More for Less: Five of the Best Kitchen Knives Butcher Block

January 19, 2022

We would always get more if it were offered to us for less because more is good. Having more options would give us more ways of doing things, and if we’re getting more value for less money, even better.

That also applies to your kitchen cutting tools.

The list of the best kitchen knife block set below will help you narrow down your options from a set of kitchen knives butcher block products out there. Think about whether you want more or less and whether you want something high-end or practical.

Wüsthof Gourmet 12-Piece Kitchen Knife Block Set

Wusthof makes the finest blades in the market today. This brand is hailed from the famous city of blades in Solingen, Germany. The knives have a full tang that’s partially hidden, and the blade material is composed of carbon steel blades that are rust-resistant.

This Wusthof kitchen knife block set is also made with Precision Edge Technology, an innovation from Wusthof knifemakers that makes the edge of these knives last longer than any other western-made knives.

It’s best that you wash these knives manually rather than putting them in the dishwasher, as it may cause some issues with the knife down the road.


  • Solingen-made blade that ensures quality and durability
  • Has better edge retention than western knives
  • Heat-resistant polypropylene handles

Cuisinart 15-Piece Black Butcher Block Knife Set

This elegant-looking 15-piece butcher block knife set would look good on a marble kitchen top or any white ones. The black butcher block will add contrast to the countertop, and the silver knives will stand out.

The knives are made of one-piece stainless steel with a hollow profile, making these knives easy to rinse and dry. In addition, one-piece stainless steel knives are lightweight because there are no added materials on the tang like wood or composite scales. It’s also sturdy because it’s only built with one material, so the handle wouldn’t fall off in case you drop the knife.

Overall, if you’re looking to upgrade some items or maybe get a good start with your kitchen tools, this kitchen knife block will be a practical choice. It’s steel, it’s stylish, and it won’t break the bank.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Can be washed easily
  • Sleek and stylish

J.A. Henckels 15-Piece Set Butcher Block with Knives

Another formidable contender from Solingen is Henckels. When you hear “Solingen,” you think premium, high-quality blades— and Henckels is among those brands that produce superior Solingen blades.

This particular knife set is great for avid cooks who use many cutting tools to prepare food. It’s got everything you will need. The price for the complete set is an affordable $300.00 that could go as low as $120.00 if on sale. This set is for those who casually cook but can also make time for occasional knife maintenance. This set would last decades if given proper TLC (tender loving care).


  • Wide range of knife pieces to cover essential kitchen tasks
  • High quality with longer edge retention
  • Great price for a high-quality brand

Mercer 6-Piece Kitchen Knives Set

If you’re wondering where to put knife blocks in the kitchen because of the bulk, Mercer has the answer. Narrow down the pieces to just six and then place them in a tempered glass stand. This essentialist design from Mercer only gives you what you need so you can have more space and fewer knives. 

Most of the time, you only really need a few good knives— particularly those forged with a flat grind profile and a Santoprene handle, just like the Mercer knives. They have excellent edge retention, a non-slippery handle grip, and a block that accentuates the knife’s most crucial part– the blade.

The Mercer kitchen knives are great for a minimalist cook who loves function and convenience without sacrificing quality.


  • Space-saving
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Stylish knife block

Global 7-Piece Ikasu Knife Set

If you want something more but want to keep the minimalist design, there’s no need to compromise. Global has a minimalist 7-piece Knife set to offer you.

The Global knife set design immediately draws attention to the handle and the block set. The stylish dotted handle feature solves the slippery grip on a one-piece, forged knife. The block set is a beautiful mix of bamboo and plexiglass. You can marvel at the carefully placed vertical blades.

Apart from that, the knives of this set are exceptionally sharp. The flat grind has a symmetrical 50-degree bevel and can lacerate your fingers when you touch the edge, so be careful. Nevertheless, this is one of the best kitchen knives set out there in terms of aesthetics and sharpness.


  • Extremely sharp edges
  • Dotted handle for better grip
  • Stylish block stand

Choosing your Kitchen Knives Butcher Block Set: Get More or Less?

It all depends on whether you want more knives with more specific functions or just a few essential ones. If you want a high-end product and you have several people working in the kitchen, the Wusthof 12-piece knife should get the job done many times more than you expect. On the other hand, if you live alone or are the only one who cooks in the family and want to invest in something that would last, the Global 7-piece knife set would be a smart buy.

If you’re not cooking as much but would like to have options, the rest of the products would be a practical choice in terms of price and quality. They will remain in good shape with minimal to no upkeep.

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