Straight From the City of Blades: The Best Brands of German Hunting Knives

March 11, 2022

Are you excited about your next adventure to the great outdoors? Before you head out, make sure that you have all your hunting essentials packed and ready. Despite their small size, hunting knives can be extremely useful for different scenarios that you might encounter along the trail—hunting knives can even save you from desperate situations!

Unfortunately, not all hunting knives are forged equally. Some are better than others. In particular, German knives are known for their high quality and impressive performance. This reputation stems from their tradition of forging steel knives that can be traced back hundreds of years. One German city, in particular, even became known as the “City of Blades.”

If you’re looking for hunting knives, you should consider German hunting knives for their quality and reputation. But how are they exactly different from other knives in the market? Read more and find out!

What Are Hunting Knives?

A hunting knife can be your best friend while on the hunt for some wild game. Unlike kitchen knives, hunting knives are very portable yet extremely sharp. They are meant to be used in outdoor situations, specifically in hunting. You can rely on your trusty outdoor knife as you prepare your freshly caught game for either transport or consumption.

Once you successfully hunt down an animal, you have to gut it as soon as possible. The decomposition process starts right away, which can ruin your game and make it unfit for consumption. With a sharp hunting knife and your impressive knife skills, you must remove its delicate internal organs with great precision.

Aside from gutting animals, you can use a hunting knife to debone, skin, and butcher your hard-earned game. The myriad of situations that you can use a hunting knife in makes it an indispensable tool when you are out in the wild. As such, you must make sure that you only purchase the best of the best hunting knives within your budget.

What Makes German Knives Special?

german hunting knives - City of Solingen

Earlier, we spoke of a German city that came to be known as the “City of Blades.” Solingen, which became a hotbed for blacksmiths and their guilds, continues to live up to its reputation in the present day. Companies that are based and manufacture their knives in the city of Solingen enjoy the prestige that comes with the name of the city.

Throughout centuries, Solingen honed a distinct culture rooted in blacksmithing. During the Medieval Age, sword making flourished and assumed a central role in the local economy. Making the city a central hub for all things related to metalworking, swordsmiths from southern Germany and Austria started to migrate, bringing along with them their blacksmithing skills and know-how.

Today, different companies, both old and new, are based in Solingen. Aside from manufacturing tried-and-tested knives and blades, they are now involved in research and development, further pushing the boundaries of metalworking. As such, you can set high expectations for any blade that carries the name Solingen!

What Are the Best German Knife Brands?

Various outdoor knife companies claim to be from Solingen, hoping to lure customers. However, they might be untruthful in their claims. For example, the company may have its headquarters in Solingen, but the manufacturing could be based somewhere else. To help you sift through the many options in the market, here we have the five best German knife brands.


If you’re a knife enthusiast looking for one of the authentic Solingen knives in the market, then look no further than Puma knives. The brand was first established in 1769 and has been manufacturing all sorts of knives and blades since then. However, the company first began by designing and producing basic essential items such as razors and scissors.

Aside from its roots in the late 1700s, Puma is also known for its breakthrough designs in the 1950s. Its unorthodox knife designs were made in collaboration with different experts from various fields. Puma’s designs are so iconic that an international community of Puma knives collectors and enthusiasts actively seek the rarest limited edition knives.

Böker (Böker USA)

One of the most recognizable trademarks in the Solingen knife industry is the silhouette of a cherry tree enclosed in a circle. You might have already noticed this on some handles and blades while browsing for Solingen knives. This insignia belongs to Böker and has become synonymous with quality and impeccable craftsmanship.

Since the late 1600s, Böker has been forging a growing collection of household cutlery and expanded to different kinds of specialized knives, including hunting knives. Known as the “Tree Brand,” Böker became witness to history’s most defining moments. Despite the numerous changes of hands throughout the years, Böker remains steadfast in its commitment to producing high-quality Böker knives.

Hen & Rooster

Aside from the cherry tree, you may have also seen the hen and rooster insignia on some knives from Solingen Germany. The Hen & Rooster company traces its history back to a modest owner of a poultry business in Germany in 1845. Being acutely aware of the need for high-performance cutlery when dealing with poultry, Carl Bertram committed himself to manufacture only the best knives in the industry.

The company, which has existed for hundreds of years, takes pride in its more than 200 hand processes that go into the production of its knives. As such, you can never go wrong with Hen & Rooster if you wish to include a fine German hunting knife in your collection or duffle bag. 


Proud in its centuries-old tradition of manufacturing knives, Otter-Messer hails from the City of Blades as well. Up to the present day, its knives and cutlery are still sharpened by hand, so you can be assured that Solingen’s craftsmanship remains central to its manufacturing. Their collection consists mostly of knives that feature sharp and reliable carbon blades.

Unlike the other brands, Otter-Messer highly specializes in pocket knives and fixed blade knives such as hunting knives. So the next time you need a Solingen pocket knife for your hunting trips, buying a handmade piece from Otter-Messer is a no-brainer decision.

Linder Solingen

With records tracing its history in 1870, Linder Solingen has a wide range of knives for different situations. The company also carries various brands of specialized knives, including hunting knives. Its hunting knives are proudly made in Solingen so you don’t have to worry about its craftsmanship and durability.

No matter what budget you have, Linder Solingen has a hunting knife for you. The company has an extensive catalog of hunting knives made of all sorts of materials. Some are made of stainless steel, while others feature carbon steel blades. 

Japanese vs German Knives: Which One Is Better?

When looking for the best knives sold in the market, you might have noticed that most brands are either of Japanese or German origin. However, when it comes particularly to hunting knives, those with Japanese origins are hard to come by. This could be because hunting for wild game is not as prevalent in Japan as it is in Germany.

As such, if you’re in the market for a hunting knife, going for German brands is the way to go. Centuries of hunting knife craftsmanship are behind every Solingen blade. This makes German knives the go-to choice for hunting knives. When it comes to kitchen knives, however, Japanese knives could be a worthy competitor to German steel.

Final Thoughts

Before stepping foot on your hunting trail, you better make sure you have your essentials ready. A fixed blade knife will serve you well as you prepare your game for either transport or immediate consumption. Aside from being sharp enough for gutting, skinning, and deboning game, a hunting knife is also extremely portable and easy to carry.

The best German knives hail from Solingen, the “City of Blades.” So the next time you are out shipping for hunting knives, don’t forget to include German steel in your list. Solingen knife companies have deep roots in the history and tradition of German blacksmithing. Take your pick, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

After a successful hunting trip, you might want to prepare your freshly caught game for your family to enjoy. Put your trusty blade back in its sheath, and check out the best kitchen knives that are just perfect for the job.

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