9 Best Kid’s Kitchen Knives - 2022 Reviews

January 13, 2022

You're on this page because you're finally teaching your children essential life skills, starting with letting them help you in the kitchen. If that's the case, let’s start with one of the most used kitchen tools—you need to scour the internet for information about the best kid’s kitchen knives. You're in luck because this blog features the nine best kid’s cooking knives you can find in the market today.

Knives and Kids: A Dangerous Combination?

Many of us are amazed by TV cooking competitions featuring kids. Those tiny humans move around the makeshift kitchen in a precise and careful manner as if they own it. But some parents instantly cringe when they imagine their child holding a knife; their protective parental instincts go up.

You’re finally putting an end to the last child-safety latch by letting them hold the knife and assist you in preparing the family meal. You've done enough childproofing since their infancy, like keeping bathrooms locked at all times, putting electrical outlet covers on electric sockets, and putting away sharp objects out of their reach. It’s time you teach your children some basic household lessons.

According to Norwegian researcher Ellen Hansen Sandseter, the relaxed approach is more practical than childproofing. Honing their judgment about what they're capable of, such as handling a knife, actually keeps children safer. Childproofing isn't out of the picture yet until their adolescent years. However, Sandseter said during her interview with HuffPost, "The most important safety protection you can give a child is to let them take... risks."

You've realized this, and that's why you're letting your little ones graduate out of these childproofing methods little by little. Of course, there’s still a certain amount of safety that needs to be done—the solution to this is child-friendly knives. We’ve compiled the 9 top kitchen knives for children to help you in your purchase.

Kid’s Kitchen Knives - Top 9 Reviews in 2022

Hombae Kid’s Kitchen Knife Set

Hombae Kids Kitchen Knife Set
Source: amazon.com

Here is a set of colorful kid-safe knives for your tiny chefs. Your kids won't get intimated to use the Hombae Kid’s Kitchen Knife Set since the knives look like colorful toys. With great kiddie aesthetics comes great responsibility to explain to your children that this kid’s knife set is not a plaything and that they can only use it inside the kitchen under your supervision.

These children's knives for cooking have premium nylon blades with serrated edges that can cut bread, lettuce, fruit, and other vegetables. Each set includes small, medium, and large knives with soft rubber handles. The knives are also 100% food grade and BPA-free.

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chefs Knife
Source: amazon.com

If you want to reward your child for being an attentive and diligent helper in the kitchen, you may give them the Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife on their 10th or 11th birthday as a gift. It is still considered a kid’s chef knife because of its ergonomic thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) handle for a non-slip grip. They can use it even if their hands are wet, but remind them that they still need to be careful.

Its blade is made with tapered stainless steel. It is laser-tested, making it ideal for precise cuts and crucial kitchen tasks. Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife is also dishwasher safe and is built to last with trusted Swiss quality.

Tovla Jr. Knives for Kid’s 3-Piece Nylon Kitchen Baking Knife Set

Tovla Jr. Knives
Source: tovlajr.com

The Tovla Jr. kid’s kitchen knives are designed for children ages four and older. Each set has three knives in various sizes made of serrated nylon blades. It is lightweight, so you don't have to worry about your children getting wrist fatigue. Your countertop will also retain its flawless appearance because of its scratch-proof material.

These child-friendly knives can seamlessly cut bell peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, celery, apples, and similar foods. However, it is not that sharp, which is both good news and bad news for little kids just starting out in the kitchen.

Jovitech Safe Cooking Nylon Knives Set

Jovitech Safe Cooking Nylon Knives Set
Source: amazon.com

Boost your little one's confidence by buying them not just three but an eight-piece set of kid-safe knives! The Jovitech Safe Cooking Nylon Knives Set consists of three cusp-shaped knives and five square-shaped knives. Although it is made of plastic, the entire set of kid’s cooking knives don't contain any toxins and BPA substances.

The Jovitech Safe Cooking Nylon Knives Set is so durable that you can soak it into boiling water, and it wouldn't deform! It can cut bread, cake, carrots, lettuce, vegetables, fruits, and more. Like Tovla Jr. knives, this kid’s knife set isn't quite sharp.

Wusthof Six-inch Gourmet Chef's Knife

Wusthof Six-inch Gourmet Chefs Knife
Source: amazon.com

Once your toddler has mastered using plastic nylon knives, recognize their achievement by buying them a Wusthof six-inch Gourmet Chef's Knife. This could be their first-ever real knife. It is shorter than traditional knives and perfect for a kid's tiny hands.

The blade material is stainless steel, and its handle is made from Polyoxymethylene (POM), a highly durable synthetic material. It is a set of all-around kid’s kitchen knives that can handle various tasks like slicing, chopping, dicing, and mincing.

Kai Little Chef Club Children's Stainless Steel Knife

Kai Little Chef Knife
Source: amazon.com

The Kai kid’s chef knife could be mistaken as typical chef knives if not for its rounded tip that offers additional safety. And even though its blade is stainless steel, its edge isn't sharpened fully. If you want your kid to maximize the functionality of this knife, you’ll need to sharpen it after several uses.

This knife offers a heat-resistant polypropylene handle. Its only downside is that it doesn't have a finger guard near the bolster or heel area, so don't let your child use it with wet hands.

Curious Chef Nylon Kid's Kitchen Knives

Bring out the little chef in your child with the Curious Chef kid’s knife set. Its blade is made from high-grade nylon, and it is available in bright colors that your kids will surely love. The edge of the blade is serrated with a blunt rounded tip. The package includes three pieces of knives in different sizes.

Curious Chef nylon knives have ergonomic handles and feature three-button rubbers, ensuring a non-slip grip. The manufacturer of this child-friendly knives has ensured that it conforms to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

Kuhn Rikon KinderKItchen Dog Knife

Kuhn Rikon KinderKitchen Dog Knife
Source: amazon.com

Not all kids are thrilled to be kitchen helpers. They are either scared to use knives or not simply interested. Perhaps the Kuhn Rikon KinderKitchen Dog Knife can fuel your children's curiosity and convince them to be a tiny chef. Who can resist its adorable appearance, which resembles a cute dog!

Don't be deceived by its cute facade, though, because it still can cut kiddie favorites, such as sandwiches and fruits, with its serrated but sharp blade made from stainless steel. This dishwasher-safe kid’s chef knife is suitable for both right and left-handed users. Its handguard has a soft plastic "tail" at the end as a finishing touch.

Opinel Le Petit Chef Knife

Opinel Le Petit Chef Knife
Source: amazon.com

We've saved the best for last. The Opinel Le Petit Chef Knife is the bicycle with training wheels in kid’s cooking knives. Its rounded tip blade is made from stainless steel, and its handle, beechwood. With an edge similar to a regular chef's knife, this tool is the real deal.

Besides these features, this kid’s chef knife's main selling point is the red plastic ring finger Opinel attached near the bolster or finger guard, which acts as a "training wheel." The plastic ring prevents the knife from slipping out of your kid's tiny hand. Plus, it has a plastic finger guard that helps children hold food they are slicing without cutting their fingers.

In Closing

Using a knife correctly and safely is an important life skill your children should learn. It teaches them to be independent, capable, and resilient adults in the future. It would be advisable to start them young because this is the discovery and learning stage where they are willing to try new things. It might be late if you introduce them to household chores in their teens since they have different interests, like watching TV, hanging out with their peers, or playing video games.

Besides, meal preparation is a terrific family bonding activity. According to Tuned In Parents, it is an engaging, offline social activity where you can make yummy memories together. And your little one’s journey from being a little helper to a certified tiny chef starts with something as simple as kid’s kitchen knives.

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