The Best Dick Kitchen Knives: Which Knife Set Suits You Best?

November 1, 2021

If you're looking for the best kitchen knife set, Dick is a brand trusted all over the world. Since 1905, the brand has produced millions of knives. It has been 116 years since they sold their first kitchen knife, and they've built a credible name in the industry.

So if you're torn on which brand you should get, Dick kitchen knives won't disappoint. They offer different types of kitchen knives suitable for both home cooks and professional chefs. These knives are then categorized into different series with different uses and specialties.

Read on to know more about which kitchen knife set suits you best!

Red Spirit Series

Dick considers the Red Spirit an inspiring kitchen knife series. Its handle is aptly colored red, as the series’ name suggests.

The Red Spirit knives are designed for uncompromising sharpness. The blades are extremely thin, with their edges polished. Its handle is also round, resembling those of Asian traditional knives. The shape gives the knife handle a comfortable feel to the hand when using it.

This state-of-the-art set includes five knives. Among those included are as follows:

  • 3″ paring knife
  • 7″ flexible filleting knife
  • 8 ½″ chef’s knife
  • 8 ½″ carving knife
  • 10″ sharpening steel
  • Black roll bag


  • The rounded handle makes it easier to hold and use.
  • Its color and design look unique compared to other commercially available kitchen knives.
  • Feels very light to the hand
  • Sharp edges cut perfectly even with minimal pressure applied.


  • It does not have a curved blade.
  • Less control over slicing or cutting through harder materials

Whom it’s for

The Red Spirit is perfect for newbies and professionals alike. Its most striking feature is its stylish design and bold red color. So if you love to have stylish knives without compromising their quality, this is the perfect series for you!

1778 Series

The 1778 knife set is what Dick calls their “most precious series.” It is precious because its core is made of ultrafine Double X VG 12 high-alloy carbon steel. Its hardness rating is more than 61 HRC (Hardness Rockwell C). With this hardness rating, you can expect the knives from the 1778 series to stay sharp for a long time.

Compared to the Red Spirit line, the 1778 series only includes four kitchen knives. These are a paring knife, a santoku knife, a chef's knife, and a Chinese chef's knife.


  • Knives are perfectly balanced and ultrasharp.
  • The handle is beautifully designed with ease of use in mind.
  • Knives stay sharp for a long time, even without resharpening them.
  • Feels professional to the touch


  • Beginners new to using professional kitchen knives may find them hard to use at first.
  • Larger and heavier compared to other kitchen knives
  • Limited types of knives included in the series
  • Difficult to sharpen once the knives become brittle

Whom it’s for

The 1778 knife set is for professional chefs or master home cooks who want to elevate their cooking. If it's your first time using a professional knife, give some time to get used to its size and feel.

1905 Kitchen Knife Series

Dick’s modern 1905 series reimagines the original 1905 series designed by Friedr. Dick. Its goal is to have a line of high-quality kitchen knives with collars. The collars replace the rivets traditionally placed on the kitchen handles. The blade is made from XcrMoVMn, one of the best German stainless steel.

A set from this series includes a paring knife, a serrated utility knife, a boning knife, a carving knife, and an 8 ½″ chef’s knife in a magnetic knife case.


  • The knives' weight is just suitable for their size.
  • The collars on the handle are a unique addition to the design.
  • Sharp blade edges that can cut easily with minimal application of pressure


  • The handle is made of plastic, and its colors can fade over time.
  • The plastic handle cannot bear the weight of the blade alone, so you might need additional support when using the knife.

Whom it’s for

Pro or not, the 1905 series knife set is suitable for everyone. It's easy to use and made of high-quality materials without being too intimidating to use.

ActiveCut Kitchen Knife Series

All of the knives in the ActiveCut series are forged and have a straight blade shape. Their handle is made of plastic, making them comfortable and lightweight to use. Forging the blades makes the knives more balanced, and double final honing gives them their extreme sharpness.

This featured set includes the following six kitchen knives:

  • Paring knife
  • Boning knife
  • Kullenschliff santoku
  • Chef’s knife, 8.5″
  • Serrated bread knife
  • Sharpening steel


  • The knives have a half-bolster which makes it easier to resharpen the blades' edges.
  • Laser technology was used to hone the knives for extreme sharpness.
  • The knives are equipped with nonslip handles, making them more comfortable and easier to control.
  • The set comes with extra-sharp blades.


  • Cutting small pieces of herbs, vegetables, or cold cuts may not be as precise as other knives.
  • You can use the knives for a long time, but you may need to resharpen them often to retain their sharpness.
  • The set includes no knives with curved edges.

Whom it’s for

Dick's ActiveCut series is suitable for those who prefer extremely sharp knife blades. Sharper edges cut more efficiently and quickly compared to relatively dull ones. These kitchen knives are perfect if you value precision and speed when preparing your dishes.

ProDynamic Kitchen Knife Series

If you're looking for all-around knives that you can use for all types of cooking, the ProDynamic chef's knife series is for you.

The handle is made with hygiene in mind, given that you'll be using this set for different food types. The knives also come with a nonslip handle that fits your hand perfectly. The blade is connected to the handle seamlessly, so you don't have to worry about the blade separating from the handle over time.

This set includes six knives. It focuses on the knives most cooks use every day: a kitchen knife, a 5″ boning knife, a 7″ flexible filleting knife, an 8 ½″ chef’s knife, a palette knife, and a peeler. 


  • Good for all-around kitchen use
  • The knives are used for everyday cooking, so they’re great for home cooks and beginners!
  • It has an overall modern look.


  • The blades are not as sharp.
  • Handles are made of colored plastic, which may fade over time.
  • The knives all have straight edges; no curved knives are available to choose from.

Whom it’s for

The ProDynamic series is perfect for newbies and home cooks alike. Don't want a knife that's too heavy or looks complicated to use? This all-arounder best suits you. Even though it's lightweight and not as bulky as other kitchen knives, the ProDynamic series is comfortable to use and cuts perfectly with ease.

Final Thoughts

Over the years, Dick kitchen knives have proven themselves as a household brand that chefs trust. The versatile make and price of their product lines make their knives useful for everyone.

Before buying a knife set, know what you want out of it first. Are you looking for precision and speed with your cuts? Or are you looking for a knife that's comfortable to use? From there, you can use the guide outlined above to see which set best suits you.

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