The Best Kitchen Artist Knives for Your Kitchen

June 28, 2021

Getting the right cut of vegetables and meats makes a dish more palatable. While ingredients play a crucial part in making a certain dish taste delicious, cutting is another factor you’d want to consider because surface area affects the flavor of vegetables.

Dice, julienne, slice, or chop—you cannot do these cuts without the help of knives. Furthermore, correctly executing a particular cut means you have to use a specific kind of kitchen knife. Lucky for you, Kitchen Artist offers the best kitchen knives that are perfect for food preparation.

This article will help you find the best kitchen knife set you can only get from Kitchen Artist.

Kitchen Artist Knives and Their Purpose

If you want a whole new kitchen experience, Kitchen Artist can give it to you. The French brand offers various kitchen wares and utensils made from premium-quality materials, including mandolins, graters, cooking sets, kitchen scales, food containers, spice mills, and knives.

Kitchen Artist knives, in particular, won’t disappoint you, and you can choose from a wide range of selections. Here are the types of kitchen knives you can buy from Kitchen Artist.

  • Chef’s Knife — This knife is your best friend in the kitchen. Also known as a French knife, you can use it for disjointing, dicing, cutting, chopping, and slicing meats, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Paring Knife — This knife is small but mighty! With it, you can slice, chop, and cut fruits and vegetables. Plus, it is perfect when you want to add designs to fruits and vegetables for plating purposes.
  • Boning Knife — You typically use this for removing bones of meat, fish, and poultry. This knife comes in two types: flexible and stiff. A flexible boning knife is perfect for poultry and fish, while a stiff boning knife is best for pork and beef.
  • Serrated Knife — Unique for its rigid bottom edges, a serrated knife is perfect for slicing bread. Pro tip: use this knife when you slice a pie, and you will be amazed!
  • Slicing Knife — With a length of 8 to 12 inches, you can use this knife to cut smoked or cooked meat.

Knifemakers use three common types of steel: carbon, general German, and Japanese. These types of steel are insanely sharp. Another widely used type of blade is ceramic.

Kitchen Artist uses carbon steel and ceramic blades on their knives.

Kitchen Knife Set for You

Kitchen Artist has many kitchen knife sets suited for your kitchen needs. Aside from the variety of kitchen knives, you can also have a set with a chopping board, scissors, peelers, tongs, and magnetic bars.

Here are the different kitchen knife sets you can buy from Kitchen Artist.

  • 3-Piece Special Fish Set. This special stainless steel fish preparation set includes a 7.8-inch fillet knife, a fish scaler, and a bone tong.
  • Sausage Box with Knife. If you are a sausage lover, this set is for you. It has a wooden box with a knife storage compartment where you can store cold cuts. Also, you can use the sliding lid as a cutting board. The knife has a 4.3-inch blade.
  • Box of 3 Ceramic Knives. For a precise cut, this set has three ceramic-blade knives with hypoallergenic rubber handles.
  • Block of 3 Ceramic Knives with Support. The blades are made of ceramic, and each knife is ergonomic for a good grip, with a soft-touch colored handle and integrated support for horizontal maintenance of the blade. The knives have yellow-, red-, and purple-colored handles.
  • 6 Steak Knives with Storage Base. This set of six stainless steel knives has a storage block. Each knife has a colored handle in blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and purple.
  • Cutting Board with Chef’s Knife. This set has a bamboo cutting board with two nonslip green silicone corners at the bottom and one 7-inch chef’s knife with a green handle.
  • Set of 5 Kitchen Accessories. Each accessory is made from stainless steel, and the set contains a pizza knife, a vegetable knife, a cheese knife, a cake shovel, and a soft cheese knife.
  • Economical Block of 3 Ceramic Knives. This set has a design block and three knives in three different sizes. The knives have a ceramic blade with green rubber handles.
  • Box of 2-Piece Ceramic Blade Knives. The knife is 2.9 inches and has a peeler with ceramic blades.
  • 5-Piece Kitchen Knife Block. This block has five stainless steel kitchen knives: a paring knife, two carving knives, a chef’s knife, and a bread knife. Each knife has an ABS handle.
  • Set of 3 Colored Blade Knives. This set has three colored stainless steel knives: a paring knife, a chiseling knife, and a chef’s knife. All have polypropylene handles.
  • 3 Ceramic Knives with a Cutting Board. This handy set has three ceramic blade knives with brushed stainless steel handles. A bamboo box houses the knives, and you can use the bamboo lid as a cutting board.
  • 4 Slicing Knives in a Wooden Box. This set has four brushed stainless steel slicing knives of different lengths. Also, it has a multipurpose pine box that serves as a cutting board and knife storage.
  • 3 Knives with Iridescent Titanium Blades and a Block. Be captivated with this set that contains three knives made from iridescent titanium and an acrylic block. The carving, paring, and chef’s knives have rubber handles.
  • Block of 4 Ceramic Knives with Colored Handles. This colorful set has a paring knife, two carving knives, and a chef’s knife. All have rubber handles with a matching folding block.
  • Design Block 5 Stainless Steel Knives. Packed with all the types of knives you need in your kitchen, this set will absolutely make you feel like a real chef.
  • 5 Kitchen Knives on a Magnetic Bar. The set contains all types of knives with a magnetic bar in which to place the knives.
  • Box of 7 Ceramic Blade Knives. This seven-piece box contains four carving knives, two slicing knives, and a peeler. All have ceramic blades and rubber handles.
  • Cutting Board with 4 Colored Knives. This cutting board comes with a colored bread knife, chef’s knife, cutting knife, and paring knife.
  • 3-Knife Block Ceramic Blade. This set has an acrylic and transparent block, as well as three ceramic knives with matching white handles.

A set of three usually contains 2.9-, 3.9-, and 4.7-inch knives. The paring and carving knives have a 0.06-inch-thick blade, while the blade of chef’s and bread knives is 0.07-inch-thick.

Kitchen Artist is one of the few kitchen brands offering colored blades that add fun to cutting vegetables and meat.

How to Sharpen Kitchen Knives and Keep Them Clean

Sharpening your knives and constantly cleaning them are essential if you want to get the cut you want and prevent contamination.

A kitchen knife sharpener is all you need to keep your knives useful and sharp. You can buy a hand sharpener or a steel sharpener. Apply a little amount of pressure when using a hand sharpener to get the sharpness you want. If you are using a steel sharpener, raise your knife by about 15 to 20 degrees, and then run your knife back and forth.

Can you use a stone? You can still use it, but it can beat up your knives and scratch them too much.

You can test if your knives are sharp again by slicing a piece of paper or cutting vegetables right away. If you can cut with no difficulty, your knives are already sharp.

You can sharpen ceramic knives using diamond-encrusted stones or an electric knife sharpener with diamond abrasive. You can also visit a professional. Take good care of your ceramic knives, and they will last longer than you think!

Kitchen Artist knives are primarily hypoallergenic and anticorrosive, so you can wash them using your hands or with soft foam, soap, and water. You can also use dishwashing liquid on your cutting board. However, remember to use only hot water when cleaning your cutting board.

In Closing

Kitchen knives are not just mere knives. They are essential for your food preparation. After all, using the right kind of knife for a certain cut affects the quality of the food you are preparing.

Luckily, Kitchen Artist has got it all for you. Visit Kitchen Artist’s website now and check out their coolest kitchen utensils that will make your kitchen life more fun and exciting!

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