An Imarku Knife Set Review: The Best Kitchen Kapers Knives for Making Meal Prep a Breeze!

April 28, 2022

We all love to eat! We love it when we munch on greasy, oily food. We can't get enough of that tender steak or that smoked salmon. We all enjoy eating chopped chicken meat or diced pork with vegetable side dishes. And we get it. We're all just a bunch of foodies here! But it's hard to give in to our guilty cravings at times. They may be difficult to come by, especially when proper kitchen tools are lacking.

A fine set of knives is one of the most fundamental kitchen tools to have. And when you have the right kitchen tools, cooking becomes a breeze. However, with the multitude of different types of knives, brands, and models out there, it can be hard to find the best quality kitchen knives that fit your specific needs. Therefore, we've put together this buying guide and review for a decent set of kitchen knives that you can own.

Join us as we discuss why the Imarku 15 Pieces German Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Block Set is one of the best kitchen kapers knives for your kitchen. Trust us whether you're a beginner in the kitchen or an experienced cook trying to brush up on your skills! You'll want this knife set before the day ends!

Life of a Kitchen Knife: Anatomy

It is always best to learn a thing or two about the best kitchen knives on the market. Before we talk about the Imarku Knife Set, first, let us go through each portion of a knife and what purpose it serves. 

Note: This is a simple rundown of the various characteristics of most basic blades; several specialty knives and the best custom kitchen knives are built significantly different.

Parts of a knife


The point is found at the very end of the knife's blade. It's like a pencil point or a ballpen point if you want to compare its prong to another object. This part is typically sharpened to an extremely fine point and can be effectively used to pierce or puncture the surface of many types of meat, fruits, and vegetables.


The tip is usually confused with the point because of its name. But this part is just underneath the point, so they are incredibly close to each other. It's a vital blade component primarily used for fine chopping and cutting.


The blade is probably the most well-known part of the knife. It refers to the portion of the knife that is utilized for cutting, slicing, and dicing like a master chef. It's commonly made of steel, but there are also blades made out of ceramic, titanium, and the less popular material, plastic.


The sharpened section of the blade is called the edge. It handles almost all of the cutting preparations. The quality of the knife and how frequently you polish, sharpen, and edge the ground will ultimately dictate the sharpness of the blade. The edge may be straight or serrated, just like with bread knives.


The heel is found on the blade's lower edge, closest to the bolster and farthest from the tip. It is usually the broadest part of the knife's blade. This knife area is most usually used when you need more pressure or greater strength to cut through tougher or thicker food.


Opposite the cutting edge is where you'll see the spine. The blunt upper side of the blade determines its strength through its thickness. Rule of thumb—the thicker the spine, the sturdier and more powerful the blade. It is also an essential part because it provides the overall balance of the knife.


The unsharpened section of the blade is located on the tang. It connects and joins the edge to the knife's handle. The tang is pivotal to the knife's general balance, stability, strength, and weight, like the spine. Some knives are designed to have a 'full tang.' A full tang is a knife where the tang extends from the blade's end towards the butt. The tang sometimes functions as a handle, depending on the style of the knife.


The handle, also called the "scales," is the part of the knife that you grasp while slicing. It is available in various materials and can be straight or with finger notches and other ergonomic characteristics for a better grip. Manufacturers occasionally forgo the handle altogether, opting to create a knife out of a single piece of steel with the tang functioning as the handle. Professionals sometimes prefer the best custom kitchen knives for better grip to serve their master better.


Rivets, sometimes called 'handle fasteners,' keep the handle pieces attached securely to the tang. Instead of rivets, epoxy or resin can be used to attach the handle to the tang in simple designs.


The butt, true to its name, is located at the rear end of the handle. 

What Makes the Imarku Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Block Set Stand Out?

Imarku 15 Pieces German Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Block Set

The Imarku 15 Pieces German Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Block Set is a reputable set of knives that helps you chop, slice, and dice with ease. Made from high-quality German stainless steel, these are durable, long-lasting, and built to last.

With 15 different knives in the collection, you'll have a wide variety of blades for any cooking need that comes your way. In addition, these kitchen knives have all your chopping needs covered, from small and sharp paring knives to big and heavy cleavers!

Key Features

  • A full range of knives for all your cooking needs, including utility knives, chef's knives, paring knives, and more.
  • Thanks to the ergonomic handle design, cutting and chopping have never been easier.
  • Sharp blades that consistently deliver precise cuts with little effort.
  • Premium blade coatings to help preserve the sharpness of each knife for more extended use.

The block is made of sturdy rubberwood that's stylish and easy on the eyes. It also helps keep all the knives in place so they don't get lost or damaged while not being used. Plus, with a sleek silver finish on each blade, this kitchen knife set will look stunning in any kitchen!

An In-Depth Look at Our Top Pick 

Material and Construction

The Imarku 15 Pieces German Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Block Set is constructed from high-quality materials, including durable stainless steel. The blade edges are sharp and easy to maneuver, making it the perfect choice for chopping, slicing, and dicing various ingredients. To add, the knives feature non-slip handles that provide a secure grip while cooking your favorite meals.


Thanks to their razor-sharp blades and versatile design, the kitchen knives in this set offer excellent performance when chopping or slicing various foods. So whether you're preparing meaty steaks or finely chopped veggies for a stir fry dish, these knives will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Ease of Use

The knives in this set are designed for both home cooks and professional chefs. They feature ergonomic handles that provide a comfortable grip, making them easy to use even with large quantities of food. Additionally, the blades are sharp and durable, so rest assured that they'll withstand repeated use without losing their edge.

Value for Money

The Imarku Knife Set offers excellent value for money. It includes all the necessary knives for a complete kitchen setup, plus a sharpener to keep the blades in top condition. 

The knives are made from high-quality materials built to last, making them a worthwhile investment for any home cook or professional chef. You don’t master the art of cooking overnight, so you’ll definitely need something that’s sturdy enough to tag along. 

If you're looking for a reliable set of kitchen kapers at an affordable price, look no further than the Imarku 15 Pieces German Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Block Set!

The PROS and CONS of Imarku 15 Pieces German Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife

Durable stainless steel bladesSome users may find the handles too small
Ergonomic handles for a comfortable gripThe knives may not be as sharp as expected
A sharpener is included to keep the blades in great condition
Affordable price

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Imarku 15 Pieces German Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Block Set is a high-quality set of kitchen knives that offers excellent performance and value for money. Whether you're a home cook or a professional chef, these knives are sure to become an essential part of your kitchen arsenal. 

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