Hattori Japanese Knife: The Best Alternative for Cowry X Kitchen Knives

August 18, 2022

If you want the best steel for your knife, you probably need the one made from Cowry X steel. It’s known as one of the best steel for kitchen knives, with the Cowry X kitchen knives containing massive amounts of chromium and carbon. However, because it is rare and knife-makers find it difficult to produce, knives made from Cowry X are expensive. And this might not be within your means.

If you are an average cook or a frustrated chef, know that you don't need to own expensive knives. You just have to know how to find the right one for the job. In that case, some alternatives are affordable yet quality blades, just like the Japanese ones.

Read here and see what Japanese knives like the Hattori Japanese santoku knife can do to your cooking in the kitchen.

Hattori Japanese Chef's Knife: The FH-4L Professional Santoku Knife

The mainstay of a culinary arsenal is a knife. This tool does several tasks that aid the efficiency and taste of making a dish. 

It would be best if you had a sturdy blade for chopping and dicing ingredients when cooking at home. Whatever your cooking level may be, you can select between Japanese knives created in what they call the Land of the Rising Sun or Western knives that are often made in France and Germany.

Japanese Knives vs. German Blades

Japanese knives are types of kitchen knives praised for their razor-sharp blades, agile precision, and lightweight handling. Meanwhile, Western-style knives are noted for their durability and bulk. Since hundreds of years ago, when the samurai fought with razor-sharp swords, Japanese artisans have been honing and perfecting blades.

Compared to German blades, Japanese ones tend to be lighter and sharper. They typically require more care since they tend to be thinner, making them slightly more susceptible to tip breaking or blade cracking.

To give you a better illustration of how good Japanese knives are, discussed in the next section is one of the greatest Japanese santoku knives available on the market.

One of the Best Kitchen Knives: Hattori FH-4L Santoku Knife

A real work of art can be found in your favorite online stores like Amazon. One of the finest examples of Japanese craft is the Hattori FH Series FH-4L Santoku Knife

Just like the Hattori chef knives for sale, Hattori FH Series knives are made in incredibly small batches to guarantee high performance and durability. Every aspect of the process of designing and producing the tool has been analyzed to create one of the best. These include:

  • precise heat treatment method
  • hand-contoured handle
  • balance
  • ergonomics
  • form of each knife

The blade is composed of VG-10 cobalt steel and measures 6.6 inches in length. Although it has a straightforward appearance, one can feel the high level of craftsmanship in Hattori's intricate works from the delicately hand-sharpened and polished blades.

Black linen Micarta with durable stainless steel bolster and rivets was picked for the handle's composition because of its resilience. Each handle is individually shaped by hand to suit your hand ergonomically, and the complete tang is tapered for the ideal weight distribution.

The Santoku, meaning "three-purpose," is a multipurpose knife with a tall blade and rounded tip that works well for chopping meat, fish, or vegetables. This type of knife is frequently suggested as a versatile one.

The Hattori FH-4L santoku knife is available in various designs and coatings. This allows you to select your favorite piece or mix and match numerous models to make your own unique set of kitchen knives

You will realize why a Hattori FH Series knife is among the best knives available when you have one in your hands!


  • Exceptionally sharp
  • Superior durability
  • Multi-purpose 
  • Polished and finely honed
  • Among the top santoku knives available
  • Simple ergonomic black linen Micarta handle
  • A full tang blade running the entire handle length


  • The handle emits an odor that is similar to a toxin
  • Injury is always possible because of its razor-sharp edge
  • Not the most eye-catching knife available

How to Sharpen Kitchen Knives Like the Hattori FH-4L Santoku Knife

Having sharp knives are important in kitchen tasks. Here are some of the best ways to sharpen kitchen knives like the Hattori FH-4L santoku knife:

Do It Yourself

There are various ways to sharpen knives. For those who choose a DIY method, start with using a piece of sandpaper. Reaching the right sharpness means first using a grit that is coarser, then moving on to one that is finer.

Another method is to rub the blade's edge against a nail file. Employing the same technique as with the previous approach can result in an effectively honed blade.

You can also use a mug to sharpen your tools in a pinch. You can use the rough bottom part of a ceramic mug to hone and reach the right blade sharpness. As you continue this, the mug may show signs of discoloration, indicating that the material is shaving off the steel and sharpening the blade effectively.

Tools of the Trade 

Utilizing a knife sharpener is the second simplest method for sharpening your Hattori santoku knife. Most cooks choose electric ones because they are simple to use and allow you to change the angle of the sharpening belt to suit a particular blade.

All-electric knife sharpeners can polish dull blades, but some are tuned to function best with particular blade types, such as ceramic or Japanese-style knives. Meanwhile, others can sharpen a wide range of blade kinds and sizes.

Like a Pro

Stone sharpeners are best suited for people who are interested in learning the knife sharpening technique and enjoy getting their hands dirty. No matter what stone is used, it always functions the same.

Know the Grand Master Behind the Knife: Master Ichiro Hattori

Grand Master Ichiro Hattori is a well-known craftsman in the worldwide cutlery industry. He is known for being the head of the Hattori KD Series kitchen knives, which are known for their versatility, durability, and sharpness. Today, the KD Series has very limited production because of Master Hattori's advanced age.

Even at 80, Master Hattori still shows an uncompromising commitment to delivering world-class knives, earning him the reputation of being the "Best Knife Craftsman" and holding the title of "Excellent Skilled Craftsman" courtesy of the Seki Cutlery Industry Association.

Own a Hattory knife today, and you will understand why Grand Master Hattori's craft is outstanding and deserves many accolades.

Japanese Knives Are Known for Their Quality

Cowry X kitchen knives are undoubtedly one of the best tools you can have in your kitchen. However, when considering their price, Japanese knives are a great alternative if you don't want to shell out too much on these tools. They are known for their quality and will never let you down when it comes to affordability.

As an example, the Hattori FH-4L Santoku Knife was created by the Grand Master Hattori. Besides the extensive knowledge of the creator, it provides you with extra confidence that you have one of the best Japanese knives available in the market.

What else do you want to know about knives? Explore Knife Scout more and search for the well-curated information we have in store for you!

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