Best Among Kitchen Knife Sets: Henckels White Statement for a Beach-Inspired Kitchen

June 14, 2022

Salt in your hair and sand on your feet must have turned into your life’s mantra because of your love for the beach. So, why not bring the beach into your home, even just in your kitchen, if you love cooking so that you’ll never miss the vibe? Henckels has the perfect solution for you to achieve the kitchen interior design—the White Statement Kitchen Knife Set. They are a perfect fit for your beach-inspired kitchen and are efficient tools to help you cook! In this review, we’ll show you that this stunning set of knives is not only beautiful to look at, but they're also incredibly sharp and durable, making them perfect for any kitchen.

Henckels White Statement: Flashback to the Beach

The color of the beach, the materials common to the coasts, and bringing the sunlight and air into your kitchen are some ways to bring in some beach memories. The Henckels White Statement may be a small kitchen ornament, but it matches your beach-inspired theme well because of the reasons below. 


To begin with, the Henckels White Statement has deep brown, white, and gray hues from the knife block, handle, and blades. In a beach interior design, the flooring is usually made of wood in various shades of brown to give the place a resort-like vibe, mimicking the pristine beachside environment. The white and gray shades bring the vibe of the sun, the sky, seashells, and even pearls. Add some trinkets of blue for the color of the sea. Altogether, the details of your kitchen transport you to the coasts.


Wood is a major material used in kitchens inspired by the beach. The material reminds you of nature and trees, the planks of the bridges you walk on to move from one island to another, and the traditional wooden boats. The knife block of Henckels White Statement is made of hardwood, so if you have wooden flooring, cabinets, and utensils in your kitchen, the knife block will be a perfect fit for the theme. The block will especially stand out when you have white walls and counters. 

Henckels kitchen knife set

Best Among Kitchen Knife Sets

The colors of the Henckels White Statement block and knives blend in well with the tones the beach-inspired kitchen is trying to achieve. The knife set doesn’t catch attention but blends in when you look at the bigger picture. Nevertheless, it shows that it is a good kitchen knife set when you look closely into the knife details. 


Whether you are trying to achieve a beach-inspired kitchen or you want a classy set of knives, the Henckels White Statement is a good choice. The deep brown color of the block adds class to the set and a natural touch, too, great for rustic style kitchens. 

The set can blend into contemporary and modern interior designs, too, because of the gray blades and rivets of the handle. The stylish handles give a modernized vibe to the set and the kitchen.

Blade strength

Henckels is a German brand, so it takes the signature of German kitchen knives—strong and durable blades. The blade-making roots its origin in the swordsmithing of Germany, although Henckels use today a more modern technique. Each blade in the set is stamped from a quality stainless steel sheet, making it robust. Then, it is given a satin finish and honed to ensure that the edges are sharp.

Despite the durability and strength of the blades, they remain lightweight and easy to handle. You’ll still feel comfortable using the Henckels White Statement knives despite long hours in the kitchen. 

Ergonomic handle

Contributing to the comfort of using the knives is the ergonomic handle. The handle hosts the full-tang blade ensured to be in place for safety by three rivets. Its handle curves according to your fingers, so you’ll be at ease with your grip. 

The handle has steel end caps that not only serve as an additional accent to the knives but also add more balance as you use the knife. Keeping the handles clean is easy because of their white color.

Complete knives and block

Slice, dice, mince, and peel any ingredient in your kitchen with the correct blade included in the Henckels White Statement. There are eight blades in the set designed for different ingredient sizes, and if the blades ever get dull, the set also has honing steel for quick sharpening. 

Unlike other sets that only come with knives, you do not have to worry about how you’ll organize your knives and store them. The knife block ensures that it has enough ports for each knife. Proper storage also helps with the knife’s longevity.

Henckels White Statement Set Knives

Now, let’s get into the details of what knives you are getting to get you excited about the different ingredients you can prepare and the various recipes you can bring to life. The Henckels White Statement has got knives from big to small ones. With a complete set, cooks can accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently.

Henckels best kitchen knife set

Paring knife

The small but useful knife in the Henckels White statement set is the paring knife. It is the knife you can count on to peel and slice small vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, apples, pears, strawberries, and more! You can create fruit and vegetable salads in no time with this paring knife.

Utility knife

If you are going to slice slightly larger ingredients than a paring knife cannot handle, you can use the utility knife. Utility knives are longer than paring knives, and the blade width is narrower than a chef’s knife. The Henckels White Statement utility knife shares the same characteristics, a reliable knife for midsize ingredients.

Santoku knives 5.5” and 7”

Santoku is the Asian version of the Western chef’s knife, and both knives fulfill the same functions even if they do not look the same. The 5.5” and 7” Santoku knives in the set have a flat edge and no tip compared with the chef’s knife with a tapering edge and a tip. 

Bread knife

Newly baked bread is delicious, and it also looks perfect with its golden brown skin. Maintain this beauty, and do not squish them by using a sharp bread knife for slicing. You can count on the Henckels White Statement bread knife to give you perfectly sliced bread every time. 

Chef’s knife

The chef’s knife is considered an extension of the chef’s hand. Most chefs use this knife in everything they prepare in the kitchen, huge ingredients or small. Whether you are this kind of chef or using particular knives for specific ingredients, the Henckels White Statement chef’s knife will serve you well.

Steak knives

You’ll get six steak knives in the Henckels White Statement set, so everybody in a special beach-inspired dinner with the family has steak knives. It would be best to pick white plates and utensils to match the knives. It wouldn’t hurt to have a luau party to remind you of the beach.

Kitchen shears

Cooks who want to prepare herbs and spices easily use kitchen shears to cut the leaves and stems instead of slicing them. Kitchen shears are also used to cut cooked meat for faster serving. You don't need to buy separate kitchen shears and have one with matching designs among your other knives with the Henckels White Statement set.

Honing steel

Skip the hassle of buying a separate whetstone or knife sharpeners, manual or electric, as the knives in the Henckels White Statement set are already sharp. However, if you need a little more sharpening before you cut any tough ingredients, you can count on the set’s honing steel to sharpen the knife edges. 

A Few Drawbacks

The Henckels White Statement Set is undeniably a great kitchen knife set to achieve a beach-inspired kitchen. However, there are a few drawbacks to consider.

  • The white handles can turn yellowish as time passes.
  • A specialized serrated knife sharpener is not included in the set.
  • Proper knife maintenance is required to avoid rusting.

To avoid experiencing these pitfalls, some extra TLC is a must.

Final Thoughts

The Henckels White Statement Set is the best kitchen knife set if you want a kitchen inspired by beach scenes, with its colors and materials reminiscent of the coasts. The knives are aesthetically pleasing and have a strong blade and an ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable grip. In addition to the chef’s knife, steak knives, and bread knife, this set comes with a paring knife, utility knife, Santoku knives 5.5” and 7”, kitchen shears, honing steel, and block. This complete set makes it easy to equip your kitchen with everything you need to make precision cuts.

If you think you need more time and research to decide, feel free to browse through more of our kitchen knife reviews. We might have just the information you need.

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