A Saltwater Warrior's Guide to the Best Fillet Knife for Saltwater Fish

March 8, 2022

Are you thinking of filleting a Chinook, Striped Bass, or the strong fighter Redfish? When it comes to saltwater fish, you need a knife that withstands tough environments. Whether it's on or off-shore, your saltwater knife should work perfectly under these conditions.

But what makes the best fillet knife for saltwater fish? With so many options in the market, you are at risk of picking the wrong tool, especially when you're not familiar with fillet knives yet. Fortunately, this article you're reading guides you through three excellent saltwater fillet knives!

What Makes a Great Fish Fillet Knife?

Do you know the factors that distinguish a good knife from the rest? This is important before you go deep into the brands for selection. Lucky for you, we've highlighted some points below.

Knife Blade

The blade does the main job, so its quality is the first thing you should look into. High carbon stain steel is the most recommended material, but it's still necessary to check the following.

Sharp, durable, and resistant to rust and corrosionWithstands tough environments like saltwater fishing for long periods
Right length for your catch(es); go for at least 6‒12 inches for filletingTo complete the task(s) precisely and successfully
Thin and flexible bladesFor superior control and cutting precision

Knife Handle 

A well-performing handle is important for precise movement and quality results. Look at the handles carefully when selecting your filleting knife.

A firm gripSuperior control and better cutting
Comfortable handleEasy use and prevention of any injuries
Easy maintenanceSpend more time on filleting and less on upkeep 
Bright color Avoid losing the knife in tough conditions or easily spot it when lost.

3 Incredible Fillet Knives for Saltwater Fishing

Choosing a good saltwater fishing fillet knife allows for exceptional performance and hazard prevention. We compiled three of the best fillet knives you can use for saltwater fish. Each knife deals with various saltwater fish, whether as small as a damselfish or as big as a cod.

best fillet knife for saltwater fishing kastking image

KastKing 9-Inch Fillet Knife

A big game saltwater fishing knifeMight bend easily
Great visuals with a purposeNeeds sharpening before use
Superior sharpness
Slip-resistant and comfortable
A versatile tool

Looking at the list above, there's no doubt that the 9-inch KastKing is a popular choice in the market. It has solid qualities that are perfect for filleting. The knife holds a razor-sharp edge, thanks to the G4116 German stainless steel blade. Moreover, it comes with a black finish for a beautiful visual touch!

The good things about this KastKing knife don't end there. It incorporates a bright orange handle with a purpose: the color is bright enough so that you never lose it. Additionally, it's polymer-made, non-slip, and comfortable, making the job of filleting saltwater fishes much easier for you. Lastly, you get a durable sheath to protect you and your knife from hazards—and you're all set!

best fillet knife for saltwater fishing dexter image

Dexter P94812 7-Inch Fillet Knife 

Good quality for an affordable priceGets blunt faster than competitors
Notable durabilityNot very flexible 
Filleting and beyond (multi-purpose)Construction quality isn't the best in the market
Easy maintenanceDoesn't come with a knife sheath

This is a kitchenware favorite of most chefs when filleting small to medium-sized saltwater fish. If you're looking for a good knife that won't hurt your bank account, the Dexter 7-Inch Fillet Knife is your go-to tool. It's made of a high-carbon steel blade, making it durable and sharp for a decent amount of time. 

Additionally, the handle is made from polypropylene which promotes an exceptionally comfortable and non-slip grip. What's great about this fillet knife is that it holds an edge for long periods (so there's no need to sharpen it often), and you can get more than one of these because it's affordable. Unless you want a sheath or a more flexible knife, you can stick with the Dexter. 

best fillet knife for saltwater fishing bubba image

Bubba Fillet Knife (9-Inch)

Corrosion and rust-resistant bladeRequires sharpening on arrival
Exceptionally visible, purposeful, and non-slip handleNot the highest grade of steel in the market
Makes initial cuts easyNot the most durable blade; might experience some small chips
Extra sharp blade tip (trailing point)
Affordable pricing

Bubba knives are popular in the market for their quality, so it's a purchase you won't regret! If you need a long knife to fillet fish like salmon, at least 9 inches is the recommended standard, and this knife is a good option. The blade is made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel, a good grade for corrosion and rust resistance. Less effort required when cutting through meat is also an advantage.

Another benefit of this Bubba knife is the handle. It is non-slip to give superior control and security and incorporates finger guards for extra protection. It also comes with a bright red color that maximizes visibility in tough conditions. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing a knife is not difficult when you know what makes a good one and what qualities are required for a specific task. Fillet knives work in tough environments, so ensure their versatility, durability, and effortless cutting properties. 

If you're still familiarizing yourself with these knives, consider your budget. You don't have to throw lots of money for one saltwater pocket knife or two. Instead, focus on basic qualities and upgrade next time. You may also check out our site if you are looking for other buying guides. Here's to hoping you buy the right fillet knife for your needs!

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