Poland FN-16: The Best Small Hunting Knife for Your Wilderness Adventures

February 15, 2022

Hunting is a popular sport and hobby that people of all ages enjoy. But, whether you're hunting for food, trophies, or just for the thrill of it, it's important to have the right equipment. The knife is one of the most important pieces of hunting equipment you need, so don’t just buy the first one that catches your eye.

Hunting knives come in a variety of sizes. Most people think that the bigger the knife, the better. But carrying a small knife can help you with tons of tasks when it comes to hunting and give you a more precise cut. Today, we’ll be talking about a small but mighty addition to your hunting kit: the Poland FN-16. Check it out, and see if it's time to invest in this tiny, powerful hunting tool. 

Damascus Steel for Your Hunting Knives 

Choosing the blade material for your hunting knives is important because a knife relies on its sharp blade. Your knives will be useless for hunting with a fragile and dull edge. Many hunters love a Damascus steel blade—they say it’s the perfect material if you’re looking for an excellent knife.

Let's look at some of the qualities of Damascus steel to know what makes them outstanding. 

Steel Composition 

Forging for Damascus steel dates back to 300 B.C. This steel was originally founded in India and was called Wootz steel, and artisans used it for weapons and statues for their temples. When the trade of weapons was at large, Indians exported their Wootz steel to the Persian city of Damascus, where weapons of all kinds were forged—hence its name today, Damascus steel. 

Damascus steel is composed of a variety of steel. Because of the different metal compositions of Damascus steel, unique patterns are created during forging, making this type of blade distinguishable at first glance. 

Edge Retention 

Owning a small Damascus steel hunting knife will allow you to do more because of its edge retention. Some blades need to be sharpened often and sometimes even in the middle of the job, which can be a hassle. The edge retention of Damascus steel is superior compared to other materials like stainless steel or alloy. 

Damascus does not need sharpening very often and requires little maintenance to remain sharp. But despite this, remember to sharpen all your knives regularly so they can last for a long time. 

small hunting knife on a wooden chopping board

Product Spotlight: Poland FN-16 Damascus Hunting Knife with a Small Blade

The brand Poland has a line of premium hunting knives that can complete your hunting gear. Below, we'll take a more detailed look at the FN-16 hunting knife and see why you should get one for your next hunting trip. 

Handle Material 

The handle of the knife is made from olive wood. Olive has a great color and gives your hunting knife an aesthetic look. Although olive is mainly used for home decorations, it is also excellent for knife handles because of its durability. In addition, olive wood is weighty enough to provide a good balance to better grip your knife. 

However, take note that olive wood is easily affected by external factors like water and pests. If you have an olive handle, it is recommended that you polish the handle with wax or natural oils to repel liquid substances and insects that can destroy the wood from the inside. 

Blade Durability 

The blade of the FN-16 is forged by multiple layers of Damascus steel and high carbon steel for extreme hardness. It is forged in fire by hammering it multiple times to achieve the desired thickness, so there are no cracks and dents on the blade of the hunting knife. 

This small knife is great for skinning poultry and gutting fish. The blade is not that stiff so you can do basic filleting, and it will not leave a dent or permanently damage your hunting knife. 

Folding Knife 

If you're looking for a compact knife, the FN-16 is a good choice. This knife has a folding mechanism, so it's smaller in size and fits right in your pocket when you are not using it. No need for belt loops and other accessories when carrying this knife. 

The knife bolster is safely secured so you can flip the knife using a single finger, and it stays in place when you are using it to prevent slips and accidents. The knife also comes with a leather sheath, so you can store your hunting knife and protect it from external substances that can ruin its quality. 

Tanto Point Knife 

This small Damascus hunting knife has a Tanto point which is commonly found in Japanese cutlery. This knifepoint has a high point and a flat grind which closely resembles a triangle, making it extremely durable. Because of the high point of the blade, this is most suitable for piercing things and especially helpful for stabbing harder meats, which can cause chips and breakage in other knives.

Although the Tanto point is the strongest blade shape, it isn’t suitable for slicing and chopping because of the flat grind and unsharpened belly. But because of its strong point, you can use the Poland FN-16 as a survival knife to pry things open. As a bonus, it’s also extremely easy to sharpen.

Small Blade Drawbacks

Small blades can have a lot of uses, but you should also know the limitation of what a small blade can do. It’s important to keep in mind that using the proper knife for the appropriate activity is the best way to get an excellent outcome. 

  • The small size means it takes time to chop up big pieces of meat. Tough meats are even harder to chop. The best thing you can do with a small blade is slice thin layers to prevent the blade from bending or breaking. 
  • The Poland FN-16 has a Tanto point. This type of blade point is better for piercing. It will be difficult to use for chopping and slicing the meat you catch during hunting.
  • Damascus blades are not only aesthetically pleasing but they are also of excellent quality. But investing in a Damascus blade is quite expensive. Because of the hand made forging process, the entry price point of this blade is significantly higher compared to other hunting knives. 
small fixed blade hunting knife with a wooden handle

Final Thoughts 

Your knife doesn't have to be large to be effective on your hunting trips. With the right skills and right knowledge of knives, even a pocket knife can do all the tasks your long blades can. Invest in a small hunting knife: we love the Poland FN-16 for its compact, travel-friendly, and highly-durable blade. It’s small in size but has big cutting powers. 

For more knife recommendations, make sure to check out our buying guides and reviews to spruce up your knife collection. Purchase your next hunting knife today!

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