10 Reasons Why the Bubba Fillet Knife Is Every Angler’s Best Fishing Companion

May 11, 2022

As an angler, you know that having the right tools is the key to creating memorable fishing trips. The Bubba Fillet Knife is such an essential piece of gear—it can handle any filleting task you throw at it. Whether you’re preparing your dinner for the grill or filleting larger numbers of fish for a business, this knife will make short work of it. So what makes the Bubba Fillet Knife so great? 

In this blog post, we'll look at what makes the Bubba fillet knife such a popular choice among anglers. What we are sharing is great information to complement Bubba fillet knife reviews. Keep reading to find out!

1. Stiff Fillet Knives Handle More Than Just Fish Meat

After a long day of waiting for a catch, finally, the seas have blessed you with a blue marlin, every angler’s trophy! After taking a photo to flex your catch to the world, get your well-deserved bite of the fish by filleting it for dinner. Bubba's stiff fillet knives are the most rigid blades among the brand's fillet knives which you can use for fish with tough meat and even pork, chicken, turkey, and more!

2. Tapered Flex Is More Rigid, Best for Meat and Bones

Meanwhile, the tapered flex has a narrower blade than the stiff Bubba blades, so they can easily cut through fish meat. You can count on this blade type to cut through fish meat and bones while providing extra flexibility compared with a stiff knife. It is the first level of flexibility among all flexible knives of Bubba. They are the tool to use for almost all fish types. 

3. Bubba Blade Flex Fillet Knife for Tougher and Bigger Fish

Meanwhile, Bubba also has flex fillet knives that are best used for fish with medium sizes like Bass, Catfish, Crappie, or Shad, which range from 10-inch to 40-inch. The blade strength can cut through tougher fish meat while ensuring the flexibility to fillet and remove bones smoothly. Make sure to pick the right Bubba flex fillet knife blade length that best matches the size of your catch to make your task easier.

bubba blade flex fillet knife

4. Ultra Flex Blades for Slicing Delicate Fish Meat

Nothing is more delightful than enjoying fish fillet dishes like fillet in lemon butter sauce, baked fish fillet, or crispy fish fillet in zesty lime sauce with the fillet in perfect shape. Getting a perfectly filleted fish is possible with the Bubba ultra flex fillet knives. This is because the blade is flexible and can cut seamlessly through fish meat and remove bones without ruining the meat. So reward yourself not only with tasty but also with beautiful fish dishes after a tiring day of fishing.

5. Available in Various Blade Lengths

Aside from the blade flexibility, the blade length is another factor to consider when choosing a Bubba blade. The ultra flex knives are available in 6-inch and 8-inch sizes, while the tapered flex is available in 7-inch and 9-inch. The flex types have 9-inch and 12-inch varieties, and the stiff knife has a 9-inch blade length. Bubba also offers 9-inch serrated flex, sculpin pocket folding knife, 5-inch lucky lew, and a 7-inch tapered flex folding knife. 

6. Bubba Fillet Knife Set and Its Interchangeable Blades

Do you want to own a couple of these knives and bring them into your boat or in your cabin so that you have various blades to prepare the fish whenever you get a good catch? The great news is you can get the Bubba multi-flex interchangeable fish filleting knife set. Instead of getting separate knives, you’ll get a handle where four various blades, tapered flex, ultra flex, serrated flex, and stiff, can be attached. They are all organized inside a portable storage box. 

7. Efficient Bubba Fillet Electric Knives

Even knives enjoyed the advantages of technology with the creation of electric knives. They are the tool to have if you have a filleting business and prepare tons of fish regularly. These knives are also used if you want to be more relaxed when filleting; they automatically make the slicing motion. These electric knives have different designs like the Bubba blade cordless fillet knife, Pro and Lithium-Ion models, or the 110V Corded Electric Fillet Knife.

bubba fillet knife reviews

8. Blades Made of Robust and Quality Materials

The Bubba fillet knives are meant to withstand wet environments near bodies of water and prepare slimy fish, so their blades are tough. The Bubba fish fillet knife blades are made of high carbon stainless steel coated with titanium nitride making it non-stick and rust-resistant. Blade thickness varies depending on the flex model. Still, the lengths available are enough to let you prepare small to larger types of fish, from sea bass to blue marlin. 

9. Handles Made for Angler Comfort and Safety

Aside from the blade, the Bubba knife handles are also designed to satisfy every angler's need for a knife they can grip despite the wet and slimy work environment. The Bubba knife handles all have the signature orange color with black streaks. The handles are rubber textures to ensure your hand won’t slip. They also have thumb and finger pads and safety guards for additional protection if your hands slip. 

10. Brand perfect for collectors

Are you the type of angler who likes every tool organized and even color-coded in your boat and cabin? The Bubba brand will satisfy this goal first by having fish fillet knives with the same signature handles and various knife accessories and merchandise. 

Bubba also sells fishing rods, gears, apparel, and kitchen tools. In addition, you can buy fishing pliers, gaffs, nets, sharpeners (if you ask how to sharpen a bubba fillet knife), bags, and even clothes that bear the Bubba brand. This is every collector's dream come true!

Final Thoughts

The Bubba fillet knife is a suitable fishing companion for any angler. Whether you are looking to fillet a delicate fish or tackle a tougher fish, there is a Bubba Blade flex fillet knife that can get the job done. The brand has interchangeable blades and comfortable handles, so anglers can make quick work of their catch. You can prepare both delicate or more challenging fish because of Bubba’s ultra-flexible blades. Bubba knives are also made of high-quality materials built to last. The comfortable handles ensure a safe and easy grip even when wet. So if you're looking for an efficient and durable fillet knife, the Bubba fillet knife is always a great option. 

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