Best Whetstone for Kitchen Knives for Budget Sharpening: The Double-Sided Edition

June 27, 2022

A good sharpener is the key to a great, long-lasting kitchen knife. Even if you're an experienced home cook, keeping your knives sharp can be tough without a good sharpening tool.

There's also the lack of time or money to go out and avail of professional knife sharpening services. So, what can you possibly do if you run out of options?

Here's the answer: get a double-sided whetstone! We've researched five products where you might find the best whetstone for kitchen knives you've been looking for. Read more to see why we recommend these tools for cooks on a budget!

2 Stones, 1 Price: 5 of the Best Double-Sided Whetstones for Sharpening Kitchen Knives

You don't want a dull knife in your kitchen. Not only is it useless in cutting through food, but it's also dangerous because it's more likely to slip and cause accidents. If you want to prevent this from happening, you need a good sharpening tool.

If you're looking for an affordable way to keep your kitchen knives sharp, we recommend these five double-sided whetstones!

best whetstone for chef knife - king 1000 6000 double sided whetstone

#1: King 1000/6000 Grit Combination Stone

Let's start this list with one of the most trusted brands for knife sharpening stones. The King Combination Stone is ideal for professionals and home cooks with little experience, and here's why.


  • Grit: 1000/6000
  • Stone Material: Ceramic
  • Surface Dimensions: 3.54 × 1.22 × 0.87 in
  • Weight: 16 oz
  • Stone type: Water stone

Features You Will Love

So what are the likable features of this sharpening stone?

A Convenient Sharpening Set for Beginners

This King whetstone is a starter set; this says a lot about what to expect. The double-sided stone has an angle holder, two ceramic rods, a durable plastic base, and a wiping cloth. These features keep your knife clean and the sharpening stone in place while using it.

A Versatile and High-Quality Japanese Stone

Japanese-style whetstones are popular, and for good reasons. They're known for their excellent quality and razor-sharp capability, and this whetstone is one of them! The optimal 1000/6000 grit combo makes it a versatile sharpener for stainless steel and carbon kitchen knives, pocket knives, and gardening tools.

Areas of Improvement

Meanwhile, here are some things about the product that needs improvement.

No English Instructions

Unfortunately, this whetstone only comes with a Japanese manual, so you must figure things out on your own if you can't understand it. We recommend looking for online videos and instructions from other users.

Needs Packaging Improvement

Most customers complain about receiving damaged orders like stone cracks. It's most likely due to the plastic storage, which isn't strong enough to protect the product at shipping.


As with most water stones, this one needs soaking before use and air drying.

#2: Whetstone Cutlery 400/1000 Two-Sided Knife Sharpening Stone

The Whetstone Cutlery Double-Sided Sharpening Stone lives up to the best budget stone agenda. But does it have features good enough for your sharpening needs?


  • Grit: 400/1000
  • Stone Material: Silicone Carbide
  • Surface Dimensions: 7.01 × 2.24 × 1.14 in
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs
  • Stone type: Water stone

Features You Will Love

So what are the likable features of this sharpening stone?

Good Sharpening Quality for a Low Price

Whetstone Cutlery's Two-Sided Knife Whetstone is just under $15, but it already offers two grits (400 and 1000) to help you repair and create a finer edge on your kitchen knife.

Both Sides Are Equally Durable

Some people encounter double-sided stones with one side that wears down faster than the other. This eliminates the point of dual-sided sharpeners, a reason why some cooks prefer pricey single-sided stones. But if you're on a budget, this whetstone can provide two grits that can last for years with proper care.

Razor-Sharp Results

You might think an inexpensive sharpener won't give you razor-sharp results, but this whetstone proves you wrong! It's fairly easy to use and has a decent sharpening speed that gets you super sharp blades. In addition, you won't need honing oil to aid in sharpening your kitchen knives.

Good Practice Tool for Beginners

This sharpening stone is also a great starting point for beginner knife sharpening. Using an expensive stone to practice will be a waste, so we suggest starting with this affordable stone along with some online video guides.

Areas of Improvement

Meanwhile, here are some aspects of the product that could use some improvement.

It's a Small Stone

Unfortunately, this stone doesn't have much space to work with, which can be challenging for larger knives.

Too Soft for Heavy-Duty Sharpening

This stone is very soft compared to its competitors. Thus, you should be extra careful when using it, or else the blade will easily nick the stone.

best whetstone grit for kitchen knives - sharp pebble dual sided whetstone

#3: Sharp Pebble Dual-Sided 1000/6000 Grit Waterstone

Let's raise the price a bit in exchange for enhanced features. The Sharp Pebble Dual-Sided Waterstone is an affordable knife sharpener that offers versatile sharpening options!


  • Grit: 1000/6000
  • Stone Material: Aluminum Oxide
  • Surface Dimensions: 2.25 × 7 × 1.13 in
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs
  • Stone type: Water stone

Features You Will Love

So what are the likable features of this Sharp Pebble sharpening stone?

Sharpens Various Knife Blades

First off, how awesome would it be to get more than what you asked for? This sharpening whetstone can sharpen kitchen knives and larger blades for outdoor use like shears. This is possible due to the stone's generous surface and grit power.

Includes a Sharpening Angle Guide

Keeping a consistent angle is one of the toughest challenges when sharpening knives. Luckily, this whetstone includes a black angle guide that's very useful for beginners. It will make the seemingly daunting task easier and safer for you.

Stays in Place

Don't you just hate it when your whetstone slips while you're in the middle of sharpening? Sharp Pebble knows your concern and adds a non-slip silicone holder with a bamboo base to keep the stone in place. So don't worry about your slippery countertops; this sharpener will remain steady.

Areas of Improvement

Meanwhile, here's what we think should improve about the product. 

Needs Additional Sharpening Instructions

This sharpener includes a manual for stone prepping and blade holding, but that's all you get. Inexperienced users usually look for angle and blade motion guides, which this product doesn't offer.

The Grit Requires Soaking Before Use

The fine grit needs soaking for about 15 minutes before use. It can be seen as a disadvantage, but remember that most water stones are like this. They need soaking and moisture maintenance throughout the process.

#4: Chefic BearMoo 3000/8000 Grit Knife Sharpening Stone

Do you have a reasonable sharpening experience and need a good tool to refine the edge of your dull kitchen knife? Then, the Chefic BearMoo Double-Sided Whetstone can live up to your expectations.


  • Grit: 3000/8000
  • Stone Material: Corundum
  • Surface Dimensions: 7.09 × 1.18 × 2.36 in
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Stone type: Synthetic water stone

Features You Will Love

So what are the likable features of this sharpening stone?

An Affordable Alternative to King Stones

If you want something cheaper than a King whetstone but offer higher grit options, this Amazon's Choice sharpener will do. It has a non-slip bamboo and rubber base with an optional angle guide for precise sharpening. Honing oils are unnecessary because the stone alone can turn blades razor-sharp in no time.

Good for Knives That Need Next-Level Sharpness

If you find that a 1000/6000 grit stone is not enough to give your dull kitchen knife a new edge, consider this whetstone (especially the 3000 grit). Use it as your regular knife maintenance tool, and watch it give your knife a greater sharpness that will make safe and precise cuts!

Areas of Improvement

We think the following aspects of this product need to improve.

Too Soft When Soaked for Long Periods

Be careful when soaking this whetstone in water. If possible, do it for about 15 minutes or less. That way, it won't become extremely soft and wear out faster than intended.

Not Ideal for Sharpening High-End Knives

This whetstone won't work like a 3000/8000 grit sharpener in high-end knives that need polishing. Typically, they have hardened blades, which will take multiple sharpening rounds in this whetstone.

best whetstone for sharpening kitchen knives - dmt duosharp 8 in double sided whetstone

#5: DMT DuoSharp 8-Inch Fine/Coarse Bench Stone With Base

Are you looking for the best whetstone for a chef knife? The DuoSharp Fine/Coarse Whetstone With Base would make a fine candidate for professional kitchen knives that need faster, quality sharpening!


  • Grit: 45/25 microns
  • Material: Stone with diamond plating
  • Surface Dimensions: 13.25 ×13.25 × 11.5 in
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Stone Type: Diamond stone

Features You Will Love

So what are the likable features of this diamond sharpening stone?

A Fast and Durable Sharpener

Looking for a sharpening stone that works fast? Diamond stones are popular for that! This stone can sharpen your kitchen and outdoor knives faster than any type of stone with the same grit! With this tool, you can get on with sharpening quickly and make your meals on time.

A Solid Flat Surface

Diamond stones are known for their sturdy, flat surface. In fact, knifemakers use extra-coarse diamond stones to flatten other whetstones! This makes the DuoSharp Whetstone more reliable and long-lasting, especially with proper care. 

A Steady and Generous Size

The DuoSharp Diamond Stones incorporate a locking bench base to keep everything steady as you sharpen. Furthermore, it offers a generous surface that can sharpen various blade sizes.

Areas of Improvement

On the other hand, in what aspects does this sharpening stone fall short?

Its Strength is Also Its Weakness

Diamond stones are crazy sharp, so you must be careful when using them. Otherwise, they can damage your knives with little effort.

Base and Adjustment Problems

Many users find that the plastic base lacks durability. Additionally, they find it hard to use this tool effectively. For example, some had to sharpen one knife multiple times and still not get a good edge.

Sharp Talks for Sharp Minds: Why Get a Double-Sided Sharpening Stone?

Before we wrap this article up, let's briefly discuss double-sided whetstones. Here's why we recommend them for cooks on a budget.

What are the Pros of Dual-Sided Sharpening Stones?

Below are reasons to buy a double-sided stone sharpener.

  • Save money; you get two stones at one price!
  • They're compact and therefore easier to store.
  • Convenient for novices who want to use fewer tools.

What are the Cons of Dual-Sided Sharpening Stones?

Meanwhile, here's why you should consider a full, single-sided stone.

  • Dual-sided stones wear out faster than full stones.
  • They're more prone to soaking issues.
  • Choose single grit stones if you also want to use the aid of other sharpening tools.

What's the Best Whetstone Grit for Kitchen Knives?

The answer depends on the purpose of using a whetstone. Here's a quick list of grit ranges for each type of knife issue.

  • 1000 and below - knives with chipped edges
  • 1000 to 3000 - repairing dull knives
  • 4000 to 6000 - dull knives used to cut meat
  • 4000 to 8000 - finishing or refining a knife's edge

Two-Sided Whetstones for Fast, Affordable, and Quality Knife Sharpening

For many years, whetstone was the only option for sharpening a knife. Even with today's innovative sharpening tools, they remain a gold standard for anyone who wants a high-quality sharpening experience.

They require time and a fair amount of skill, but it's not impossible for beginners. Like the products we reviewed, some sharpeners are constructed in a way that makes the process easier.

But not all sharpening stones are equal, so we have to pick the best among the rest. Our winner for the best whetstone for kitchen knives is none other than the King Double-Sided Stone Starter Set! 

It doesn't make the rest bad, but the King whetstone ticks all boxes for home cooks looking for affordable, high-quality sharpening. Plus, it's beginner-friendly! You have more to gain than lose with this tool.

Check out our website categories for more helpful knife whetstone blogs, buying guides, and product reviews!

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