The 5 Best Custom Hunting Knives for Sale You Can Give as Gifts to Fellow Outdoor Enthusiasts

April 1, 2022

Searching for the best outdoor gift to give your favorite hunter? Look no further than a custom hunting knife. As an outdoor fan yourself, you know the advantages of having excellent hunting knives. Many great knives on the market would make an excellent gift, but we've narrowed it down to the five best custom-made hunting knives for sale. These knives are all exceptional quality and built to last, so your hunter friend will be able to depend on them in the field. So read on to learn more about the best custom-made hunting knives for sale and find the perfect gift for your fellow outdoor enthusiast!

1. Mill Customized Pocket Knife

One of the characteristics essential to hunting knives is their length. Expert hunters do not recommend long blades as they are more difficult to handle, increasing the risk of punctured innards. The great news is the Mill customized pocket knife has a blade length of 3-inch and a total knife length of 4.2-inch when it is closed.

The customization comes in the wood handle, where you can pick among 20 different font styles for your chosen text and 36 different icons—the manufacturers will engrave both. 


  • Highly customizable handle
  • The handle is made of durable oakwood
  • The handle has a lanyard hole for portability


  • Does not come with a sheath

2. Handmade Damascus Knives 

Damascus steel is one of the most beautiful knife materials because of its unique patterns. Damascus Knives skinner also has this blade type.

Perfectly matching the glorious 4-inch fixed blade is the 5-inch wood handle with a deep blue shade. It is accentuated with gold rivets and a mosaic pin. In addition, this handle has undergone treatment, making it heat, moisture, and cold-resistant, perfect for the outdoors. 

Use the leather sheath after using the blade to protect its sharp edge. Altogether, the blade, handle, and sheath creates an illustrious knife as special as the person you’re giving it to. 


  • Comes with a sheath
  • Has a belt loop for portability
  • Can be used for all-around hunting and camping tasks


  • Customized and hand-forged but cannot be personalized
custom hunting knives

3. Poshland Damascus Steel Knife

Animal bones and horns knife handles emanate eccentric personalities and give any knife a unique feature. The Poshland knife uses camel bone, buffalo horn, and walnut wood arranged in a visually pleasing pattern for its 4-inch handle. 

The 4-inch blade’s beauty is parallel to the handle made of Damascus steel and brass. The patterns of ellipticals and endless circles make the blade a work of art and a reliable outdoors tool because of its strength and sharpness. 

To top it all off, the Poshland knife comes with a leather sheath for protection and portability.


  • Has a multi-colored and visually-pleasing handle
  • The blade is hand-forged
  • Comes complete with a sheath


  • The blade appears blue in the picture but black and gray in real life.

4. FH Knives Handmade Hunting Knife

One of the features knife enthusiasts always look at is the ergonomic handle that ensures precise cuts on meat and fish without their hands feeling sore afterward. The FH Knives hunting knife (walnut handle) has curves for the fingers’ comfortable grip. It also has a finger guard for safety if you are working on something slippery. 

The 4.7-inch blade is handmade using Damascus steel, making it unique, strong, and sharp. As durable as the 5-inch handle and blade is, its sheath is made of cowhide material. It’s the perfect gift for outdoorsy people and knife lovers.


  • The sheath has a detailed design
  • Has a serrated thumb rise for extra support
  • Handles are available in various colors


  • Has a right-hand orientation

5. Bigcat Roar Damascus Hunting Knife

If you are looking for a long knife you can give as a gift to your camper friend, so they have something to use for any task outdoors, the Bigcat Hunting knife is an excellent choice. It has a total length of 10 inches, a 4.8-inch blade, and a 5.2-inch handle, bigger than others. It is both beautiful and practical to use. The walnut wood handle's ergonomic design ensures ease of grip, while the Damascus steel blade is sharp and durable. Together, they can help slice any camp ingredients, cut ropes and twigs, or blaze trails.


  • Comes with a sheath that has a visually pleasing design
  • Handmade
  • Has a belt loop for portability


Final Thoughts

Gift giving is a time-honored tradition, and what could be better than giving a beautiful custom hunting knife to adventure-loving individuals? As an outdoor enthusiast, you know that a good custom hunting knife is a must-have for the well-equipped hunter. If you have a friend or family member who loves spending time in nature, consider giving them one of these five best handmade hunting knives for sale

Giving custom knives as gifts will surely make an outdoor enthusiast feel special—just the sheer number of tasks they can do with that thing! Find custom hunting knives for sale now, and accomplish your mission to make someone happy on a special day!

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