Has serrated and offset variants
  • Made using cutting-edge technology and premium craftsmanship
  • Designed a full-tang knife with the blade extending into the handle and up until the butt
  • Features hand-polished edges that ensure efficient and pleasurable performance while working with various meats
  • Features a handle made of G10 Garolite
  • Covered by a 100% Money Back Guarantee

Premium Imported German Steel

If you were ever worried about the blade's sharpness and hardness, cast those thoughts away as the Dalstrong 12-inch Slicing and Carving Knife features a German ThyssenKrupp steel blade. The blade comes as a single piece with outstanding wear resistance. The knife owes its impressive durability to its  56+ Rockwell Hardness rating.

Industry-Leading Sharpness

Thanks to its quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, the Dalstrong 12-inch Slicing and Carving Knife exhibits a sharpness akin to a scalpel. Its incredibly sharp edge bears a 16 to 18-degree angle, which lets you make sharp angled cuts easily. In addition, your meats wouldn't stick to the blade as you go through them because of their non-stick properties.


There is little to nothing to complain about the Dalstrong 12-inch Slicing and Carving Knife. Of course, you can expect that much from a knife with a hundred-dollar price tag. Fortunately, this knife didn't disappoint. However, there are rare occasions when poorly made units slip through quality control and make their way to the customers.

Knife Sheaths for Kitchen Knives

kitchen knives and utensils - Knife with a sheath beside it

Kitchen knives can be a pricey investment, depending on which ones you buy. Moreover, some kitchen knives can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. For instance, buying knife sheaths for kitchen knives can help you protect your investment. Sheaths shield your precious blades from harmful elements.

Mercer Culinary Knife 8-inch Guard


  • Can be bought online from Amazon for $8.74
  • Has a dimension of 8 x 2 inches
  • Also available in 18 other dimensions

Available in Many Sizes

If you ever want to buy a full set of Mercer Culinary Knife Guards, you can choose from the many available sizes they have for sale. Aside from the 8-inch knife sheath, they also offer other sizes, ranging from 4 inches to 14 inches. So whether you have a peeling knife or a carving knife, there is a Mercer Culinary Knife Guard for your knife.


Customers report difficulty in using the Mercer Culinary Knife Guard. The knife guard works like a clam clip rather than a sheath, unlike other protective knife accessories. As a result, you cannot easily and quickly insert your knife into it as you would with a sheath. Another common complaint is how thin it is, which casts doubts about its effectiveness.

Five-Piece Noble Home & Chef Knife Guard


  • Can be bought online from Amazon for $16.42
  • Comes with felt linings
  • Made of non-BPA materials
  • Has a cover made of ABS plastic
  • Comes as a set of five knife sheaths in different sizes

Value-laden Deal

If buying individual knife sheaths seems impractical, you may appreciate the 5-Piece Knife Sheath Set from Noble Home & Chef. This knife sheath set comes with sheaths in the following lengths: 4.75", 6", 6.25", 8.5" and 10.5." These dimensions may be enough to cover most of the knives in your knife block.


Despite being marketed as "universal" knife sheaths, they may not fit some of your kitchen knives, especially those with a wide blade. In addition, some customers complain about the side slit design of these sheaths. They found that you can accidentally remove the knife sheaths because of this design flaw.

Final Thoughts

Beginning your journey in the world of cooking isn't easy. Aside from equipping yourself with cooking skills, you would also have to arm yourself with the proper kitchen utensils. However, the different kitchen knives and kitchen knife sheaths shared in this article may help you get a head start along this path.

If you are feeling adventurous, you may try carbon kitchen knives known for their excellent sharpness. But, do note: lifetime kitchen knives last for a long time because of knife material and knife maintenance. That's why investing in tools like knife sheaths can be worthwhile.

Craving for more knife and knife-related products? Instead of going to a kitchen warehouse, you can visit our knife accessories section on our website.

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