A Guide to Bevel Angle for Kitchen Knives: 4 Elite Easy-to-Sharpen Brands

July 4, 2022

Sharpening knives is uneventful. Some people postpone refining their knife's edges, expecting that repetitive strokes will yield nothing but a short-lived edge. It's a heavy effort to invest in an average knife.

That's about to change.

These four elite kitchen knives will shift your view on the boring knife-sharpening endeavor. Of course, by the time you're done exploring each of them, you'll want to have the fine experience of running these cutting-edge knives across that chunky, oiled-up whetstone.

bevel angle for kitchen knives - Victorinox Fibrox 8-inch chef knife with black scale

Victorinox Fibrox Chef Knife

Blade Material: AUS 10-V Japanese stainless steel
Length (point to bolster): 7.9 inches
Scale Material: Non-riveted thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)

Victorinox's standout feature

Superior edge retention. The brand claims the straight profile blade is tough enough that it will only need sharpening on rare occasions. 

Victorinox’s drawbacks

It lacks weight. This chef knife will need more force when chopping up harder food materials. The blade and the handle's weight are lighter than expected of a chef's knife.

Recommended sharpening blade angle 

The best angle for this chef knife is a minimum of 17 degrees. On the other hand, because of its weight, you can reduce the angle to 15 degrees for a sharper result and better edge bevel retention.

Get more detail about this knife

This well-known chef knife and brand has got professionals vouching for its quality. To get a good look at what this knife is capable of, you can check out this Victorinox Fibrox review

Ready to get Victorinox Fibrox?

Victorinox Fibrox is an excellent starter for budding kitchen cooks, whether by hobby or profession. You can get this knife set on Amazon.

bevel angle for kitchen knives - Dalstrong 8-inch rippled blade with black scale

Dalstrong Shogun Series X

Blade Material: High-carbon stainless steel
Length (point to bolster): 8 inches
Scale Material: Wood

Dalstrong's standout feature

It comes with a Dalstrong whetstone. This particular Dalstrong Series X is a package deal that includes a signature Dalstrong stone sharpener. This ensures you get the right sharpening stone material and grit for this premium knife.

Dalstrong’s drawbacks 

Wooden handles can decay. The Shogun X is no doubt a top-tier chef knife. But you have to keep a close watch for its wooden handle. Make sure it's kept dry to avoid wood expansion.

Recommended sharpening blade angle

Dalstrong's Shogun Series X scores 62 on the Rockwell scale. Our recommended sharpening blade angle for kitchen knives with a hardness score of 60 and above is a lower angle of 15 degrees. This makes sharpening the knife better because it gives excellent blade tension without trading off the sharpness.

Get more detail about this knife

A premium Japanese super steel chef knife is worth a deeper look. It's a beautiful chef knife with features that will astound both the average cook and the superstar chef. Read this Shogun Series X review for more.

Ready to get Dalstrong Shogun Series X?

This premium knife is recommended for serious cooks who want a high-performance cutting tool in the kitchen. But this can also be for the regular cook that strives for food preparation excellence. You can get the Shogun Series X on Amazon.

bevel angle for kitchen knives - Zwilling 8-inch stainless steel blade with black scale

Zwilling Professional S

Blade Material: Solingen stainless steel
Length (point to bolster): 8 inches
Scale Material: Polymer

Zwilling's standout feature

This knife is Solingen-made. Zwilling J.A. Henckels is a name that hails from Solingen, Germany. Their knives are forged from the famous city of blades making the Zwilling Pro S a world-class knife with immense quality.

Zwilling’s drawbacks

The blade's tip may chip or break. The Zwilling Pro S knife is hard. As such, it's susceptible to having its pointed end bent or broken. Ensure you don't drop the knife and always place it on a wide surface.

Recommended sharpening blade angle

Zwilling Pro S scores 57 to 59 on the Rockwell scale. The best angle for sharpening kitchen knives on this level is at least 17 but at a maximum of 22 degrees. This makes for long-lasting edge retention while preserving the blade's life.

Get more detail about this knife

Another worthy addition to your kitchen equipment. This amazing knife is something that chefs and cooks use regularly, and for a good reason. You can find out why in this Zwilling J.A. Henckels Professional S review.

Ready to get Zwilling Professional S?

This Solingen-made knife is one of the best knife brands that offer premium quality on a high to mid-range budget. You can get one for your kitchen on Amazon.

Zelite Infinity

Blade Material: AUS-10 Japanese stainless steel
Length (point to bolster): 8 inches
Scale Material: G-10 Fiberglass

Zelite Infinity's standout feature

Adapts the Japanese knifemaking methods. The Zelite Infinity incorporates an authentic Japanese blade tradition in design and features. You can tell on the surface it's a knife made with meticulous detail and painstaking effort.

Zelite Infinity’s drawbacks 

It can be prone to rust. This Japanese blade is tough, but it also has a high-carbon content making it vulnerable to corrosion. So it's best to store it in a dry and cool storage area to prevent any premature rusting.

Recommended sharpening blade angle

Zelite Infinity is one of the types of kitchen knives that have a high hardness score. At 62 Rockwell scale, this Japanese knife is recommended to be sharpened at 12 to 15-degree angles to get an excellent knife tension and sharpness that can easily slice through paper.

Get more detail about this knife

This Damascus chef knife with a Japanese touch rivals most European and Western premium chef knives worldwide. If you're intrigued about this elite chef knife, you can read this Zelite Infinity review.

Ready to get Zelite Infinity?

If you're looking for a Japanese-style chef knife loaded with features that make cooking efficient and graceful, you can get the Zelite Infinity on Amazon.

Dalstrong Delivers an Exquisite Sharpening Experience

Dalstrong offers the best experience, both for those experts in whetting knife blades and those still learning how to sharpen kitchen knives. Of course, all things equal, all brands featured have their own qualities that make them worthy. But Dalstrong is the only featured chef knife brand offering its own sharpening stone, ensuring easy sharpening with the right bevel angle for kitchen knives under Dalstrong's name.

More premium knife brands are available for your eyes to feast on when browsing our blogs. We've got in-depth reviews for other knife brands as well as buying guides that will make your kitchen experience the finest one you'll have. Explore the website now.

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